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Last updated on June 14, 2013. This is not a staff list. We're not that formal here: But, these are all the amazing people who have contributed to, and helped at, the site. You will find everyone listed in alphabetical order after me (Melora.) If you want to contact someone about something on this site, contact me first. You can contact Ren or Louisa if you need an admin at the forums. Email me if I have missed adding you or if you want your info changed.


If you would like to find the site credits, showing which source materials were used in its build, please check out this page [site credits]


All contributor's emails will be protected by having a +remove+ added to their email address. Please delete that part between the + signs and then add an @ before you send your letter or it will not go through.


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Melora | Webmaster

I'm the webmaster and the main contact. With few exceptions, I am the only one updating the site and all the social media outlets, so please email me if you need anything or have any questions concerning this site or its satellite content.

  • forum member: Melora
  • fanworks: Artist Bio
  • main email:
  • contributions: Webmaster (so a little bit of everything?) I also do tons of scanning.
  • websites:

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Anastasia | Main Contributor

  • forum member: Minako017
  • email
  • contributions: Some of the first translation work for Zelda on the net, and tons of 4koma and doujinshi scans for this site!
  • websites:

Annie | Main Contributor

Beno | Main Contributor


Cavalier | Main Contributor




  • forum member:
  • email
  • contributions: Doujinshi scans.
  • websites:



Cyen | Main Contributor


  • forum member: Davogones
  • email
  • contributions: Official art and canon information. First webmaster that gave this site the time of day.
  • websites:



Evelyn Jade | Main Contributor

  • contributions: Official art and simular content.
  • websites:

Fenrisfang | Main Contributor


Fox Lee


  • email
  • contributions: Tons of Scans and Information on Doujinshi


JayEye | Main Contributor

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  • email
  • contributions: The lost chapters of the Adventure of Link manga by Ranmaru


  • email
  • contributions: Doujinshi scans

Karnella | Main Contributor

Kayak | Main Contributor

  • aka: hhykl
  • contributions: Tons of rare official and semi-official art, as well as very nicely edited scans. ...WHERE ARE YOU? ...come back... you are too awesome...


  • aka: Nikita (Kitty)
  • forum member: Nikita
  • email
  • contributions: Doujinshi scans.


  • contributions: Top portion of the Summer Layout when I lost my arms and couldn't finish it. This meant the world to me.
  • websites:


  • contributions: Translated a page for me when I really needed it.
  • websites:


Lina Inverse


Lord of Shadow | Main Contributor

Louisa | Main Contributor

  • aka: Some Girl
  • forum member: Louisa
  • fanworks: Artist Bio
  • email
  • contributions: Forum admin. Tons of doujinshi scans. The layout for Spring.
  • websites:


Mak | Main Contributor




Mariam Dirbashi


Mases | Main Contributor

  • forum member: Mases
  • contributions: Tons of official art, scans, and canon information.
  • websites:

Michelle H.

  • aka: Sherant
  • fanworks: Artist Bio
  • email
  • contributions: Donated her actual doujinshi!
  • websites:
    • DeviantART: sherant
    • (now closed)

Saphine | Main Contributor

Moonlight Nostalgia

Mr. Tino



  • email
  • contributions: Doujinshi scans and information.

Ren | Main Contributor

Rinael | Main Contributor





  • contributions: Pretty much everything Hyrule Historia! And she's just an awesome person too.
  • websites:

TML | Main Contributor

Twilight Heroine









Some Very Special Thanks To:

  • Madlinx
  • Xeres
  • Dan
  • Draknet
  • Hylian Blood
  • Keyless Lock
  • Archaic Sage
  • Lady Juliet
  • Goddess Rinoa
  • Lysia
  • Pradloz
  • Kyle
  • Alter
  • Nephrus
  • Lysia
  • Chibi-Rinku
  • A-Chan
  • DragonGirl6420
  • Elenath
  • Xander
  • Feri-San
  • Yuina
  • Junior Rubay | FalconZero
  • Kaos
  • Lunitari
  • Kimya
  • Karnella
  • Lobby Wibble
  • Runathir
  • Zeruda
  • Mamandine
  • Lineth
  • Cephae
  • Marth Loves Roy
  • Aelfeth
  • Tasui
  • Iron Knucle
  • Zethar-II
  • Oh Hiro
  • etc...

Websites That've Helped Me:

  • Zelda Legends
  • Zelda Dungeon
  • Zelda Europe
  • Blueberri
  • Knights of Hyrule
  • Zelda no Densetsu
  • ZCHQ
  • The Complete Zelda
  • MCLoZ
  • The Adventure of Hyrule
  • Gaming Universe
  • The Wind Fish's Egg
  • Courage
  • Indie Zelda Frozen Fire
  • Kage Yousei
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to Video Games

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Old Site's List | A really big thank you to these people for the cool gifts and stuff they've given to my site!

David -for all the links, info, and stuff you've given me!

Artemis251 -Wind Fishes Egg -for a ton of gifs

Davogones -Legends of Zelda -for images and info

Aerith -Zelda Central Headquarters -for gifs

Cristofer -The Complete Zelda Guide -for gifs and info

Kchan -for the great blinkie!! and fan art!!

Junior Rubay -for being so wonderful and the cute art

Michelle -for the awesome doujinshi

Tai -for that cute art

Link Dark -for the animated gif -for a cool sprite they made
Mak-X -for all the cool stuff he does, you're great!
Rogier -for a picture I needed
Maxine MagicFox -for the midi player code!!!
Sean -for the great wall papers
Nathalie -for doujinshi pics
L. Roy -for the manga scans!
Beno -for the awesome pics and such that you've sent
Greg -for the great wall papers
Gotenoo -for the cool sprites
Iting -for a cool wall paper
Crivelli -for offering to scan a whole manga for me
Kayak -for all kinds of cool stuff!!
Eva -Nice scan
Evangelina -Cool picture
Lina Miyamoto -Thanks for buying the shirt!
Margot -the new lttp telepathic plea image

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Old Site's List | A big thank you to these people for the helpful info they've given me in my quest for cool zelda stuff:

Andrea -for everything!

Annie -Zelda no Densetsu -manga info and more

Jey -manga info

David -for all the links and info you've given me!

Aurillia -manga link info

Irulia -for being so awesome

Nadia -manga infio

D-187 -auction notice

Lillia Waterdrop -manga info

Astrd -link info for art books
TSA -info on a pic I've been dying to know about!
Mak-X for some info on things I really loved
Naryu Hello Kitty -for the link info
Sam -for the translated manga link info
Kyla Payne -for some walkthrough info! thanks!
Dragonblades -for tutorial help
Marqui-Chan -helped with site errors
Christen -some help with manga, thanks
Lina Inverse -nice! tried helping me with stuff
Jodie -info on where to find manga
Dragon Teenager -cool thing about Roam, I loved it!
Mandy -Helped me find doujinshi for sale
Zeruda- for info and help
Kage Yousei -helped me
Chibi Rinku -for helping me
peko-peko courage girl -helped me

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I'm so sorry if I forgot anyone!! I didn't mean too!!! Just let me know!




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