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the history of hyrule
you're at it, hope you like it. the url for this site is simply please link back to me if you like it here
zelda no densetsu
a must see! this awesome site is where you will find the source of the translated zelda manga for the ocarina of time. if you haven't read it you really should
legends of zelda
this place has always been on the top of my list. there's so much cool stuff there, your eyes will pop out -and now they're my host! ~yay!

independent zelda

This is has a great fan comic as well being a news site with editorials. The comic is based on the first Zelda and check out the other artwork!
ganon's tower
one of the most popular zelda sites on the web. it has lots of info, good fan resources and a very active forum. if you haven't gone yet, go now!
the complete zelda guide
going back to old school. if you want to know something about zelda one and two you must go here and give your respect
the gaming universe
This place is great. Not only do they have one of the most wonderful forums I've ever been on, they support some awesome fan game projects. Be sure to check this place out.
adventure of hyrule
This a site run by a guy I consider to be a Guru of Zelda. He has some great info and interviews right now and I'm sure his site will grow even more.
ceramic haven
This guy's one of my friends and he happens to have a very cute sprite based comic series on his site that features all the zelda people
The person who runs this site is VERY awesome, I credit her as Kayak, and she's sent me countless things. Please be sure to visit her site!
zelda infinite

This is a great zelda site with a lot of awesome wallpapers. I've never seen so many offical ones in one place.

the grand adventures
One of the better 'big' sites out there. Has a lot of good stuff and if you ahven't been there you should at least see it once.

Webrings Cliques and Networks:

united zelda alliance

It is an alliance, to insure that all of the Zelda sites on the list can function in harmony with each other, and provide the best content they can to their visitors.
oni link's temple network (down?)
This network, unlike many others, doesn't have ridiculous hit requirements, this is to give smaller sites a chance to become more popular.
courage: a link clique
Ever played Zelda or the SB games? Think Link is cool? Think Link is cute? Then join! That's what this clique is for! Show the world that you support Link!

zelda phoenix network (down?)

Once forest sages network the name changed to zelda phoenix network I guess. From what I know it seemed like a well known network. I'm not sure how things have changed.
zelda data base (down?)
A a place to submit your zelda site and to find link's to others. It seems like it would be a good place to join
siren of the woods (down?)
A very, very beautiful Saria clique! It has info and more, if you like Saria you should join.
zelda top 50 (down?)
A place to vote for the best sites or simply just to find zelda sites. Has a lot of broken images.
zelda planet top 50
This is a place to go top find great sites and to rate the sites you think are the best
zelda no densetsu fan
Are you a fan of Akira Himegawa's Manga? Then this is the fan listing you'll want to be a part of.
legend of zelda fan listing

This is a fan listing for all the fans of the zelda series.

a link to the past fan listing

Are you a fan of the super nintendo classic a link to the past? if so, check out this place

majora's mask fan listing

Here it is, for all you fan's of majora's mask!

timeless: ocarina of time fan listing

I know there are a million ocarina of time fans out there, if you're one of them, here's a place for you

the three powers: goddess fan listing

It's about time people showed their love for the goddesses of hyrule, go show your support

princess zelda fan listing

For all of us who love hyrule's princess, the keeper of wisdom, and the namesake of the series

mr. fairy! tingle fan listing

Tingle may scare me, but this is a damn fine looking site. Check it out

fierce deity: oni link fan listing

Oni Link seems pretty bad ass, if you like him, this would be the place to show it

uma aikoka: malon fan listing

For all you who love the girl next door, here's the malon fan listing

forest spirit: a saria fan listing

a beautiful fan listing to that darling best friend saria

the seventh sage: sheik fan listing

beautiful site, sheik is indeed a wonderful character, go show your love

the king of the red lions: fan listing

an interesting fan listing for an interesting character

linked by fate: a zelda x link fan listing

this is close to my heart, a fan listing for the realtionship between link and zelda

