Link's Awakening Enemies

What to use for attacking: Coming Soon:

Sword Hook Shot Magic Powder Magic Rod
Bombs Bracelet Bow & Arrow Boomerang

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Overworld Enemies:

Octorok: spit out rocks when they see Link in front of them. Use the Shield to block the rocks then attack with the Sword.
Leever: Leevers live deep in the sand and attack by drilling up into the air. Attack with your Sword and protect yourself with the Shield.
Monkey: This pesky primate hides in a tree and hurls coconuts at passersby. If you have the Boots, Dash against the tree to knock him out.
Buzz Blob: Touch this critter with your Sword and you'll take enough volts to light a small town. Use Arrows to avoid the shock.
Crow: When a Crow swoops out of a tree, it seems formidable. Just stand your ground and use your Sword.
Sea Urchin: These spiny fellows are a problem only when Link hasn't yet found his sword. In that case, push them out of the way with the Shield.
Sand Crab: Crabs scurry along sideways, and they can move fast. Still, a crab with all of it's armor is no match for a hero with a sharp blade.
Sword Moblins: are one of the most common enemies in the forests and the mountains of Koholint. Fight them with Sword and Shield.
Cukeman: Like his cousin, the Buzz Blob, Cukeman delivers a powerful jolt. He also delivers non-sensical messages if you try talking to him.
Zola: When you're in the water, these creatures pop out and spit fireballs at you. Fight them with the Sword, dive or use your Shield.
Like Like: This huge, pulsating sponge swallows Link whole and munches his Shield. Use your Sword to win back the Shield.
Goponga Flower: Only BowWow likes these animated plants. If you have BowWow, he'll gobble them up. You can also use the Hook Shot or Magic Rod late in the game.
Pig Warrior: These fierce porkers are related to Moblins. Be prepared for them with Shield and Sword. A spinning attack will knock them out.
Giant Ghini: This ectoplasmic monster appears only from certain tombstones when you touch them.
Bomber: They look like flying mushrooms, but they drop bombs and are tough to destroy. Use your Whirling Blade Attack and your Shield for protection.
Fish: These fish have an appetite for heros. Luckily, they have the brains of fish. Use your Sword to finish them off.
Giant Goponga Flower: These king sized cabbages shoot poisonous spoors. Bring BowWow to feast on these pernicious plants while you dodge the shots.
Ghost: Sometimes called Ghinis, these specters are found haunting the cemetery. They'll appear when you're near a tombstone. Defeat them with your Sword.
Zombie: In the neighborhood of the cemetery, these ghouls rise from the path and attack. They're easy to defeat, but they keep appearing.
Tektite: are giant, hopping spiders often found in the eastern regions of Koholint. Simply smite them with your Sword.
Flying Octorock: Wait for these flying cousins of the familiar Octorok to land before launching your fierce attack with Sword and Sheld.
Beetle: are well protected with a hard shell. They may seem indestructable, but they're not. Use your Shield to flip them, then use your Sword.
Soldier: These sturdy yeomen of Kanalet are well armed but slow. A quick moving Link can take them on with his Sword and Shield.
Pokey: The Yarna Desert is home to the prickly Cactus. It's weakest point is it's top, so hit it there with your Sword.
Raven: Close relatives of the Crows, these birds live in the mountains and attack when they spot you. Use your Sword to defeat them.
Pincer: These opportunistic creatures live in holes. When you draw near, they extend their long necks and try to take a bite out of you. Use your Sword.
Spiny Beetle: More dangerous than their smooth relatives, the Spiny Beetles can also be defeated by flipping them with the Shield then attacking with the Sword.
Mad Bomber: This fellow is found east of the walls of Kanalet Castle. You must anticipate which hole he'll appear in, then whack him with your Sword.
Armos Statue: These gaurds in the Face Shrine come to life only when disturbed. Use Arrows to defeat them. Your Shield can protect you from their attacks.
Mutt: This little dog found in Mabe Village will chomp your ankle if you hit him. The lesson here is not to hit him. Be nice to domestic animals.

