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The Japanese Language Version!

Title: Vol. 4. The Oath of Lilto, ゼルダの伝説: リルトの誓い, Zeruda no Densetsu: Riruto no Chikai

Artist or Circle: Junya Furusawa & Jin Munesue

Publisher & ISBN Info: Shounen oh Comics ISBN4-334-80379-2

First Published Date: 1997/6/5 Japan Only

Approx Length: 188 pages

Posted on this Site: Relaunch Date.

Scanned by: Melora

I'm not really interested in seeing this translated.


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Important Notes:

I want to thank at Sun Braid who originally posted the name of this manga, and a description of it, at I had copies but I was lazier, and not quite as bright as her, so I just figured I wouldn't be able to get the information on my own like she did. (So, thank you! For multiple reasons) I really appreciate that she did this.

International Release Info:

As far as I know this volume was not released outside of Japan and is no longer in print. Look for copies on auction sites.


Japan Only!


If you have info on any other international releases, please let me know so I can add them to this list.

If any of the info on this page is incorrect, please let me know.

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