Zelda 4:
Items to Select
This trusty blade is your main weapon. You can use it to attack enemies or cut the grass. Rumor has it that there is a more powerful Sword hidden on Koholint Island.

To get the Sword: Work your way south to the Toronbo Shores. Use your Shield to move the stationary enemies out of your way, and you'll eventually find the sword at 3-P

To get the Second Sword:

Magic Powder
This Powder, made from Sleepy Mushrooms of Koholint Island, has mystical powers. Try to sprinkle it on many things to test its effects. If you find a Sleepy Mushroom, take it to a witch, and have her change the mushroom into Powder for you.

To get the Magic Powder: From the Mysterious Woods, work your way east until you reach the Witch's Hut in the Koholint Prairie 6-G. Equip the Mushroom, then enter and give the Witch the Toadstool. She'll reward you with 20 bags of Magic Powder. If you ever run out, just give the Witch another Toadstool.

Pegasus Boots
This magical pair of footwear is another legendary treasure. These Boots allow you to run at incredible speeds and ram into objects with great force. Press and hold the Button to start running. If you press the Control Pad in a direction other than the one you are running in, you will come to a halt.

To get the Pegesus Boots: From the Key Cavern entrance, throw a pot at the door at the top of the room, then go up one screen. Defeat all enemies to obtain a Small Key, then go up three screens and take the stairs to the second floor. Exit the side-scrolling section, go right one screen and take the stairs back to the first floor. Exit the stairs and defeat all enemies to obtain a Small Key. Go up one screen, left one screen, up one screen, and defeat the Dodongo Snakes to make a warp appear. Go right one screen to get the Pegasus Boots.

Hook Shot
The business end of the hookshot can be thrust into pots, treasure chests or blocks. You can then reel in the chain and pull yourself to the hook. This grappling hook can also be used to attack enemies or pick up items that are out of reach.

To get the Hook Shot: From the Catfish's Maw dungeon entrance, go left two screens then up three screens. Defeat the Stalfos Knight to open the right door. Go right one screen, up one, left one, then return to the right one screen and push the button on the floor to open the right door. Go down one screen, up one screen, right one screen, and defeat the Stalfos Knight. Next, head left one screen, up two, left one, up one screen and defeat the third Stalfos Knight. Save and Quit your game, then restart the level and go left three screens, take the stairs, then go left one screen and defeat the Master Stalfos to obtain the Hookshot.

The explosive force of this device can damage enemies or knock holes in walls. After you have placed a Bomb, you can pick it up and throw it if you act quickly. You can place only a single Bomb at a time.

To get the Bombs: Puchase them at the items shop in Mabe Village. You can also find them throughout the island.

The Shovel is useful for digging holes in the ground. Who knows what kind of buried treasure you might find? Keep in mind that some parts of the ground are too hard to dig.

To get the Shovel: Puchase it at the items shop in Mabe Village.

Sleepy 'Shroom
This is one of many types of mushrooms that grow in the fine tropical climate of Koholint Island. Witches use this mushroom as an ingredient for magic powder. Eating this mushroom, or any other, with out the advice of an expert is not recommended.

To get the Sleepy Shroom: After locating the Sword at the Toronbo Shores, work your way back north towards the Mabe Village, then continue up and left to locate the Mysterious Woods 1-J. Work your way north through the woods until you locate the Sleepy Toadstool 1-F.

You can use this to protect yourself from enemy arrows or stone attacks. If you find a way to make your shield more powerful, you can protect yourself from attacks that your regular Shield couldn't handle.

To get the Shield: You'll get this when you begin the game in Marin and Tarin's House. Talk to Tarin after you wake, the man on the right, to obtain your Shield. Tarin will also inform you that you can use the shield to flip enemies.

To get the Mirror Shield: In Eagle's Tower, from where you crushed Pillar Three, pick up the Black Ball and go down one screen. Throw the ball over the barricade so that it lands near the bottom of the screen. Drop down through the pit next to the chest so you land on the first floor. Go right two screens, up one, then take the stairs to return to the second floor. Walk to the left and open the chest to get the Mirror Shield. Next, stand two steps to the left of the Orb and swing your sword so the posts go back up. Go down one screen, left two screens and pick up your trusty Black Ball. Go left one screen, up two screens and right one screen. Use the Black Ball to crush Pillar Four, which will cause the fourth floor to drop down onto the third floor.