Underworld Enemies:

Gel: Gels pop out of the ground and come after Link. If you hit them once, they'll split in two. Use your Sword to defeat them all.
Hardhat Beetle: They always appear near a hole, which is lucky because the only way to get rid of them is to hit them enough times to back them into the hole.
Stalfos: Some of them jump while others throw bones, but the Stalfos are predictable and you can beat them eaisly with your Sword.
Spiked Beetle: This relation to the Spiny Beetle is just as tough. Once again, flip it with your Shield and then use your Sword. Later, use the Hook Shot.
Three-of-a-Kind: Hit each of these card creatures to stop the display on the suit: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, or Spades. Match all three to defeat the trio.
Keese: these bat-like creatures often hide along walls of a tunnel. When you're near, they swoop at you. Keep a close watch and have your Sword ready.
Spark: These fast-moving entities zip along the outlines of blocks or walls. Use your Boomerang or simply dodge them.
Mini Moldorm: not really as fierce as his big brother, the Mini Moldrom is susceptible to the Whirling Blade Attack if you plant yourself in one place.
Goomba: What's a Mario character doing in a Zelda game? Getting skewered instead of stomped, apparently, because they are an easy target for your Sword.
Mask-Mimic: These pretenders wear masks and match your movements precisely. Use Bombs, the Whirling Blade or Dash Attack to catch them suddenly.
Vacuum Mouth: This trap tries to suck you in. Use your Sword and the Pegasus Boots and blast it with a Dask Attack.
Piranha Plant: Just as in a Mario game, the Piranah is vulnerable only when it sticks it's blossom out of the pipe. That's when you attack.
Sword Stalfos: These skeletons come equiped with swords. Defend with your Shield while attacking with the Sword.
Arm-Mimic: Don't sneak up on this Mimic with the cocked arms. Use the Dash Attack to bowl him over.
Pairodd: The Pairood disappears in a flash and reappears somewhere else in the room. Use the Boots to Dash Attack it. They usually appear in pairs.
Boo Buddies: Another escapee from Super Mario World, the Boo Buddies can be destroyed once you turn on the lights.
Shrouded Stalfos: This skeleton jumps about and often throws bones at you. It's easy to dispatch it with a Sword attack. Try to pin it in a corner to get enough hits.
Pols Voice: They might look like mere bunnies, but Pols Voices are fierce and cruel fiends. Smash them with pots, shoot them with Arrows or use the Ocarina to get rid of them.
Bombite: There are two types of Bombite. One counts down from three before it explodes. The other ricochets around the room, then blows up. Avoid both.
Water Tektite: These aquatic spiders are vulnerable only when they're in shallow water. Wait for them to reach the shallows, then attack them with the Sword.
Peahat: These whirling plants float through the air, then settle to the ground to rest for a moment. Strike when they are resting on the floor.
Iron Mask: A face-off with these creatures will go poorly for Link. Try to hit them in their backside. Once you have the Hook Shot, you can snatch their masks and defeat them easily.
Angler Fries: These hatchlings of the big Angler Fish shouldn't cause you any trouble. It's the big fry you have to worry about.
Wizzrobe: These evil wizards fire potent rays. Destroy them with Bombs when they appear. Arrows are less effective, but the Hook Shot works well.
Snake Rope: These snakey fellows are another of the minor enimeis that shouldn't give you much trouble as long as you're aware of their presence.
Big Keese: The Grim Creeper controls the six Bats at once. Destroy all of them before any of them flies away. If one escapes, you must defeat all six again.
Stars: These minor enemies whirl around the room, but they are weak and you can defeat them easily using your Sword.
Cheep-Sheep: These finny fiends jump out of the water and attack in the side-scrolling areas. They're easy to avoid or defeat with the Sword.
Blooper: Like most of the denizens of the deep in the game, these Bloopers are easy to defeat. Just use your Sword as you're swimming.
Gibdo: Ghibdos are mummies that hide in dark corners of dungeons. They may seem creepy, but you can defeat them with little effort.
Anti-Kirby: These must be Kirby's evil twins. Their vacuum-like attack sucks up heroes and everything, but you can fight your way out into fresh air.
Winged Demon: These fiends show up out of the blue and swoop down on you with a vicious attack. the best weapon to use on them is the Hook Shot.


Blade Traps: A pair of Blades slams together when you cross between them. Activate them, then step back. When the Baldes are opening again, dart through.
Anti-Faeries: These evil sprites spin around the room causin trouble. Just as in A Link to the Past, sprinkle them with Magic Powder.
Mega Thwomp: The Mega Thwomp won't move fast for just anyone. You have to persuade it. Dash against using the Pegasus Boots to knock some sense into it.
Spiked Thwomp: These Thwomps stare downward, waiting for an unwary hero to pass below. When you spot these trap, use the Pegasus Boots to Dash beneath them.
Thwomps: The basic Thwomp simply tries to crush anythng that crosses beneath it. Use the Pegasus Boots to Dash on by.
Giant Bubble: The Giant Bubble is found in only one secret passage. It bounces unpredictably about the room. Try to avoid it by using the ladder rungs on the wall.
Flame Fountain: On the way to Turtle Rock you'll discover this geyser of fire blocking the tunnel. Use the Mirror Shield to block the flames.
Face Lamps: These Lamps shoot fire at you until you've finished off all of the enemies in the room. Use your Shield to deflect shots.
Stone Elevator: This reluctant elevator won't budge until you weigh it down. If Link is holding a pot or vase, the elevator will move.
Eye Gaurds: When these cyclopean statues spit fire at you, quickly defeat all the other enemies in the room to amke them stop.
Flying Tiles: If you enter a room od Flying Tiles, the Tiles whirl off the floor and hurtle toward you one by one. Use the Shield to block them until they stop.
Laser: The Laser is equipped with an inblinking eye. If it spots you, it will fire a beam. You can't defeat it but the Mirror Shield blocks the shots.
Boulders: In the Tal Tal Mountains you will encounter an avalanche of Boulders. You can't destroy them, but you can dodge them and use your Shield.
Podoboos: Also found in the Mushroom Kingdom, Podoboos leap out of lava periodically. Time your jump across the lava pit to miss them.


