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If you would like to see a fan event, project, or community listed on this site, please read the below information before you email the fanwork staff.


What is a Project or Community?

A project is usually something that is on-going and has a few people are working on but may not be open to others outside of their circle. Such as fangames, fanmovies, or circles of comic artists. On rare occasions it is an ongoing and ambitious project executed by one fan.


A community is for groups of individuals that share the same interest: such as actual groups found on DeviantART or communities on Live Journal.


If you're not sure what qualifies, just ask in this thread. and the staff, or a knowledgeable member, should get back to you right away. You can also request a link to your group be added in this thread.


What is an Event?

An event is usually something open to the public for participation and/or has a set end date and start date. For example: It could be a contest or fund-raising event.


For a quick list of projects and communities, try these sections:

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Project & Community Submission Info:


For new Project/Group/Community Bio's, or to change existing information, please include the info below and email it to the gallery staff at historyofhyrule.fanworks@gmail.com.


You do not need to include all the information below, but requesting frequent changes slows everything down: so please try to be as thorough as you would eventually like it to be. Anything you don't include will simply be left blank and we will assume you just didn't want that info posted. You can also include any additional information you think would be relevant.


We will need to know:

  • Which is it: Project/Group/Community
  • Are you an "official" representative of "it"? (Yes/No)
  • If "Yes:" What is the screen name you prefer us to list you under?
  • Its official name
  • The main url for it
  • Any supplementary URL's for it? (Such as a facebook fan page, a forum, a DA group, a Twitter account. Up to 10)
  • A brief description of it. (Write it out exactly how you would like the public to see it. We're just copy and pasting the info; we shouldn't have to try to do a better job describing your project than you.)
  • Would you like us to post contact info, link to a contact page, or quote an "about" page? (Provide us with what you want us to use)
  • Is it a mostly closed to the public or is it mostly open to the public? (closed/open)

You can supply us with promotional pictures to use. (Under 800x800 is best; exceptions can be made)


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Event Submission Info:

If you know about an upcoming event, or are hosting one yourself, please let us know. You can either email us at historyofhyrule.fanworks@gmail.com or post about it on this forum thread.


We would need to know:

Please be as thorough as possible. It will help us a great deal by saving a lot of time and help the event be listed with less of a delay.

  • Your name/The name of the host
  • The type of event (gallery show, charity event, art project with a set end date, etc...)
  • The event's name/title
  • The main url for information on it
  • Any supplementary links for it
  • The most effective information and summery that could be posted for it. (500 words or less.)
  • Start Date (Month, Day, Year)
  • End Date (Month, Day Year)
  • Is it open to the public? (Yes/No)

You can supply us with promotional pictures to use. (Under 800x800 is best; exceptions can be made)


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