Last Updated October 3, 2011

Ocarina of Time Comic

Copyright: 1998 by Nintendo of Europe GmbH and Nintendo Co. Ltd

Published in Club Nintendo OoT Special

Comic Art: Work House Co. Ltd., Tokyo

Download At: in Eglish at Zelda Legends and in German at Zelda Europe

Description: (via Zelda Legends)
This comic was published in a special edition of the European "Club Nintendo" magazine. It was published first in Germany, and then translated to Dutch and released in the Netherlands. The Dutch version was scanned and translated by Iron Knuckle. I cleaned up his English translation and inserted it into the scans, so that you can read the comic in English. I've also made a German/Dutch/English translation table, so you can compare the different translations for yourself. Scans of the original Dutch OoT Special will be available soon in the Publications section.

An Italian translation of this comic WAS also available at The Lost Woods.

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