The Gallery | Introduction




Game Art | Introduction

The gallery for all the official and semi-official art. Illustrations, drawings, concept art, sprites, screenshots, etc... Sorted by game. This section will be started after the site opens, please go here to read more.


Until then, the gallery-in-progress is being hosted on flickr. I'm starting at the original Legend of Zelda and working my way through to the end. Please head on over if you would like to see the art that we have.





Hyrulean Museum of Ancient and Modern Art | Introduction

This is the "Fanworks" section. It's for any decent quality "art" fans have personally made and would like to see hosted on this site: Fanart, Fanfic, Cosplay, Crafts, Wallpapers, Avatars, Music, Tattoos, Video, etc...


Brief Explanation of the Sections:

  • Artist Directory: A quick and easy to browse list of the artists, works, and projects permanently found on the site. It will also show you what is new to the site for the current week if a fanwork update was possible.
  • Featured: This section is about highlighting and featuring fan artwork and creators. For the most part there will be new features chosen once per week.
  • Site Projects & Events: For past and present events and projects hosted by History of Hyrule, including the yearly Calendar!
  • Community Projects & Events: For all of the Zelda fanwork events and projects happening off-site. It's a directory so fans can find what they would like to participate in or watch.
  • Art Resources: Helpful information and resources for artists, writers, and designers.
  • Submit: The information for submitting fan work, fan projects, and fan events to the site. Please go there before sending your work to me.

What are Projects and Events?

These could be videogame gallery shows, contests, closed projects being worked on by multiple fans that will open to public viewing when finished, secret santa groups, comic groups (also found in publications) etc... There are several "project" sections but they are basically for two things: Projects hosted by this site, and projects hosted by other sites and individuals. There is also a "Main Long-Term Project Directory" that lists projects not necessarily hosted on this site, but that are permanently listed on this site.

Fanwork's Icon Break Down:

These are listed so you'll know how to find what you might be looking for when you search the main Artist's Directory.

Illustration and Painting: An easel and brush. It's sort of from Link's Awakening

Comics & Storytelling: It's the Book of Mudora from A Link to the Past

Crafts & Cosplay: It's pottery, from A Link to the Past.

Music & Modern Media: It's an instrument (the most modern seeming) from LA.

Wallpapers & Avatars: It's a sign with Link's face on it, sort of from LttP.


If you still happen to have any questions, then please check out the fanwork's FAQ.