Links Awakening volume 1:

08-18-03: Great news! Anastasia, this really wonderful girl, contacted me and offered to translate the Link's Awakening manga! I'm so happy about this. She's done a REALLY awesome job and thanks to her this huge book is going to be translated into English for all of you. You can see some of her cute fan art here, and if you like the manga please be sure to give her a big thank you, okay? Be patient for more, it should be coming soon.

07-23-03: This is a really, really, really cute manga drawn by Ataru Cagiva. It's old, done in 1994, but I think it's one of the best. I love the characters in this, Link is so cute; his personality seems so cool, Marin seems so sweet, Tarin.. so obsessed with mushrooms, and the fighting is really good. I heard some where that the author has his black belt in karate. I don't know if that's true or not, but it certainly would explain his nice fighting scenes. Later on in this series you really start to feel for Link and Marin. I dare say it's slightly romantic..I can't wait to find out what they're saying! Regardless, the expressions and panels are drawn well enough that words are hardly needed. I wish that all of you that come here would take a look at this. There are two volumes in this series and each chapter is very long; at just over 50 pages, so get ready to read -a lot. Well, without further ado, I happily present a very old and out of print, great, manga: Yume wo Miru Shima -The Dreaming Isle!


Yume wo Miru Shima, The Dreaming Isle/Link's Awakening

Author: Ataru Cagiva

Publisher: Enix

Product Code: ISBN4-87025-513-8

Year of Manufacture: 1994

Length: 190 pages

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