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Who runs this site:

Me, Melora. History of Hyrule was my idea back in 2002. Think of it as an extension of myself: My ideas and what I love. A ton of other people help me but we don't really function as a "staff." It's more like one giant art collab. Here is a list of contributors, here is a list of things I could use help with if you want to join in on the party.


The forum is an exception, Louisa and Ren run the forum.


Manga, Doujinshi, Comics, and Other Publications:

If you have a question about anything found in the publication's section, please check the publication's FAQ.


I can't direct link to pages!

You can, but: To copy the link to a page, (if you want to send someone the correct link to a specific page) you MUST right-click to open that exact link in a new window. This is because, the way the site's script works normally, the urls in the address bar don't change when you visit new pages. It's why, when you refresh a page, you'll often be taken back to the first link you visited from.


I need help with "---" game:

That's not really how my brain is geared or what this site is about. In each game section I will post links to sites that focus more on gameplay help. You can also ask for help on the forums, just be sure to use the thread designated for it:

  1. Game Help Thread: Legend of Zelda (original game only)
  2. Game Help Thread: The Adventure of Link
  3. Game Help Thread: A Link to the Past
  4. Game Help Thread: Link's Awakening
  5. Game Help Thread: Ocarina of Time
  6. Game Help Thread: Majora's Mask
  7. Game Help Thread: Oracle Series
  8. Game Help Thread: Wind Waker
  9. Game Help Thread: Four Swords
  10. Game Help Thread: The Minish Cap
  11. Game Help Thread: Twilight Princess
  12. Game Help Thread: Spirit Tracks
  13. GAme Help Thread: Skyward Sword
  14. Game Help Thread: Odd and Mics Games


Once the site is open: I'll be able to figure out what else to put here.


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