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The Japanese Language Version with 2 English Translation Versions

Title: Nintendo Dream Magazine Feb 2005 Bonus Material

Artist or Circle: Nintendo and Akira Himekawa

Publisher & ISBN Info: Shogakukan 4910047140255 & 0552

First Published Date: 2005/02/01 + 2005/04/17

Approx Length: 376 pages

Posted on this site: Relaunch; but on my other sites first.

Translation Posted on: Relaunch Date.

This has been translated byAdella's friend as well as CrazyFreak and Soleil.


Large Scans!

Check out .zip below or click on any individual page for its larger counterpart.

Translation Information:

CrazyFreak and Soleil translated the interview from a French version into English.


Adella's friend translated it from Japanese into English for the site a few years ago.

The Manga:

To obtain the manga found in this publication, please go here:


Triforce of the Gods / A Link to the Past

This issue came with a plastic "pocket" folder that had art on each side. As well as a fold-out posted. You will find both in the pages. Here's a cleaned up png of one of the pieces.


If any of the info on this page is incorrect, please let me know.

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