Link's Awakening Characters

The People:

Link: Our Hylian hero who has been washed ashore on Koholint Island. He once again must use all his wits, strength, and courage to defeat evil although this time for a different goal; to get back to his homeland.
Marin: A beautiful kind island girl with a voice that enchants all. She finds Link washed ashore on the beaches of Koholint and tends to him until he is ready to start his quest. First mistaken for Zelda, Marin helps Link from time to time during his adventures here. She has some strange quarks, be sure to try to find them during the game.
Tarin: Marins bumbling father. He loves mushrooms a little too much and this gets him into trouble, namly, he gets turned into a raccoon. Get your shield from him when you wake up.
Trendy Game Owner: This guy with glasses works in the Trendy Game Shop at the bottom corner of the village. He has a popular Yoshi doll up for grabs.
Shop Owner: Always working at his shop in Mabe Village. He'll doze off a little and miss you carring something out sometimes, but don't steal from this guy! He'll blast you with some sort of super zap that will kill you instanly. Don't think about shopping there after that!
Madame MeowMeow:
Grandma Ulrira:
Quadruplets Mother:
Twins: Playing ball
Boy: With the mutt
Mr. Write:
Witch: You'll have to find the Witch's hut or Magic Shop early on if you want to progress in the game. It is located near the cemetery in the lower east part of the woods. Take her a mushroom that you find and she will make you some useful magic powder.
The Other Woman:
Whiny Ghost:
Faerie: They live in faerie springs that are scattered across Koholint Island. Some are in the open and some are hidden in caves or behind obsticles. You may not always see the Faerie, but she likes Link so she will always be sure to help him when he needs it.

The Animals:

Owl: Who is this strange bird? He appears to you many times on you quest with wish clues for you to follow.
Raccoon : This twisted little raccoon is in the Mysterious Forest above the village. Sprinkle some magic powder on him to break his enchantment. He's really Tarin you know.
Girl Puppy: This odd creature belongs to Madame MeowMeow. A vain little girl, she'd love to have a ribbon. Give one to her and you'll be sure to get some yummy dog food in return.
Sale: The alligator, he sells banana's by trade. He lives in a hut not far from the beaches. Sale and his brother collect strange objects. Give him the dog food you get from Madame MeowMeow and he'll give you the bananas.
Kiki and his friends:
Chef Bear:
Christine: The goat
Mad Batter:
Mamu: The frog
Moblin Leader:
Manbo: The sun fish

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