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  • History of Hyrule's Events, Projects, and Contests
  • Contests and Open Participation Events (including this sites)
  • Closed Group Events
  • Past Community Events
  • Gallery Shows Featuring Zelda Art

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This section will be added as soon as the holidays are over. For now you can find a list here, and please help me to add to it by leaving a comment.


This section will be for all of the Zelda fanwork events and projects happening off-site. Some of these may be contests that are open to others, projects being carried out by a closed group of individuals, gallery shows, or anything in between. Basically, it's stuff that seems cool to to keep your eyes on.


I'm doing this as a resource for all fans; so there is a hub for events & something that will help spread the word to others. This means I need, and would appreciate, your help in keeping it current! If you know of a fanwork event that is happening, please send me a tip! You can let me know on this forum thread, Facebook, DeviantART notes, or over email. Thank you!


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