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Known Hyrule Historia Scans


Jan 3: New imges and resources being posted as they come in.

Please post on the forum if you know of more.

Last updated Jan 3, 2012: 7:15pm CST (-6:00 GMT)

Last updated Jan 3, 2012: 6:44pm CST (-6:00 GMT)


If anyone would like their images removed, please just contact me. I am only adding them here because it was becoming incredibly difficult to keep track of all of them, and I know translators might like a collected source.


Ancient Hylain Skyward Sword Font, for Computer use, by Sarinilli:

Below Images: GameFAQ's SnowBrigadier viaThis Thread & Legend Alliance by Snow (same person) This Thread

Here is a Zip of his Large files from Jan 3, 2012.



Font Scans by ?Unknown? via MegaUpload

(that link will provide you with even larger scans)



Photo Images by viciouskillersquirrel via NeoGAF



ERICgotLOST did a great job addoing some of

Beno's English translations to these pages:




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