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The Japanese Language Version!

Title: The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy

Artist or Circle: Kobayashi Susumu

Publisher & ISBN Info: One Pack Comics (No ISBN)

First Published Date: ???? (Japan Only)

Approx Length: 186 pages

Posted on this Site: Relaunch Date.

Scanned by: Melora

I would love to see this translated! Would you be interested?


Important Notes:

This is almost completely amazing, except for the fact that Link's a little lame (like the cartoon, and once again, Zelda isn't.) It's what the manga is though- it's a game guide, not just a manga. It maps out all dungeons, bad guys, and items! How sweet is that?!

International Release Info:

As far as I know this volume was not released outside of Japan and is no longer in print. Look for copies on auction sites.


Japan: ONLY

Paperback: 186 pages

Publisher: Wanpakku Comics

Original Edition Published: ????

ISBN: (None)


If you have info on any other international releases, please let me know so I can add them to this list.

If any of the info on this page is incorrect, please let me know.

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