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Title: The History of Zelda Art Collection

Artist or Circle: Official Nintendo Product

Publisher & ISBN Info: see notes section (below)

First Published Date: 2010/02 Nintendo Dream Vol. 190

Though this was the February issue, it was actually released in December of 2009.

Approx Length: 98 pages

Posted on this site: Relaunch Date.

Scanned by: Melora

This is an Artbook that came with a magazine.



Important Notes:

If you use any of the art or pages from this please credit! Next to the images would be awesome. Melora at


Do not hotlink the large images! You'll kill my bandwidth.


For large pages, please click on the standard sized pages. They are 600dpi. You can download a zip of all of them but, it is huge, so please don't download it more than once- or if you don't need it. (Just view the pages, just the ones you like or want the most, individually in that case)


International Release Info:


Japan Only: Out of Print.



This is the cover of the magazine that it came with: Nintendo Dream Volume 190.


If you have info on any other international releases, please let me know so I can add them to this list.

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