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One way you can help is by checking out the wide variety of things the Translation Project is in need of. Some of it may seem relatively simple but actually means a great deal. You'll be surprised with what you find there.


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I'll take pretty much anything you're willing to send- but, if you want to know which publications I'd really like to get my hands on, these would be it.


Nare no Hate





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Last Update: June 26, 2014

I reset the list quite a bit, just in case there was anyone else who was interested in a project. But, if you were working on something, and would like to continue to do so, please just write!


If you would like to see something translated:

Then please just leave a polite comment on that publication's forum thread saying how much you would love it and look forward to it. This might inspire people with the needed skills to offer their time and energy to getting that work translated for the rest of us.


If you would like to help, please check out the information for the Translation Project.


This is the "in the works" section because these are currently slated for translation, proofreading, and editing! The flag shows what language the project is currently being worked on for. Being here is not a guarantee of completion and please be patient with us, our translation group has no deadlines and works only when life will allow it.



Being translated by Kyoukankaku ?


Being translated by Lunitari ?

Love Navigation 2

Being Edited by Frank


Translation being finished by Twilight Heroine.


Translated. Being Edited by Melora

Together + Insert

Being Edited by Twilight Heroine

LttP vol. 1

Being Edited by Melora



The "Most Wanted" Translations!

If you want to help translate, you can pick what you'd like, but I'd love to ask you to check out these things first. These are our biggest translation requests:

The Hyrule Fantasy by Ranmaru

AoL by Ranmaru

AoL 1


The Hyrule Fantasy by Kobayashi Susumu

Maoh no Tamatebako



vol. 1: A Shadow of the Queen







If you like something that's still in print, support the artist and publishers by actually buying it. As fans, if we don't do this, it's less likely they'll make more of what we love. Good sales could also mean companies and artists will feel less threatened by old scans left online.


Please do not use anything on this site without sourcing all the contributors who were involved. If you have any other questions, concerns, or notice any errors, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!


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