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The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo. This site is only a fan tribute and I am in no way associated with them.


I am still adding to this list. Some content has the credit next to it. Some of the content I used was old, or may not have been properly sourced. I do my best to give credit where credit is due and try to use only what I thought was okay: If I've made a mistake or have something wrong, please contact me so I can make it right.


TML: He built a lot of the code: The deep bones of it. The site switching from day to night and season to season is thanks to him as well. Those things intemidated me so I'm really thankful that he helps me so much when I need the help.


Melora: I designed the concept for the layout back in 2003 or 2004. I do a lot of the coding; like for the inner frames and I put the images together and crap. I made the page readers in the publication's section. I also have done a ton of scanning so I could be the actual source of much of the image content on my site.


Fonts: The majority came from DAFont. A few might have come standard with windows. The "Triforce" font I use all over the place was made by  DarkAngelX.


Image Textures: Most of them came from CG Textures I made a lot of repeating textures from the photos found there.


Images and publications: I try to credit contributors next to what they contributed. As You will find a list of contributpr's names here.



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