Link's Awakening Trading Game

Trading: Some characters will drop hints about things they'd like to have. File the information away. When you find the items they want, deal for something new or better. Even seemingly useless things have value to someone.

Yoshi Doll: Let the dealing begin! the Quadruplets are begging for a Yoshi Doll. Win one by playing the Trendy Game and take it to their grateful mother.
Ribbon: The Quadruplets' mother will give you a beautiful Ribbon in exchange for the Yoshi Doll. Madame MeowMeow's pet pup is dying for adornment.
Dog Food: Take the Ribbon to the puppy in the lean-to next to Madame MeowMeow's house. The pretty pup will trade a tin of food for the beautiful bow.
Banana: What good is a can of Dog Food? Take it to Sale's House of Bananas. Sale is a collector of canned goods who will trade a bunch of Bananas for it.
Monkey's Stick: Take the Bananas to Kanalet Castle. Kiki and his monkey pals will build you a bridge in return for the Bananas- and they'll leave a Stick behind.
Honeycomb: Take the Monkey's Stick to Tarin, who is by the Beehive Tree. He'll use it to knock the Beehive down and recover a piece of Honeycomb for you.
Pineapple: Chef Bear in Animal Village will trade you a fresh Pineapple for the piece of Honeycomb. Take the Pineapple to Papahl in Tal Tal Heights.
Hibiscus: Papahl, father of the Quadruplets, is weary and lost on Tal Tal Heights. Give him the refreshing Pineapple and receive the Hibiscus in return.
The Letter: Take the Hibiscus to Christine, the letter writing goat, in Animal Village. She'll ask you to deliver a letter and a picture to lonely Mr. Write.
The Broom: Mr. Write will be so pleased to receive a letter that he'll give one of his possessions, his Broom, to thank you for your delivery service.
The Fish Hook: Give the Broom to Grandma Ulrira. She'll thank you by giving you a Fish Hook. Take it to the fisherman under the bridge near Martha's Bay.
The Necklace: When you give the fisherman the Fish Hook, he'll offer to give you what he catches in his next cast. His catch: the Mermaid's Necklace.
The Scale: The Mermaid has been looking in Martha's Bay for her lost Necklace. Return it to her to receive a Scale from her tail.
The Magnifying Glass: The Scale is the finishing touch for the incomplete Mermaid Statue. Stand next to the Statue to find a cave that holds the Magnifying Glass.

These descriptions come from the official link's awakening nintendo player's guide. Almost all these gif's come, with permission, either from TSA at or the Wind Fish's Egg, thank you!!

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