Link's Awakening Heart Locations

Be Hale and Hearty: If you find every Piece of Heart, you can add three extra Heart Containers to your Heart Meter. you start with three Heart Containers and add one every time you defeat a Nightmare, so if you add the tree extras, you can finish with a total of 14. In all there are 12 Pieces of Heart to find.

1. Mabe Village: After you retrieve your Sword, return to Mabe Village, cut the center bush down and jump into the well.
2. The Fishing Pond: Try your hand at fishing in the pond North of Madame MeowMeow's. The Heart Piece is in a big fish.
3. Koholint Prairie: This piece is in plain sight but you need the Roc's Feather to get it. Equip the Feather and jump over to it.
4. Mysterious Forest: Take the path that you used to find the Sleepy Toadstool and use the Power Bracelet to move the skull.
5. Ukuku Prarie: Use a bomb to open this secret cave, then use the Pegasus Boots inside to clooect the Piece of Heart.
6. Yarna Desert: Bomb through the wall behind the Owl, then enter and go up and over to bomb again.
7. Kanalet Castle: Take the steps behind the Castle into the water, then swim around to north-west corner and dive in this area.
8. Tal Tal Heights: Go right from the key hole and jump into the water. Swim up into the cave and dive to find the Heart.
9. Animal Village: Take the path outside the fence. Bomb the wall then enter and use the Hook Shot to reach the Piece of Heart.
10. Cemetery: Go to the Cemetery and push the Tombstone on the right up. Enter the secret passage to find the Piece of Heart (You can jump sideways -no hookshot needed)
11. Eastern Tal Tal Mountains: Cross the rope bridges to this point. move the boulder and take the stairs to find the Piece of Heart.
12. Western Tal Tal Mountains: This one's a piece of cake -- simply climb the stairs and claim your Piece of Heart.

These descriptions come from the official link's awakening nintendo player's guide. Almost all these gif's come, with permission, either from TSA at or the Wind Fish's Egg, thank you!!

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