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Below is an example of what the gallery will eventually look like...

But, until all the art is organized, I will be using the temporary gallery on flickr


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Under Construction:

The official & semi-official art gallery has always been the most important aspect of History of Hyrule. It's the reason I started the site in 2002 and it is what I want to continue to focus on. I am personally determined to find every piece of Zelda game art in existence! Heh. And I'm sure I will some day because... I'm fairly obsessive.


The truth is though... it's no longer rare for Zelda sites to have decent galleries. So, when I started building the site again, I chose to focus on what I had that was the most unique: the publications.


Since it took longer to work through the publication content than I had anticipated, I became antsy to open the site. I decided that I had to get it open before the end of 2011. As a result, I figured I would get that large chunk done and then cut completing all of the other sections until after it opened.


So, I am working on the official art gallery: it will just be slow going because I'll have other webmaster responsibilities now that the site is public. Please refrain from thinking I need art sent to me unless I specifically ask for a piece. Consider what you see here a "proof of concept."


About the art and the people helping make this happen:

There's a little "Triforce-Trifecta" going on with me, Melora of History of Hyrule, Mases of Zelda Dungeon, and Jade of Zelda Europe. We all love art so we've decided to help each other out, (by which we mean ALL Zelda fans,) by making sure we get all the art we can find to each other. While I've been doing this for years, let me give you an idea of why I praise the other guys so highly: Jade is a great collector who has saved more than most people over the years, her dedication and skills are awesome. She's also very good at noticing rare art, and also quickly uploading high-res press release art. I mean, having European press access helps us a ton. Mases is a materials collector like you wouldn't believe, he has a ton of increibly rare guides, (which are where a lot of the "new," or "lost," art comes from, and sometimes these books get sent to me for scanning. We could not do this without him. There are also a ton of other amazing fans that have helped extensively with gathering rare art over the years. Beno, Kayak, Ferisae, Fenrisfang, Crazyfreak, Masamune, Anastasia, Daniela, Shin Zeruda Hime, etc...


So, while I try to be the main source for everything on my site, (because really would hate being accused of not doing most of my work myself,) sometimes Jade, Mases, and other fans just have way better source material than me. I'll use the best image I can, so their images often get uploaded over mine. I also use to work a lot with the guys at Zelda Legends, so you might notice me using some of the art that was posted there back in the day. -Thanks!