zelda webring (.jp)
Very cute layout and pic isn't it? This is a good way to start looking at all the amazing Japanese zelda sites.
link club (.jp)
Another great resource for finding Japanese Zelda sites. The fan art is always amazing so you should search around.
the legends of hyrule netring
A fanfiction net ring, if you have fanfiction on your site, it's for you!
A fanlisting for Zora's!
official fanlisting for rivalry between Link and Ganondorf
this is a majora's mask fan listing
epona fan listing
here's a fan listing for everyone who loves epona
excuse me princess

a link and zelda fan listing

fairy boy

official fanlisting for the relationship of Link and Malon


official fanlisting for Aryll

singing the melody of the skies

a fanlisting for medli

tattle tale

a fanlisting for tatl (beware pop-up)

little wind sage

a fanlisting for makar


a fanlisting for the relationship betweeen Link Navi and Epona

sea rat

a fanlisting for tetra

sky spirit

a fanlisting for lord valoo

sorceress sisters

a fanlisting for twinrova


a fanlisting for nabooru

power of darkness

a fanlisting for ganondorf

just friends

a fanlsting for the relationship between Link and Saria


a fanlisting for gorons

through space and time

a fanlisting for the oracle of ages and seasons gameboy games

mario and... friends?

a fanlisting for super smash brothers melee

hyrule's musical

a fanlisting for the music in zelda

precious item

a fanlisting for the ocarina (of time)

lost island

a fanlisting for the game link's awakening

More Zelda Sites:
midnight's castle
Not only does it have a very friendly webmaster, it has been around for a long while. It has really great content and info.
z64 planet
It was down when I tried to check it for a description so I don't have anything to put here yet except that I know it's a really good site.
double negative
A very informative shrine to Link. All the shrines I've found are gorgeous, as is this one.
lysia's legend of zelda
This site has been around a while. It's got some good content and maybe even the games
fairy boy
This site keeps changing locations, it's been really hard for me to keep up with but it's worth it because it's a very cute place
north castle

This site is one of the oldest and coolest zelda sites you'll find on the web. It's been around as long as I can remember actually!

the wind fish egg
This really is one of the best sites I've ever found for info and screens from Link's Awakening
anime conglomerate
Lina's given us some doujinshi! So go visit her site -Find the link to Ganondorf's Desert Outpost
great deku tree
This seems to be a very popular large site. I haven't fully checked it yet though
link's legecies
You'll find info on the games, the games, and some FF stuff which is cool; forums, fan art, and media as well
zeruda (down?)
It's a combo site or mini collective. There are many mini sites that are related to the Zelda series plus some cute Zelda adoptions!
the desert colossus
The Desert Colossus is back up everyone, this was one of the old greats and it was almost gone for good -but the webmaster has revived it!
zelda central headquarters(down?)
This is one of the contributors for my site.It's been closed longer than promised, I hope everything is okay over there...
the zelda fan (down?)
A nice collection of rare material downloads plus many other things. From comics/manga to the old tips and tactics guide. Very nice!
hyrule's legend
A very nice little shrine to that cutest of the cute -Link. It has some cool descriptions and a very good layout.
zelda portal (down?)
This site was also down when I treid to check it, but it was REALLY down. Either my URL is bad, it's moved, or gone. Anyone have info?
shattered dream (down?)
A beautiful layout. It's a sub-collective of zelda sites that feature shrines and info. It's so wonderful!
zelda cubed
A relatively new shrine for Link, it features some cute media and a very cute background ;)
forest sages or zelda phoenix
This sites seems to have changed. I've seen it linked too a lot but haven't explored it fully.

the legend of (down?)

