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This section is for information on the people behind the creation of fanwork. Every artist who sends work to this site will get a bio page and thread. This is so all of their information will be kept in one place, and not split between being posted on individual pieces. Having all the information consolidated into one thread makes keeping it updated easier, and it also provides an easier way for people to find all of an artist's work, links, galleries, and current contact information. It also allows fans to leave more genralized comments for the artists on their bio's, instead of on random pieces.


When you send your work in for the first time, please be sure to include your bio information. After the first time: all we should need is the name you are listed under.


A Quick list of Artist's Bio Directories:


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Bio Submission Info + First Time Submitting:

For new Artist Bio's, and to change existing information, please use the "form" below and email the info to the gallery staff at historyofhyrule.fanworks@gmail.com. You do not need to include all the information, but requesting frequent changes slows everything down, so please try to be as thorough as you would eventually like it to be. Anything you don't include will simply be left blank and we will assume you just didn't want that info posted. If you have any questions you can email, or ask on this thread.

Artist Bio Email Submission Form: Copy & Paste into an Email

  • Preferred Username:
  • Are you a member of the forum? (No/Yes: list the name)
  • Public Email:
  • Male/Female/Not Specified:
  • Birthday:
  • Country of Birth:
  • Language(s):
  • Webpage Title(s) and URL(s): (up to 10)
  • A Shot Biography:
  • May the staff gather your art on our own? (pick one)
    • 1. Yes: Just grab what ever you find on my art site whenever I update
    • 2. Yes: Any future work is fine, but there are currently exceptions (please let us know what not to grab.)
    • 3. No: Do not grab work from my gallery; I will be the one sending in what I want shown.


Further Explanations and Guidelines for the Above forms:

Are you, or are you going to be, a forum member?

If you have a forum account, please let us know. If it is a different name than the name you requested in your bio, for your fanworks, then we really need to be informed or we probably wont know it's you. We would also like to link your bio with your forum account, so others have a better chance of knowing who they are speaking with. This is simply so other members know if you're around to reply to comments/questions. Even if you're only going to stop by from time to time, maybe even only once every few months, even if you stop showing up~ it's okay to have it as "active." It's more like a "there's a chance you might be around" 'notice'.



1st, do you have a forum account? Include your username in the email. If not, tell us what name you would like us to use to represent your art. (It's really not a bad idea to sign up just to reserve your name.) Let us know the same name each time you contact us. This is the name we will keep track of you by and we will not be able change this easily later on; make sure it's what you want. If you can't get the user name you go by; tell us your username for the forum and your more common name/the name you want to use in your Bio. We can post both in the bio thread. Like this, or something: Woodland-Mel (Melora)


Your Public Email: or, keep it private?

We will try to add some small bot protection if you do want it posted publicly: BUT, tell us if you'd like it to be kept private anyway (so only the staff knows how to reach you.) If you don't want an email displayed on the forum; let us know how you would like other people to reach you so we can post that info. This could be a blog account, or through DA notes, or even a forum PM if you are a member. You don't have to list a form of contact, it's probably wise to give people someplace to reach you at.


Chat Clients?

It's not listed up there.

If you want strangers to have your chat addresses, it's best if you add them to your actual forum profile info. If you don't plan on registering but want them added to your artist bio; just include then with your other info them and we'll list them.


URL and Title of Your Personal Websites: Limit of 10.

These can be blogs, galleries, webpages you've made, etc.. (If it's adult, tell us that there's adult content so we can mark it as such without searching every page)


Permission and Usage Information:

I'm not asking for this, but you can certainly include it! I'm hoping it could be helpful for everyone- Would you like to include some basic information on your stance about people using your work? You could say, "Please contact the artist if you have questions about using their work" (this will be the default) or you could get more detailed, check out my bio page for another example.


A Short Biography

If you'd like, include a little paragraph about yourself- just something to give people an idea of who you are, why you like to draw, or *shrugs* what ever you think would suit you best.


Country of Birth:

Has to be real. If you don't want it to be included; leave it blank.

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