Zelda 4:
Other Items
Collect Rupees by defeating enemies, searching in the grass and finding Treasure Chests.
Piece O' Power
Enemies sometimes drop chunks of power. Pick them up to put extra power in your attack.
Heart Pieces and Containers
At the start of the game, you will have only three Heart Containers. As you progress through your quest, however, you will earn additional containers. For example, you will get another Heart Container every time you defeat a dungeon Nightmare. Another way to increase your Heart Containers is to find the Pieces of Heart scattered about Koholint Island. When you have collected four pieces, you will be awarded another full Heart Container. In all, there are 12 Pieces of Heart. To find the locations of all the Pieces of Heart, please visit the Heart Piece page.
Each Heart refills one Heart Container. Find them when you defeat enemies or cut the grass.
Acorns of Defense
Pick up Acorns of Defense that enemies drop to temporarily increase your defensive power.
Faeries are usually hiding behind walls, but they appear only if you need some TLC.
Other: Stone Slab and Fragments
Instruments of the Sirens
Thunder Drum
Full Moon Cello
Conch Horn
Sea Lily Bell
Surf Harp
Wind Marimba
Coral Triangle
Organ of Evening Calm