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Hey there!
So, I really love the official Zelda art. Even kind of semi-official art. (Like the stuff just made for guides and magazines.) I like to collect it and I like it when artists can use it for their projects. Because of this I plan on trying to make one of the most extensive and complete galleries for Zelda art it out there. (Just like the old days! If you had visited the old History of Hyrule, you'll know I mean business.) Not only that but; one of my goals is to make this art available to everyone at high-resolutions and watermark free. If it can't be high-res, then at least at the highest quality possible.


The other thing I think absolutely needs to be done? Fixing up some of the art that we fans never got good images for. This involves taking scans from every source possible and retouching it to make the best, and most accurate, image possible.


So something can go from looking like this:



To looking more like this:


Want to help me?


Here's the deal: I didn't have enough time to get my art collection uploaded before I launched the site. And I'm going to be busy over Christmas. But, by Spring 2012 I hope to have this project rolling. If you are interested in helping, and have the source material or photoshop skills to back it up, just let me know on the forums. I'd love to know what kind of interest level there is for this before I get started. Thanks!


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