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Try Making One:

Want to have some fun? Like to draw landscapes, or want to challenge yourself to try one? Sweet!


See, back in 2004 I planned on doing all of the layouts myself but, since my arms suffered nerve damage and I can't draw as much, I thought of something even better: having different artists in the community create the different looks.


What do you need to know? It must be a landscape inspired by any one of the realms found in the Zelda-verse. You will need to do both the night and day versions. It has to be hand-drawn. You can't use other people's art, screenshots, etc. It should not have figures as main subjects. If figures/characters are included- they should be small or nondescript.


Here's the size template: You must follow these sizes exactly for it to work. You can work at a larger size, but you must scale it down to this. There are some directions on the image as well.



You can paint-in the center of the image that is covered by the inner-frame: but it does not need to be as finished as the sides that are always showing.


I can only use images that are high quality. Even if you make one, it's no guarantee that I will use it since I can only use images I want representing the site.


Layouts & Ones I'd like to Eventually Have:

  • Seasons:
  • Holidays:
    • New Years
    • Valentine's Day
    • History if Hyrule's Birthday (May 22)
    • Halloween-ish (Dark World from LttP)
    • Winter Theme
  • Game Anniversaries:
    • LoZ Birthday
    • AoL Birthday
    • LttP Birthday
    • LA Birthday
    • OoT Birthday
    • MM Birthday
    • Oracles Birthday
    • WW Birthday
    • FS Birthday
    • MC Birthday
    • TP Birthday
    • PH Birthday
    • ST Birthday
    • SS Birthday


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