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Music & Modern Media is the catch-all section for music and more recent forms of art. These include 3D renderings, videos, animation, computer fonts, web design, custom sprites, fan-games, etc. This section is not for wallpapers and avatars, or traditional looking computer paintings, collages, and printmaking styes. Those belong with Illustrations and Paintings.


A quick list of relevant links:


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Basic Info & Submitting to this Section:

Because this section is covers such a broad spectrum; there's not going to be a set form for anything other than the basics. Please include any extra information you find relevant to what you are submitting. More is better than less. Below is a basic form and some extra guidelines follow. Use this and email the info to the gallery staff at historyofhyrule.fanworks@gmail.com. You do not need to include all the information, but requesting frequent changes slows everything down, so please try to be as thorough as you would eventually like it to be. Anything you don't include will simply be left blank and we will assume you just didn't want that info posted. If you are submitting more than one piece/group in your email; use a form for each piece/group so it is clear which info goes with what. If you have any questions, you can email us or ask on this thread.


Additional Submission Info:

  • Link's for videos, music, & flash content are preferred. Please do not send them in zips. For the most part, I will not, and can not, host those kinds of files on the site. If the content moves to another location: please update us.


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Music & Modern Media Basic Email Submission Form Suggestions Copy & Paste (and add any additional info you would find relevant.)

  • Username:
  • File Name:
  • Title:
  • Date Finished:
  • Materials or Programs Used:
  • Time Taken to Complete:
  • Critiques Welcome: Yes/No
  • Sources to Credit:
  • Description/Comments:
  • File names for related media to attach in same thread:


Guidelines & Additional information to Consider Including:

Just some food for thought.


Website Design:

  • Finished sites only
  • A full screenshot of the website (and each theme if you want)
  • A link to the live site
  • Screens and descriptions of any aspects you want to highlight
  • If you change the layout, we would like to post it in the same thread as the old version. Please find, and give us, the link to the thread with the old version so there is no confusion.



If anyone else helped you, please include the name they like to go by on the web and a link to one of their main sites. If the collab is for something you would consider a larger project, please submit it to the project section as well (or instead. Just use your best judgement.)



Please let us know which OS you have made them for.

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