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Last Update: June 15, 2013

I don't have these doujinshi! There is also a more current thread with doujinshi I don't have, it can be found here: "More Current" Unobtained Doujinshi List

If you have something found here, I would love scans if you want to help contribute for everyone! Just contact me.


This is a list of the info and pages samples that I do happen to have for them. I have posted everything I know, and everything I have. I can't really vouch for their content, but I assume what little is here is correct. Please be warned that some of them could be adult and I just don't know it; so that it is always left up to you to inquire with sellers. Most of these (but not all) come from auction listings. While there are huge gaps in the time I was actively looking, I've basically been collecting the info from auction listings probably since 2002-2003.


If you can help with this list, please do! These are, at least, somewhat sorted. If any of the info is wrong, or mixed up, please let me know. If you can add a page or two, again, let me know.

One Day


Masquerade Ball

Toki Oka Urabon


* cover only *

Be my World

Part of your World

Hyrule no Kanata

Kaze no Anaboko

Ko Ho Banri Den

Yoiko no Ehon

Let's Train!


Nostalgia Syndrome

E Nella Natura Delle Cose

Yami wo Terasu Kikari

Konton Kitan

Fukaki Mori no Tsuioku


While my Guitar Gently Weeps

Nowhere Man


Shonen Bonnou Link

Tooi Chikai

After Carnival

Ame no hi mo Hare no hi mo Zeruden 3

Boys and Girls

Buttobi Zelda 64!!


Cheerful Travelers

Ai no Nocturne

Dekunuts Story




FuAn Taji-ku


Futari Iroiro


Harakiri Hyrule

Tasogare no Kimie

Itsumo Kimi no Soba ni Iru

Kaze to Umi no Okurimono

Kikan Link vol. 1 Autumn

King of Fairy


KoLink Shot





Minikukitori no Yuutsu

Mofumofu Yukiwaroshi

Sleeping Kingdom

Mori no Kariudo Vol. 11

Mori no Kariudo Vol. 12

Mori no Kariudo Vol. 16

Mori no Kariudo Vol. 19

Mori no Kariudo Vol. 20

Zoku Ten no Koe Super


Mugen no Kibo



Nare no Hate


Ocarina Tsuisou

Green Gale





Level 31

Smash Brothers with Zelda




Tori Ai

Towapuri Zakkaten

Towapuri Zakkaten 1/2

Toward the Horizon


* cover only *

Umi no Bidebaba


Uocchi OUT!

Kokoro ha Itsumo Midori Iro


Hyrule Heigen no Haru





Emerald Tale

Time of Ocarina


I Love You

Link Link Link!

by Mr. Pinstripe Suit


by Mr. Pinstripe Suit

Rimix 2

Darling & Honey







Midori no Kobeya 3

Zelda Mix



Midori no Kobeya 2


The Legend of Zelda


Making the Road


Nin (?) Dou (?)



Attractive Adventure


Super Nitrogen Mustard

Princess Zelda Book

Mir Pri


Zelda Sonota

Any God

Midori no Kobeya (1?)

Kaze Taku 2003

Link Tenko Mori!

D! Kai

Zoku Ten no Koe Super

Game Start!

Heart Swap!!




Futaritabi (?)


GG (?)




Hara Peko Kisama B

Oka Heroes and Hero Towapuri time

Smash Bros Chaos X X

* cover only *

* cover only *

* cover only *

* cover only *

* cover only *

* cover only *


Deep Blue Love

Princess Agitha and the Grasshopper Swordsman

Love Song of the Young Goatherd



The doujinshi with adult content will eventually be hosted on an alternate site. If you would like to know which doujinshi I am sure are meant for adults only, then please visit this page: Doujinshi Featuring Adult Content.


It is my attempt to be informative; so you know what to avoid and what is "safe" to purchase and view. Though some images posted there are still slightly risque, only thumbnails are shown on the main page and any gratuitous content has been edited out of the files posted under the cuts.



If you like something that's still in print, support the artist and publishers by actually buying it. As fans, if we don't do this, it's less likely they'll make more of what we love. Good sales could also mean companies and artists will feel less threatened by old scans left online.


Please do not use anything on this site without sourcing all the contributors who were involved. If you have any other questions, concerns, or notice any errors, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you!


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