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The English Language Version!

Title: Twilight Princess

Artist or Circle: Nintendraw

Publisher & ISBN Info: Doujinshi: Self-Published

First Published Date: August 2009

Approx Length: 36 pages

Posted on this Site: Relaunch Date.

Originally Posted On: DeviantART

Posted here with the artists permission.

Please go to the artist's bio for more of their works and information.


Important Notes:

Most of the original pages were reformatted to fit within this site's layout. Clicking on the pages will give you the larger image, or you can download the large files with the .zip below.

You will also find this work cross-posted in the Doujinshi Section.


"Every thousand years, an evil power rises to threaten the sancity of Hyrule. Every thousand years, a young boy named Link is born to stop it. It has been this way for milennia in this mythical land, and it has come to pass again. The Ancient Sages tried to stop this dark power by piercing its embodiment with the Sword of the Sages, but his power proved too great: Shadow's bastion used that very sword to slay one of them. Darkness runs rampant across the land, and with it awoke a primordial realm: Twilight. The goddesses will not let such a severe, though repeated breach go unchecked. Link is born again, in the tiny territory of Ordon Village...

The legend has come and passed for milennia. Now it dawns anew.

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