Last Updated September 11, 2011

"13 Rupees"

By ZAP! The Zelda Anthology Project.



Date: Our goal is to debut in May 2008 at Otafest (May 16-18, 2008 in Calgary) and Anime North (May 23-25, 2008 in Toronto). The books also will be available for order online in May.


Book Name: 13 Rupees
Group Name: ZAP! The Zelda Anthology Project
Book Dimensions: 5½" x 8½"
Cover: Color
Interior: Black and white
Binding: Saddle Stitch
Rating: PG
Page Count: 132
Content: Comics, illustrations, a short story, free talk, and a mini-game


ZAP! The Zelda Anthology Project consists of the following members:


About: "We are a group of friends and fellow Legend of Zelda fans who came together to create an anthology as our way to show our love and appreciation for the wonderful series. We officially became a doujin group at the end of 2007 and we hope to debut our book in May 2008 at Otafest and Anime North. We hope this will be the first of several books to come, but our first goal is to finish our first! Many of us are also participants of the Livejournal community Zelda Exchange. You can also drop by our official anthology LJ community. "


Cover by Nna. "view image" to enlarge.

"Battle Royale" sample page by Louisa. "view image" to enlarge.

"Link's Misadventure" sample page by Chibi-Rinku

"Challenger Approaching" by Cyen and The Missing Link (TML)

"Link and the Master Sword" sample page by Angel P

"Unemployed" sample page by Hemisphere.

Bonus art by Meggu.



From "Wistfully Yours," by The Missing Link

All I ever wanted out of life was to lead a simple yet happy one. I wanted a life where I could enjoy the comforts of home in a small cottage in Ordon Village. I had always dreamt of a husband that cared for and loved me unconditionally and the joy of raising children in the traditions that my father had taught me. It was a quaint dream but one that would have been full of compassion and peace. For a moment, I thought all was within my grasp; I thought that my dreams were within reach. How did things go so horribly wrong?


All I ever wanted out of life was to selflessly serve my kingdom with honour and dignity. During the early years of my reign, my people had repeatedly invited me to share their humbler joys�of family and companionship�with me, and through them I experienced a joy all my own, filling myself with their happiness. Truly, I never had felt the need to personally partake in those experiences firsthand. For a moment, I had believed that it would have been enough to do so, that my life was indeed made rich through them. Why then does my life now seem to be falling apart?

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