Zelda 4:
Yoshi Doll
This small doll is a miniature image of the most popular character on Koholint Island. Everyone wants a Yoshi Doll! Where on earth are you going to get hold of this doll?! And once you have one, what can you do with it?

To Find the Yoshi Doll: Win him in the Trendy Game shop in Mabe Village. The Yoshi Doll also starts the Trading game, which is necessary if you want to finish the game. Go to the trading game page to find out more.

Secret Medicine
If you have this in your possession when all of your Heart Containers are empty, they will be fully restoresd.
If you acquire the Flippers, you'll be able to swim! When in the water, press the A Button to swim and the B Button to dive.

To get the Flippers: From the Angler's Tunnel, go up two screens, right one, up two, right one, and jump the pit by using the Pegasus Boots and Roc's Feather. Bomb the cracked block and go right one screen to get a Small Key. Go up two screens to get another Small Key, then go down two screens, left two and down three. Defeat all of the enemies to open the right door. Go right one screen, defeat all of the enemies, then go down one screen to get a Small Key. Go up one screen, right one, up three and unlock the Key Block. Push the blocks aside and go left one screen, down two, left two, up two and right one screen to find a Small Key. Walk left one screen, down two, right two, up two and unlock the top door. Next, go up one screen and defeat the Water Cephalopod to make a warp appear and the top door open. Go up one screen and left one screen to get the Flippers. Note: If you can't go left, pull the handle in the upper-right corner.

Secret Shells
These Shells can be found scattered throughout Koholint Island. Try searching for them in tall grass or under water. If you find enough of them, something good is bound to happen. Like getting a new, and more powerful, Sword.

To find out where all the Secret Shells are, check the Secret Shell page.

Gold Leaves
The prince of a certain country will ask you to find these during your adventure. They are said to be found in a castle. When you have all five Gold Leaves, you can swap them for a dungeon key. To find them you will have to talk to Richard and have the trading game completed up to the Bananas.
  • One - The first Golden Leaf is actually found outside Kanalet Castle. After giving the Bananas to Kiki the Monkey at 12-H, go up three screens, left one, then cut down the small bush to locate a set of stairs. Enter the stairs and work your way left to the ladder. Climb the ladder to exit the side-underground side-scrolling screen. When you exit, go right one screen then down one screen. Hit the Armos Knight popping up out of the hole with your sword until he is defeated to earn a Golden Leaf.
  • Two - From the Armos Knight, go down one screen, left two, and up one screen. Pick up one of the rocks in the lower-right corner of the screen and toss it at the crow. When the bird tries to fly away, destroy it with your sword to earn a Golden Leaf.
  • Three - From the crow, go down one screen, then right one screen. Enter the Castle, go left one screen and defeat all of the enemies to earn a Golden Leaf.
  • Four - From the third Golden Leaf, go up one screen, right one screen and step on the switch to open the front gate. From the switch, climb up the small ladder and return left one screen to enter the stairs which lead to the second floor. Once on the second floor, walk down into the small room and Bomb the left statue on the wall. Defeat the Armos Knight who attacks you to earn a Golden Leaf.
  • Five - From the Armos Knight, go right one screen, down one, left one, then down one to reach the balcony. Walk to the right and re-enter the Castle. Pick up a pot and throw it at the door to open it, then go up one screen and defeat the Armos Knight to earn the last Golden Leaf.
Level Keys
Tail Key
Get the Tail Key: After receiving the Magic Powder, exit the Witch's Hut and return to the Mysterious Woods. Once inside the woods, work your way west to locate a Raccoon standing near some trees at 2-F. Sprinkle a bag of Magic Powder on the Raccoon and he'll turn into Tarin. Go up one screen to 2-E to locate the Tail Key in a treasure chest.
Slime Key
Get the Slime Key: After collecting the Five Golden Leaves, return to Pothole Field and speak to Richard. Richard will move aside and allow you to move the wooden box above the table to the right and locate a set of stairs. Once you're underground, go straight up and take the stairs. From there, go left one screen, then down two. Work your way to the right through Pothole Field by cutting down the bushes. When you reach the Owl Statue at the top of the field, use the shovel to dig in front of it and obtain the Slime Key.
Angler Key
Get the Angler Key: After Marin sings to the Walrus, you will be able to proceed right to the Yarna Desert. Once in the Yarna Desert, go up three screens, and defeat the evil Lanmola. When the Lanmola disappears, a key will appear but the sand will cause it to drop down the middle of the screen and vanish. Move to the center of the screen and drop down into the sand. When you reappear, grab the Angler's Key, then walk right one screen to exit the cave.
Bird Key
Get the Bird Key: After Awakening the Rooster in Mabe Village, head northeast to the Tal Tal Mountain Range. In the mountains, work your way up to the waterfall where you dropped down to locate the Angler's Tunnel. When you reach the waterfall, go to the right, climb up the long ladder, then go left to locate the Hen House. Enter the right cave below the Hen House and follow the path with the Rooster to a chasm. Use the Rooster to cross the chasm and open the chest to receive the Bird Key.
Face Key
Get the Face Key: Exit the Mabe Village and return to Animal Village. Exit the town to the left, then work you way northeast to the Face Shrine. Go right, then go down and back to the left. Push the statues, then defeat them with your Bow. Once you get to the far left side of the island, enter the cave at 13-K, then go up two screens and defeat the large Armos Knight to obtain the Face Key
Found in Castles and Caves
The Map will show you all the rooms in the dungeon.
The Compass will indicate the location of the dungeon's Nightmare and the position of the treasure chests that you have not opened yet.
Treasure Chest
You will find many treasure chests in the dungeons. These can contain rupees, items that will increase your power, and dungeon items. You can open and take the contents of a treasure chest only once. Some treasure chests are in plain view; others will appear only after you have defeated all the monsters in a room.
Crystal Switches
In some dungeons, cubical barriers may prevent you from advancing. You can make these blocks rise and fall by applying force to the Crystal Switches with your sword or other items. Note that each switch will affect every block in the dungeon.
Stone Slabs and Fragments
If you place a stone slab fragment into the stone slab, you will be able to get a hint about how to conquer the dungeon.
Small Key
You will need the Nightmare Key to enter the Nightmare's lair. The Small Keys, which can be used only once, are used to open other locked doors in the dungeon. You obtain Small Keys by finding Treasure Chests or defeating enemies.
Nightmare Key
You will need the Nightmare Key to enter the Nightmare's lair to challenge the guardian. The Small Keys, which can be used only once, are used to open other locked doors in the dungeon.