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The Illustration & Painting section is for art that's considered more of a drawing, illustration, or painting. It can be traditional or CG. It can also be for printmaking and collages. Sketches are fine, but please see below before submitting any.


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Basic Info & Submitting to this Section

For new submissions to this section, and to change existing information, please use the most appropriate "form" below and email the gallery staff at historyofhyrule.fanworks@gmail.com. You do not need to include all the information, but requesting frequent changes slows everything down, so please try to be as thorough as you would eventually like it to be. Anything you don't include will simply be left blank and we will assume you just didn't want that info posted. If you are submitting more than one piece in your email; use a form for each piece so it is clear which info goes with what. If you have any questions, you can email us or ask on this thread.


Additional Submission Info:

  • You should try to clean-up & crop up your work as best as you can.
  • Studies of Official Art: Eyeballed, hand-drawn, copies can be okay- but just a few per artist per year are acceptable and will go in a scrap thread.
  • Traces, paint-overs, colored-in line work: Not usually accepted.
  • Exceptions for Screenshots: You can trace screenshots, like as reference for poses, or use screens for backgrounds: but tell us if that's the case. We'll let you know if we think there's some issue.
  • Zelda Original Character art is fine! It should be somewhat obviously Zelda themed though.


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"Finished" Illustration and Painting Email Submission Form: Copy & Paste

  • "It's Finished"
  • Username:
  • File Name:
  • Title:
  • Date Finished:
  • Materials Used:
  • Time Taken to Complete:
  • Critiques Welcome: Yes/No
  • Sources to Credit:
  • Description/Comments:
  • File Names for Alt Versions/Related sketches to attach in same thread



* "Finished" is for work you spent time on, like well enough, and would consider as finished as you're going to get it. This means sketchy pieces and oekaki's you are proud of are welcome and can have their own thread BUT consider that they may be better off in a grouped thread: See the form below.


* In case you are confused: for "File Names for Alt Versions/Related sketches to attach in same thread" You do not need to send another form in for these files. Just add the link(s) to the alt file(s) in this line, or the actual filename of the attached file(s).


* In "Finished" threads, we don't usually post additional information for any related sketches/alt version below them, like we do with the main piece. So, if you'd like that additional information for them; You can simply add that extra info to the main description or you can add text directly to the additional image.


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"Sketch Dump Thread" Email Submission Form: Copy & Paste

  • "It's a Sketch/Scrap"
  • Username:
  • File Name:
  • Title:
  • Date Finished:
  • Materials Used:
  • Brief Description/Comments/Source to Credit



* This is for pieces that you don't mind being grouped in one thread with your other works. They can be sketches, oekaki's, official art copies, works you're not going to finish, really old pieces, etc... Example. Make sure these pieces are at least cleaned up and cropped. Make sure you're not sending us a billion sketches too- if you have a ton of little doodles, you can always use photoshop and group them together on one image. This often appeals more to commenters. Approximately 10 files are posted in each thread.


* Sketches done for a finished piece should go with that piece, not in a sketch dump thread. See the above form for answers.


*Keep comments for sketches brief.


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Explaining the above Forms Further:

  • Attach the image file! An attachment is best. Give us a direct link only if there's not a chance "your" site is going to be down. & Do use a direct link so you don't make us search your gallery.
  • It's Finished/It's a Sketch/Scrap Do include this; so we know it is in the category you want it in
  • Your Username Which could be your real name: Just always include your name in your email & make sure it's always the same one you use with us. It's how we know you are you!
  • A description of the piece: Artist's Comments. Write it exactly how you would like it posted; we're just going to copy and paste it.
  • Materials used to create it: Pencil? Pen? Oil Paint? Photoshop? Wacom? feel free to be detailed.
  • Time Taken to Complete: A guess is more than fine of course
  • The date you finished it: An approximate date is fine of course & even if it's just the year
  • Credit Sources: If there is another source that needs credit displayed, you must let us know and give us the url.
  • File Names for Alt Versions/Related sketches to attach in same thread: We will post up to 5 process images and/or related sketches and/or alt versions with the finished work; but you must be VERY clear which of the attached images belong with which of the finished pieces. Do this by adding their file names to the same form form. Please group ALT versions together with their counterparts; because they shouldn't need need to be in two threads. Example 1: multiple process shots combined into 3 images. Example 2: an Alt Version and a Sketch. Example 3: an Alt Version only.


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