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Last 5 Updates:
Note: The site was inactive for 7 years, I have a lot of useless sections to get rid of in the next few weeks

  • April 19, 2021: Follow me on Twitter, Blogger, or Flickr for updates. They're rolling out pretty strong. Contact me at any of those places or by email if you have art, manga, or questions for me. And scroll down to find links to the publication's section. It's huge.

  • April 3, 2021: Still doing a crazy amount of work on the official art gallery on flickr. As I go I'm reorganizing, doing major editing and clean up work on some of the cooler images, I'm getting rid of duplicates that are no longer needed since we have better images now, (though I have a lot more of that to do,) and I'm hunting through the internet and my archives for things that could have been missed. Once I get a lot more done I hope to come back to edit the backgrounds out of the items, character, and enemy art. I'm starting to use the twitter account now too

  • March 22, 2021: I've been doing major updates to the flickr gallery, be sure to check it out at the link above. Mainly I've been organizing all of my zelda archives trying to make sure I find all of the art I have saved or scanned. It's wild how time consuming that is. And, for whatever reason, I decided to fix a ton of the broken images in the quest section of the old History of Hyrule. Nostalgia, I guess!

  • March 16, 2021: Got another 1100+ pages scaned, mostly of art books, so I'm going to be working on finishing up parts of the official gallery on flickr. Also signed up for a pro account there so I can add more and so browsing will be a nicer experience. Fixed the site a bit- there's still some ugly code and messes but it should at least be less broken looking now.

  • March 6, 2021: After another 7 year hiatus it looks like I might do some work again. I want to get the old Hyrule Fantasy and Adventure of Link mangas translated so I'm going to clean up this broken site a little and then see what I can do!

Past Updates...





Hey everyone!

This site is still in the works. It was just recently relaunched after a 7 year hiatus and is completely updated by just me, Melora; I'm also the coordinator (and an editor) for the translation project, as well as the only one running the social media sites. So please be paitent with me but never stop checking back for all the content to come! I have so many plans for this place.


The pubications section is currently the main focus. Here's an index of the areas you might like the most:


Publication's Section:
all the zelda doujinshi we have
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all the zelda comics I know of
all the zelda 4koma I know of
all the zelda books and novels I know of
all the zelda manga I know of
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miscellaneous zelda publications
a list of every manga, comic, and doujinshi artist I know of






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