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Title: Link: The Legend of Zelda No. 3 Version 1

Artist or Circle: by George Caragonne, Richard Rockwell, Don Hudson, Jade, The Gradations, Ken Penders, P. Zorito, Christiaan, Art Nichols, & Kingman Huie.

Publisher & ISBN Info: Valiant. ISSN: 1049-1481

First Published Date: July 1990 (source

Approx Length: 33 Pages

Posted on this Site: Relaunch Date.

Scanned and Contributed by: Kitty and Chechi

Special Thanks: Valiant Fan, Zelda Power, TRsRockin, Ravidouk, & ZeldaWiki.


Important Notes:

Click on any of the images for larger filesand the heart below contains the large .zip

Chapters in this Issue:

#1 The Power

#2 Secrets of the Triforce

#3 The Adventurer Link

#4 The Price

#5 The Legendary Zelda

Similar Publications:

Valiant No. 1, Valiant No. 2, Valiant No. 3, Valiant No. 4, Valiant No. 5, Valiant No. 7.

Alt Scans (ZeldaPower):

Valiant No. 1 Version 2, Valiant No. 1 Version 2, Valiant No. 3 Version 2,

Alt Missing Scans:

Valiant No. Version 1 "No Price,"

Valiant No. 5 Version 2.

Alternate Cover and Issue Information:

They look really similar, but check out the differences in the price and numbering fonts at the top. The content may also be different in the different versions. I'm not completely sure of this yet though. One is (see below notes,) but I don't know about the other one. If you have it, please check it out for me and let me know if it's different.

Alt Version:

No. 3 Version 2 April 1991.

This is the version that can be downloaded from

If the .zip is correct, the content IS different than my version posted here. If you have this, please contact me so I can confirm the correct information and if these are the only comic pages. The "chapters"in that site's .zip are:



#1 "The Power"

#2 "The Price"

Also: "Secrets of the Triforce"

Also: "Zelda's Consumer Tips"


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Source for this covers and date:

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If any of the info on this page is incorrect, please let me know.

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