Roc's Feather
This legendary treasure has been handed down from olden times on Koholint Island. The magical Feather makes the bearer's body much lighter and allows him to jump very high. The jumping ability bestowed by this Feather is useful for avoiding enemy attacks or jumping over pits.

To get the Roc's Feather: From the Tail Cave entrance, go up one screen, left one, and defeat all of the enemies to open the top door. Go up three screens, right one and work your way around the blocks to return left one screen. Push the far-left block to the right one space to open the far-left door. Go left one screen through the door and use your Shield to flip over the two Spiny Beetles. Destroy them with your Sword to reveal a hidden staircase. Take the stairs and follow the side-scrolling screen to the left, then exit on the other side. When you exit from the stairs, go up two screens and open the chest to locate Roc's Feather.

Power Bracelet
This magical Bracelet will make your body brim with strength and enable you to heft clumps of grass, earthen pots and heavy stones. With your increased strength you can also pull levers. It is said that there exists an even more powerful version of this mighty jewelry that gives the wearer the power to lift elephants.

To get the Power Bracelet: From the Bottle Grotto entrance, go up one screen and light the two braziers on the ground with the Magic Powder to open the right door. Go right two screens, then hit the Orb to move the lower blocks down. Go down one screen, then hit the Orb to move the right blocks down. Go right one screen, up one, right one, then unlock the upper right door with a Small Key. Go up one screen and push the two blocks in the center of the room toward each other to make a staircase appear in the top-right corner. Take the stairs, then follow the side-scrolling screen to the left and exit on the other side. When you exit, go up one screen and defeat the Hinox. Next, go right one screen, up two, then open the door on the left with a Small Key. Go left one screen and defeat the two Ghosts to obtain the Power Bracelet.

To get Power Bracelet 2: From the Face Shrine entrance, go left one screen, up two, then left one screen. Place a Bomb next to the Orb in the middle of the room, then go to the top-right corner of the room and stand above the small square. When the bomb explodes, the post should pop up out of the ground. Go up one screen and Bomb the right wall. Go right one screen and defeat all the enemies to make a set of stairs appear. Take the stairs, then follow the path to the left and exit. When you exit, go up one screen and open the chest to find Power Bracelet 2.
Magic Rod
The holder of this Rod is the master of fire and can blast fire balls to attack his enemies. You can also use the flames from the Rod to light the lanterns in the dungeons. This item can be used an unlimited number of times.

To get the Magic Rod: From the Turtle Rock entrance, go up two screens then right one screen. Push the Flashing Block right to the wall, then push it straight up. Go up one screen, right two, up one, then left three screens. Unlock the top block, then return to the right one screen. Hookshot down to the locked block, unlock it with a Small Key, then take the stairs. When you exit, go down one screen and Defeat Blaino. After defeating Blaino, go up one screen to collect the Magic Rod. Note: There may be some posts blocking the path to the chest. If this happens, Save and Quit, then restart the game and follow these directions to the Orb. From the dungeon entrance, go up two screens, then right one. Use the Flashing Block to create a path to the right, then go right one screen and bomb the right wall. Hit the orb with your sword, then go back to get the Magic Rod.

The Bow allows you to attack distant enemies. You can use the Bow only if you have arrows, so always keep an eye on the number of arrows you have left. If you run out of arrows, you can get more at shops.

To get the Bow: Puchase it at the items shop in Mabe Village. It costs 980 Rupees.

The Ocarina plays several mystical melodies. You will learn songs from people you meet. There are three different songs you can learn, and each has it's own mystical power. After learning a new song, try playing it when you are in trouble.

To get the Ocarina: After leaving Key Cavern, go back to Mabe Village and visit the Dream Shrine. Once inside the shrine, walk on top of the bed to make Link fall asleep and enter a dream. The dream will take you to a small cave inhabited by Mimics. Work your way through the shrine using the Pegasus Boots to reach the Ocarina.

Learn the Ballad of the Wind Fish: Exit the Dream Shrine and walk left one screen and down one screen to reach the Wind Vane. Speak to Marin to learn the Ballad of the Wind Fish.

Learn Manbo's Mambo: From the entrance to Angler's Tunnel, swim left one screen and enter the cave. Swim to the right and you will be greeted by Manbo, the child of the Sun Fish. If you have the Ocarina, he will teach you Manbo's Mambo.

It's funny, there is no entry for this in the booklet- The Boomerang packs a powerful punch and can strike enemies both as you throw it and as it returns.

To get the Boomerang: