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My name is Melora. You can find my contact information here.


First: I cannot send you everything on my site. Please don't ask. What I have on this site, Flickr, and is what I have been able to complete thus far. It is already available. If you need something specific that you think I may not have uploaded then just email me.


What is the "relaunch" date?

The site first opened on May 22, 2002. Due to my health it closed for about 7 years. The relaunch date is December 15, 2011. Otherwise known as date I re-opened it.


What is considered "---" on this site?

I had to break it down somehow, this is how I chose to do it:

  1. Manga: A book, a volume, of comics originating from Japan and usually read from right to left.
  2. Comics: All sequential art from every country other than Japan, usually read from left to right. All Web Comics will be in this section as well.
  3. Doujinshi: a fan drawn comic. Something without an ISBN or a major publisher. On this site I am using the term for volumes of Japanese origin that have been fan-published and put up for sale.
  4. 4koma: This is like Sunday Comic Strips. Usually of Japanese origin and read from right to left.
  5. Books and Novels: Text based publications usually in the forum of a volume.
  6. Magazines: Usually periodicals that aren't a type of comic. Go to Zelda Dungeon for a more complete list.
  7. Guides: As in "Game Guides" Go to Zelda Dungeon for a more complete list. I'm only posting certain ones.
  8. Misc: Miscellaneous publications. The odd and extra publications, like Art books.


Can I help?

Probably! Here's a list of what I'm working on. In that you will find info on things I could use help with like:

  • Correct translations of titles and artist names
  • Translations of anything still in Japanese
  • Scans of material I do not have
  • Information, Images & Auction Watching
  • Link's to Products and Publication Creator's sites
  • Hunting down the highest resolution versions of any official and semi-official art that I am missing
  • Finding errors, typos, and broken links and pages on the site


What is the translation project?

Update 2021/12/16: I am not running a big translation project any more, if you would like to work on something just let me know via email so that I can make a public note of it so that no one is doing the same work at the same time.


The translation project was a big effort to get all the manga and doujinshi translated into every language.



Do you want scans of something?

Yes! If you have scans (or images) of something not found on this site, please email me. Or read more about it here.


I have seen a publication not on this site!

Let me know~! Even if it's just a link to an auction (screen cap it!) or another website, Even if you're not sure if I already have it, I would love to know about it! Email me.


I have more info on a publication found on this site!

Please, email me with it! I try very hard to keep a really detailed listing of publications -and I know I can't do it alone. I would love the help.


Do you have a zip/archive/pdf of the pages, or do I have to download them one by one?

2021/12/16: For now please check out my user page on for large files. Eventually I will add links to them on the site pages.


Unless otherwise noted, everything has a .zip containing all the pages. They are all named To access one for a particular volume, go to that publication's page reader and click on this icon near the top:


Where are the larger scans?

See above.

I usually wait about 10 years from the date of release before I post large scans. Sometimes I don't even do this. If it is still in print I will not post scans.


Unless the information section says they're in the main .zip folder, this icon at the bottom of the page means there are no large scans currently available.



This icon at the bottom of the page means that there ARE large scans available. Click it to begin a download. Do not download these frequently. There is a chance I will have to remove this option if too many people abuse it and it starts eating up the site's monthly bandwidth allowance.



Can I have a larger version of a page to make something?

I do take requests but it may take me a while to get it done. If you want a larger version of a specific page to make something simple like wallpaper, just email me a link to the smaller page file. I may then email you a larger version. Do not describe which page you want: send the actual link to the smaller page you want a larger version of so that I do not get confused and do the wrong thing.


Can I use this publication to make things like avatars and wallpapers?

Sure! Just give credit where credit is due when you can. I would certainly appreciate if you would link back to this site, (and I find people like to know where the source material originates from,) and giving the actual scanners and artists of the doujinshi credit would be even more appreciated.


I want to print out some pages to use at home, (for a real-life project,) may I?

As long as you're not selling or distributing them, if they're just for your private enjoyment (or a minor project among a smallish group of friends/classmates,) how would anyone know, and better yet: why would anyone really care?


Do not attempt to sell or re-distribute the work found on this site though. A lot of people visit it. You will be creating a headache for yourself if you think no one will notice.

Can I download (save) the pages to my computer?

It's why there are zips. I save everything I see. Most everyone on earth would be cool with you doing that.


You're taking sales away from the publishers!

That is literally the opposite of how I have used this site. All the manga on this site is out of print. Any manga still in print only has its sales info posted exactly because I WANT publishers to make money. I have even led multiple campaigns (like with the Himekawa manga and Hyrule Historia) to get that to happen. If they don't make money, they're not going to green light more manga- and we all loose. So, if you want to read something, and it's in print- buy it. All I'm doing is actually trying to help people find it. Now, if I have mistakenly posted something that is still being printed or reprinted, just let me know and I'll remove it.


As for doujinshi, I can't always tell when it's still in print, since it's fan made and self-published: So I wait 2 years from the published date before I will post it. The turnover rate in Japan seems fairly quick so this seemed like it might be a decent amount of time for a fan work to fall out of print. Read more below


Why do you post Doujinshi?

2021/12/16: I stopped posting doujinshi once it became way easier to find, and ship it, internationally directly from the artists.


A couple of reasons. Here are just a few:

So I can lure translators to it? If people can't see it, I don't know why would they'd want to bother.


