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The English Language Version!

Title: "Nintendo Comics System No. 7" This is a The Legend of Zelda Special.

Artist or Circle: by George Caragonne, Sir Rodney Ramos, Ken Lopez, Joe Rubinstein, The Gradations, & Dan Panosian

Publisher & ISBN Info: Valiant. ISSN: 1049-149X

First Published Date: August 1991

Approx Length: 20 Pages

Posted on this Site: Relaunch Date.

Scanned and Contributed by: Kitty and Chechi

Special Thanks: Zelda Power, TRsRockin, Ravidouk, & ZeldaWiki.


Important Notes:

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Chapters in this Issue:

#1 Assault

#2 Choices

Similar Publications:

Valiant No. 1, Valiant No. 2, Valiant No. 3, Valiant No. 4, Valiant No. 5, Valiant No. 7.

Alt Scans (ZeldaPower):

Valiant No. 1 Version 2, Valiant No. 1 Version 2, Valiant No. 3 Version 2,

Alt Missing Scans:

Valiant No. Version 1 "No Price,"

Valiant No. 5 Version 2.

Alt Chapter Appearance:

According to, "Assault" and "Choices" may also appear in:

Nintendo Comics System No. 1


If any of the info on this page is incorrect, please let me know.

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