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Link to this Site:

You don't need to ask me if you would like to link to this site! Please just go ahead and add a link to Here are some banners you can use. Please host them on your own server if possible because the locations of the files may change. And, if you make any others, send them my way! I'd absolutely love to see them and use them.









Banner Credits: The 88x51 one of the river zora sprite was made by Fenrisfang. The 390x50 "forest" one was made by Evelyn Jade.


If you'd like a small blurb, you can use something like: "History of Hyrule; a site for celebrating the old school, the art, and the rare aspects of the Zelda series"



Social Media:

Want to keep track of the site elsewhere? Or find our off-site content? Here's the breakdown:


Blogger: This is currently being used for all the site's News, Updates, and Art Features. If you want to find out what is new here, go there!
Facebook: Please join us! The site updates from blogger also go to our facebook page via twitter, so it's a good way to keep up.
Twitter: I use this on and off as a way to do quick updates. It also comes from blogger and goes to facebook.
DeviantART: Our group there is for old school art and artist features. I'll get back to using it for that as soon as the rest of the work for the site settles down a little bit.
Main Tumblr: Even if you don't have a tumblr account, check us out to see all the cute stuff that is going around. It's updated very frequently.
Webcomic Archive Tumblr: I wanted an easy way to keep track of all the webcomics out there. This worked out perfectly. Please feel free to submit.
  Flickr: This is being used as our official-art gallery until I can organize everything to have it on the main site.
LiveJournal: For updates and the Zelda fans on LJ to use and enjoy. More "mature" content is also posted here; you have to be a member to see it.





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