Last Updated June 15, 2013

Title: Can do Play?

38 pages, only 4 pages plus cover art feature Zelda stuff.


Description from another fan, thanks George Owain:

"It hardly has anything to do with Legend of Zelda and most of it about characters from some other Anime/Manga.

Out of its 38 pages (4 of them being the inside and outside of the cover), only 7 are Zelda related (the cover included and a sketch drawing of it).The page you have listed on your site already is the only one that features Link.

The remaining 4 pages are two that are promotional ads about IGN64 and OOT, and the other 2 just being your typical bonus character art; one of Child and Adult Link together, and the other of adult Zelda wearing a bikini.

The doujin also features nude artwork of the characters from that other Anime/Manga I mentioned above, and also three that have sexual content; ranking this as a hentai doujin and would probably be instead listed in your adult section despite it's adult content not really featuring Zelda."

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