This site was ripping of Japanese fan art and claiming it as their own. It's currently shut down.

zelda dungeon
description coming soon
sacred realm of hyrule (down?)
This site was ALSO gone when I went looking for it. Why must sites disappear?
oni link's temple (down?)
A pretty cool looking place. I need to explore this one more since it seems to have many sections.
the master sword
This one has been around a long while. Most of you have probably seen it so there's not much for me to say.
zelda mania (down?)
A site mainly about The Ocarina of Time. With some info and downloads, which happen to be down at the time (closed)
This was the best of the best. It's been closed a while now but I'm keeping the button up out of respect.
zelda vortex
Another pretty well known site. I guess it must have a good forum and news.
A another VERY cute shrine to Link. You will find all kinds of little tidbits from pics to info.

frozen fire

Really cute chibi fan art for the Legend of Zelda and a really awesome webmaster!
This is a wonderful zelda fan art site. The style and color used in the drawings are very beautiful.

silvestris studios

A site for fan art, silvestris has long been one of the best fan artists for the zelda series found on the net.

michelle heran

Very beautiful art work and GREAT fan art for the zelda series. She is always ading new stuff and check out her great links and pixils!
temple of time (down?)
Seems to be a good site for info and downloads, like of the cartoons and such
zelda universe
A large well known site with news and decent content. Many people seem to like it here.
zelda elements(closed)
The webmaster of Zelda Elements closed it and someone else is using the domain now.
zelda domain (down?)
An alright site with some decent info on all the games plus some media and other stuff.
the zelda vault (down?)
I will add a description when they open back up again.
looking glass (down?)
Seems to be gone. If anyone knows if it's gone for good or moved please e-mail me.
Another pretty well known site I guess. It also seems to have some good downloads.
A pretty good site for information as wel as other things. They also have the comics for download.

hyrule realm

A nice site with some cool stuff like a Hylian Font and Language. Plus some cool extras like banners for you.
hyrule the world of zelda (down?)
A site with some info and artwork. It has news and some other little things.
forest temple (down?)
A really awesome site with some great stuff including the majora's mask manga, sprites and fan art
gerudo spirit (closed)
A cute site that is starting to get filled up with content. Right now you can find some great fan art there

A little tribute site to the Legend of Zelda and a small gallery

planet zelda (down?)

This site seems to have gone down or moved so I don't have much to write about

a link to the past

This is a site based soley on the SNES game A Link to the Past

pyroman university

Not just a zelda site, but it has some info on most of the games

temple of the forest(closed)
This sites layout doesn't work well enough for me to be able to navigate everywhere but it seems alright.
Another one of the best. not only will you find zelda manga and doujinshi here, it is really the best place for fan art and fan fics.
zelda chronicles

I wanted to write a description for this site, but it seemed to be temp. down at the time

brotherhood of the underworld

dedicated to the dark side of gaming and zelda, there's beastiaries and fan stuffs. A very neat idea for a site

bonzu comicx
Occasionally has some very great, darker in nature, zelda fan comics. Search the archives for them

tainted tide

a site that's still being worked on but it has information for Ocarina of Time as well as fan art

water shrine

a very cute little site with some adoptions and links to other great places
zelda central
some nice information for all the games and other stuff like news
zelda shrine
A pretty cool looking place, there's info for a lot of the games and things like screen shots

hylian legends of zelda (down?)

Looks like a decent site but there's not any content yet
A site with some cute fan art, zelda info, and downloads ~Like music.

zelda: the hylian legends

description coming soon

zelda: broken law (down?)

I think this site closed before I could get a description or button

the zelda grotto

A site with news and message boards and other various things

rpg 1st edition

From what I can tell, this is a site for Role Players -There seems to be a Legend of Zelda RPG

zelda go (moved?)

This site also seems to have moved or closed before I could write it up

dark fantasy (down?)

a site with some nice sceenshot wallpapers as well as other things.

the world of zelda

(pop up)Information on the zelda games and such.

hylian temple (down?)

Right click disabled so I don't know how to get the button -some info on the games and such.
anime love
A personal site I think, with some information on Zelda scattered about

lil's anime attic

This site seems to be under heavy construction, sorry I can't say more

jey kama (down?)

