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This is a placeholder for when we can start the features. It will be at some point after Christmas 2011.



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The feature's section attempts to highlight different fanartists, writers, and designers. The goal is to introduce a wider audience to work they may not have otherwise seen.


How it Works:

Roughly once a week a new artist will be featured. This could be an illustrator, a writer, or anyone who has fanwork on this site. We will also choose actual individual works to highlight. They could be anything found in the gallery: Pieces of art, fanfiction, wallpapers, avatars, movies, etc...


How Frequent Are Features?

I'll attempt to do one a week for the various kind of artists who have a bio on this site. This doesn't just mean traditional artist: it applies to anyone who makes "art;" such as writers and designers.


Every week I will also try to feature individual works of art from every section of the the gallery. Fanfictions (which are produced less frequently and often take more time to view than a piece of art) may only be featured at a rate of one per month. There is also a chance that I will not be able to update on a regular day, or even every week. Life, and keeping the rest of the site functioning, come first- but I will try my best to keep the features going at a regular pace. Highlighting fanwork is something I enjoy a great deal after all.


Past Features:

Browse the archive here.


Off-Site Features:

If you know of a work that is not on this site, but is so cool you think it needs to be featured, please use this thread to suggest it! You could also link to it on one of our social media sites. The links for those are here.

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