March 5, 2003: Guess what? It's a super surprise! The oracle of Seasons manga is being translated into English and is here for you to enjoy! You can read it above, just click on the numbers. There's more on the way, but this is hard work! Annie from Zelda no Densetsu and I have been working on bringing this to you. She's been translating it and I've been editing the pages.

Raven says, "You know you think I'm sexy, go on kiss the screen, I won't tell any one." Chapter 10 is finished! Enjoy!!

The picture says it all, it's the Seasons manga, and it's in English~ Annie and I have finished working on this book and are on to the next one. I hope you like it! I uploaded chapter 10 on the 29th of Sept. Also, I would like to note that Annie finished translating the rest of Majora's Mask so you can find it on her site now!! Well, guess it's time for you to move on to reading The Oracle of Ages!

June 16, 2002: So I'm adding The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons now, it's so cute! I really love Akira Himegawa's Style. If you didn't know already, The Oracle games are the most recent Zelda games and they're for the Gameboy Color. The games, Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages, work with each other. If you beat one you can play the other one with your items and also gain a different and more complete story and ending. The manga is kind of like that as well. Even though they can be read separately, their stories works together for a more complete story and a real ending. Even though it doesn't matter which order you play the games in the manga starts with Seasons and Ages is more like volume 2. I hope you like it and remember to read it from right to left not left to right! Click on one of the numbers above to begin reading.


Zelda no Densetsu: The Legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons

Author: Akira Himegawa

Publisher: Nintendo

Product Code: ISBN4-09-149604-0

Year of Manufacture: 2001

Length: 194pages

Small Note: If you noticed the numbers in Seasons skip from 91 to 96. There are no pages missing pages, I simply changed the way I was saving the files and this caused it to look like there are some missing. Don't worry, they are all there.

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