We're all broke: It's very expensive to collect outside of Japan and it's often not freely accessible unless you can go to the doujinshi markets within Japan. It's rare to see something listed for under $20.00 on ebay. And with charges around $16.00+ for shipping still needing to be tacked on? You can imagine. If people want to collect for those prices, they still can and I don't want to take away from that... But that's just too much to pay for curiosity.


I, and a lot of other people, love it but: having to have to fight over one copy on ebay just to see what is inside became too ridiculous and just beyond expensive. If it didn't cost so much, was easy to access, and wasn't so elusive and rare, then I probably wouldn't be posting it. It's why I don't post web-comics.


The most I've personally paid for one doujinshi volume is $80. I've seen them selling for (not just be listed at) $120 each. Here's a recent example of how much someone is trying to get for something that should be maybe $15.00. Oh, and so you know: Someone bought the first volume of this that was also going for $99.00.



Why don't you post larger pages on the site? Why do we have to read the small pages?

  1. Ah... long answer: Ethical reasons. Read more here.
  2. It would eat up a ton of bandwidth and I wouldn't be able to afford the site any more.
  3. Because I like for people to be able actually see the pages on one screen so they can get the overall effect of the page. I hate it when people post only large pages that I have to scroll around just to read. If a book was bigger than your field of vision, it might be pretty hard to take in.


Can I have the un-watermarked pages?



Why do you watermark the pages?

  1. So people can find their way back to the source if they want more content. It's always been a pet peeve of mine to find something I like and then not be able to find out where it came from, more of it, or more info on it. Because of that I watermark almost everything.
  2. To make it slightly more difficult for other people to claim it's theirs and then accuse me of stealing (yes, that use to happen frequently.) We don't bother using huge ones, I don't want to ruin the pages. I know this means theft becomes impossible to prevent, but that's not the point. So, it can at least keep it from being super easy for others to claim.
  3. To give credit where credit is due. But really, it's because some people don't seem to realize that the people scanning may have spent a ton of money to get the item and a good deal of (very boring time) time to get it online, because I pay for hosting it, and because the people editing and translating spent a good part of their life making something enjoyable for you.


May I post the manga/doujinshi/comics on my site?

You may use the covers of the original volumes, and a few sample pages per volume, on your site without asking (but please link back to History of Hyrule.) Otherwise, I would appreciate it if you linked back to my site or files instead of posting the full volumes on your site or another site. I, and my friends, have spent a huge amount of money and time bringing this content to the web. The biggest reason, though, is that if I ever need to take a volume down, for whatever reason, I will have no control over what is posted on another site but I could get in trouble for it. Thank you for understanding and for not posting the full volumes on another site.


I saw another site with your content on it!

Email me with a link and I will check it out. I would appreciate that a lot! But, don't write anyone a nasty email yet. Some sites, mainly friends and contributor's, do have permission to host certain things. In fact, I do trades quite often.


Why is there a Japanese AND English version for Manga but not for Doujinshi?

I have ethical issues with posting fan works, such as doujinshi, without permission. Offering something other than the original isn't really any better- but it sorta, kinda, seems like it's at least not as bad.


However, most of the manga I post is out of print. People may remember it from their childhood and may have been searching for it for 20 some odd years. They may have never known about it until now. So, I want people to be able to enjoy it in every language and, since a corporation isn't making money on it any more, my hope is that they will not mind that it is available for fans all over the world to enjoy.


LGBT Friendly:

There was this odd trend in which people expect people who host doujinshi and fanart to have "warnings" on romantic themes that aren't hetero. That's not happening here and I suggest that if you are intolerant on such issues that you avoid the fanart, 4koma, doujinshi, comics, and web comics sections altogether. I will also ask that you refrain from leaving comments or sending emails that in anyway indicate you are intolerant of human rights.


Who sent in "---" doujinshi, it doesn't have credit for anyone, just the url ""

That would most likely just be me, Melora. (Unless I messed up and used the wrong tag.) I don't put my name on things that I've done for the site unless other people were involved and I want to keep the work credit clear.


Do you have any way of sorting by artistic style?

The best bet will be for you to use the "sort by artist" sections.


How the "Sort by Artist" works for comics and doujinshi:

  • I don't always know the best name to use for an artist at first. Sometimes it becomes clear that I should have used a name other than the one I picked. It's a lot of work to change though: Please use this list if you are trying to locate someone based on a specific name.
  • For the most part the comics/doujinshi are listed under an artist's name (which is in blue.)
  • If there's only one artist, and they have a circle name, I tried to use the artist's name.
  • If one artist has worked with another artist on just one doujinshi/comic, and no more, and I couldn't find a circle name: Then I was lazy and just picked one of the artist's name to list it under.
  • If there were a lot of artists, and not many doujinshi/comics, I might have listed it under the circle name (which is in green.)
  • Artists with no work obtained for the site are not listed on the main lists. Here's their list.
  • A yellow-tan paper background means we have the doujinshi/comic (even if it is not posted).
  • A blue-green paper background means that doujinshi is not obtained.
  • Many not obtained works were placed with an artist based on assumptions.
  • Non-Japanese artists web comics are in the comic's section in order to keep the doujinshi list manageable. Dojinka with work on the site have their web comics listed with their other works in the "sort by artist" section.



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