Rolling Bones: This unholy roller pushes a spiked log at you. Use the Feather to hurtle the log, then go after Rolling Bones with your Sword.
Hinox: If you attack from either side, the Hinox will grab at you. Use a dodgeing frontal assault with your Sword. It should take eight hits to subdue him.
Dodongo Snakes: Found in several Nightmare Lairs, the Snakes can't stomach Bombs. Place a Bomb in front of it's mouth and it will eat it. Three Bombs do the trick.
Cue Ball: This monster has a major weakness. Hit it in the back and it reverses direction. Trap it in teh corner and keep hitting its backside.
Gohmas: Gohmas move laterally, so stay at the bottom of the room and use the Hook Shot or Arrows when the Gohma's eye is open. It should take five shots.
Smasher: This crazed creature throws a giant bowling ball at you. Dodge the ball, then chase it down, pick it up, and throw it back. It should take six throws.
Turtle Rock: After waking the Rock, you must attack it using your Sword. Hit it in the head when it extends it's neck. It looks mean, but it's really a cream puff.
King Moblin: This tyrant has kidnapped BowWow. When he crashes into the wall, he'll be dazed for a moment. That's the time to attack with your sword.
Knight: The Knight of Kanalet Castle wields a Morning Star. Use your Shield and Sword to defeat him and win one of the five Golden Leaves.
Desert Lanmola: The Lanmola in the Yarna Desert leaps out of the sand, then reburies itself. Anticipate where it will emerge and hit it on the head with your Sword.
Master Stalfos: Master Stalfos appears four times in Level 5. Hit him with the Sword and he'll collapse. Now plant a Bomb on him. Repeat this three more times.
Armos Knight: While the Armos Knight tries to stomp you, fire a continuous barrage of Arrows from the bottom of the screen. Repeat this three more times.
Grim Creeper: The Grim Creeper controlls six bats. Defeat all six before any of them leave the screen. If you fail, you'll have to fight them all again.
Blaino: One punch from Blaino sends you to the entrance of the level. Dodge around the room and stab him in the back. Use the Whirling Blade Attack.


Moldorm: Hit the Moldorm on the tail with your Sword. Wait for it to slow down, then hit it again. Four hits should do it. Block its attacks with your Shield.
Slime Eye: Dash against the wall to make it appear. Attack the eye, forcing it to split in two, then attack each eye separately with your Sword.
Slime Eel: The Slime Eel's head emerges from one of the four holes. Use your Hook Shot to Pull the head out, then attack it. There's a real Eel and a fake Eel.
Evil Eagle: Use the Mirror Shield to block the Feathers or Wind. Attack it with the Hook Shot when it swoops at you. Hit it six times without falling off the tower.
Genie: Throw the bottle, then dodge the Genie's shots and wait for it to go back inside. Now hit the bottle and throw it against the wall again.
Angler Fish: Stay left of center at the same level as the Angler's tentacle. Hit the tentacle as fast as possible 15 times. If your slow, the fish will charge.
Facade: Hit or block the Flying Tiles, then drop Bombs on the face of Facade. Five Bombs is all you need. Facade flashes when it takes damage.
Hot Head: With the Magic Rod, fire repeatedly at Hot Head while avoiding his attacks. It will take 25 hits to cool him down.

The Shadow Nightmares:

Giant Gel: Use the Powder
Agahnim: Reflect Agahnim's beam with your sword. Or, strangely enough, use the Shovel.
Moldorm: Hit the Moldorm's Shadow in the tail.
Ganon: The Dash Attack is effective against Ganon.
Lanmola: The Lanmola is vulnerable to the Magic Rod.
Dethl: Use the Feather and teh Boomerang or Arrows against Dethl. Jump over the arms and shoot in the eye about 20 times.

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Descriptions taken from the Link's Awakening Nintendo Players Guide.