Last Updated November 27, 2011

Title: Complete Princess

100 Pages

Published 2009

Size: B5

Orginal Artist: Usagi Paradise

We have this and it is already translated. Rinael figured out that this doujinshi is a collection of these 3 volumes all of which we had:

. part 1 Jooshou . part 2 Shuushou . part 3 Parallel .

Zelda-Informer started posting this on October 12, 2011. They said that there were around 100 pages. They were going to have someone translate and edit it and then do a slow release. They did 14/15 pages and then I believe that was the end of it. If this gets picked up again, or if you have the full scans, plesae contact me. For now, go to their site to find the pages they posted. Update 1 and Update 2.

Translated by: Sarah Chen

Editing: Damir Halilovic

Pages they've yet to post yet:

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