One of the better fan artists, this links to his main site -he did the pic, aint it great?
zelda & co. online comic
cute little zelda fan comic. Chibi characters.

the school of kaz

Site being worked but seems to be a general gaming site

spaceport db

I think this is a sprite based site, it's still under heavy construction but it has nice comics right now

the golden land (down?)

Some great reviews and info. The Japanese comparison for LA is interesting.

the world of zelda (down?)

Down I guess. They say it will be back up though

the lost woods

A site set up soley as a collection of fan art and fan fiction.


a legend of zelda fan listing mailing list. There are fanwork archives, but I guess it's a yahoo!group

tloz: Balance of Power

a huge fan fiction written by many people I think

tloza (down?)

temp down, but promises to be up in a few days. Check it, it may be up by now

zelda 101

description coming soon


description coming soon

bs zelda homepage

heard of this game? It's a real zelda game and this is one of the best places to find out about it

forgotten dreams

was working on a new layout when I updated the links last

zelda zero

description coming soon (beware pop-up)

the marin shrine

description coming soon

a zelda world

coming soon


a beautiful shrine to princess zelda, the layout changes, but this place is always great

hyrule kingdom (down?)

description coming soon

zelda sanctuary (down?)

It just moved, so check back in the future for more content.

ingo's ranch (down?)

a spanish -with an english version too. It has lots of nice content, papers, sprites, etc...

zelda abyss

description coming soon

zelda love

A Link and Zelda romance based site. There's some cool content there, like the picture of the week

maximum zelda

a really nice looking site, I still need to check out their content though.

zelda legacy (down?)

yet another great looking site

zelda power

a pretty nice looking site, I know I've bene there a few times

the book of mudora (down?)

description coming soon

last refuge of the damned

a fanfiction site run by one of my friends, check it out!

howard & nester comics archive

comics featured in nintendo power, back in the day. Some feature themes from the zelda series.

well excuse me princess

the pain! the PAIN! lol, this is horrible, but I love it still. Warning, turn your volume down.

spiffy entertainment: loz

a website that features information for most of the zelda games

ocarina of time: 2d

a fan made game that is turing ocarina of time into something looking muck like A Link to the Past.

zelda chronicles

A website that features a lot of information on the series

princess of destiny

closed at the moment

zeldart: legend of zelda art gallery

one of the best places for zelda fan art on the net. I've never seen this much art anywhere else

link's awakening music

you can find Link's Awakening music here

nintendo power indexing

need to know what was in what issue of NP? This is a wonderful resource

perfect zelda

a french site with a really great staff

the seventh world

a fan site/art site

hyrulian soldiers

the webmaster says he has it set up so he can help you with the games

scorched productions

fan art and personal art, a good place to look around

new world bossa nova

a personal fan, and art, site for zelda and metroid

leviathan: a ganondorf shrine

a shrine for the kind of all evil ;) still in the works but it should be nice!

zelda yaoi archive

yaoi is boy's love, if you're a homophobe, don't bother going here. If you're like me, you'll like this place

zelda zutto

watchout for pop up, otherwise, this is a vrey nice fan site


description coming soon

plains of hyrule

description coming soon

the hero chronicles

description coming soon

zelda bird

description coming soon

lunitari's realm of ocarina of time

description coming soon

raspberry ripple

description coming soon

studio cyen

description coming soon

colored sketches

description coming soon

the book of nightmares

description coming soon

diamond in the rough (down?)

description coming soon


description coming soon

goddess of sand

description coming soon

aqua angel

description coming soon

zelda romance

description coming soon

dreaming island

description coming soon

"Other" and Foreign Sites:
zelda love (.jp)
A nice Japanese site with artwork and links to other sites. But I really just like the banner :)
link to the past (.fr)
A cool french site about the zelda series. Under construction it still has content. -weird pop up though
Japanese sites to check out:
.jp or other overseas sites: