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My name is Melora. You can find my contact information here.


About the Publication's Content and Children:

If you are a parent, child, or young adult that is worried about what kind of content you will find online... may I simply suggest that you avoid the 4koma, doujinshi, comics, and webcomics section all together. Many of the works feature strong themes. The manga section will probably be fine seeing as most of the official manga was made for children at, or around, the age of a typical 5th grader. While I will try my best to indicate which publications feature certain types of content, I often don't know or realize if I've missed marking something.


This site is not truly meant for children under the age of 13. I don't know what you are going to consider appropriate for children around that age so, while I will try my best, I'm not going to delude myself into believing that I can please everyone.


Adult Content?

There will be a separate site for mature, or pornographic, material featuring the adult characters. I will post a link to that site when I get a chance to work on it. It will most likely be on Live Journal, and anything that is NSFW will have its basic content described and be placed under a cut.


Sending me Adult Content:

You can email me adult content so I can post it there in the future. If you'd like to ask me if I'm interested in posting it first, or if you're not sure what counts as "mature," just ask. Material with mature themes doesn't "bother" me.


Do not send me anything that shows young characters in sexual situations though. I'm all for artistic freedom but I have zero tolerance on that issue. The characters must appear to be adults. Anything you send needs to be, MUST be, legal in the United States.


Fanwork and Adult Content:

For this site: Implied nakedness is fine but I can't accept work that shows genitalia. This means no female nipples and no crotches or bare butts.


No sex scenes or naked seeming genitals touching (or implying booty or crotch touching.) Writing can imply sex, but no graphic descriptions.


Once I get the "mature' site open, I can post this kind of stuff there.


Kissing on the lips, of any type, is fine. Touching over clothing is fine, as long as you don't mind me potentially placing it behind a NSFW cut. Basically, I need this site to be fine for people to view in places like work and school (even Jr. High/Middle School) so I tend to try to be overly cautious as a courtesy.


My Personal Feelings on Artistic Censorship:

This is a preemptive statement only, because people always wanted to try to argue with me about the site content & why it's this way; I, literally, have no problem with nudity even though I'm personally very modest. I frequently take figure drawing classes which means I'm drawing naked people, of all types, all the time. Unfortunately: my beliefs can't necessarily transfer to my site because I have to follow my hosts Terms of Service and risking a problem with them isn't worth it to me. I did not make this site to challenge any system. But, yes, I do think the USA has weird standards when we can show people graphically murdering each other but a bare boobie is "too much." Please do not bother writing me to talk about, or 'debate,' these issues.



It means Not Safe For Work. It also implies Not Safe For School. This would be attached to content that I would guess, in most cases, could get someone in trouble for view in a public place. I will be trying to err on the side of caution. Do not take it personally if any of your work is tagged with this.


You found something NSFW?

Help me! I need it. If you find something that you feel is NSFW that was un-marked, please let me know. Email me a link to the page. For the most part, this would be anything that is over a PG-13 rating.


This site is LGBT friendly:

Do not ask me to tag work as NSFW simply because it shows same-gender relationships. We need to move out of those backwards times. If you feel otherwise, you're completely free to not visit this site.


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