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Information on Hyrule Historia


Allow me to interupt, just for a moment


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If you are not familiar with this book, allow me to use this blank page to share some things you might like to know.



As of January 30, 2013 there are 4 covers for Hyrule Historia. If think you might be confused on which is which, this will help:



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The 4th is the Limited Edition for the English version. Its cover looks like this:


There were only 4,000 copies of the LE made. There is no difference in content or page count. It has a brown faux-leather cover, and "gold" coloring on the outer edges of the pages. It was also roughly $40 more than the standard edition and sold out instantly everywhere it was offered for sale.


They are NOT going to print more versions of the Limited Edition.

The regular edition of the book should be a fairly unlimited item though.

The Limited Editions are not individually numbered, but they do contain a small bit of text that says that it was a limited print run.



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