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Howard And Nester Nintendo Power Comic


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Art by: Various. Possibly Joe Haley [source] Some other issues may be by Katsuya Terada & Shuji Imai. [source]

Download At: The Howard and Nester Comic Archive

Download: Some of Nester's Adventures are on this flicker site (no galleries as of yet)


Description: (via H&C Archive)

Anyone who has read Nintendo Power since its beginning has, obviously, at least glanced at the little comic strips in a couple of pages of the magazine called "Howard & Nester", which chronicled the adventures of bowtie-wearing Howard Philips (who was an actual employee of Nintendo and president of the Nintendo Fun Club at the time) and a stubborn redheaded teen named Nester. Together, the two ventured into the worlds of various NES games, gave us a couple of thinly-veiled legitimate tips, and always provided a little bit of humor for us all.

In Volume 25 of Nintendo Power, Howard left the magazine to pursue other goals (JVC?! I'll bet that worked out well), and left Nester to star in a series of comics of his own. But a few years after, all traces of Nester (and Howard) vanished, and left the magazine to wilt away.

All 21 installments of Howard & Nester are here, along with a few bonus comics thrown in for good measure.


▲ Donated by Kayak sometime between 2002-2004

▲ From The Howard and Nester Archive. Go there to find more.

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