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The Japanese Language Version!
Title: Hyrule Historia
Artist or Circle:
Nintendo (Official)
Publisher & ISBN Info:
ISBN-13: 978-4092271593 by Shogakukan
First Published Date:
Approx Length:
274 pages
Posted on this site:
Samples posted on 2011/12/19
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Limited Edition Info: Here


Important Information:

Hyrule Historia is a book full of official information and concept art for the Legend of Zelda series. The book's editors are the creators for the series. It features a 32 page Skyward Sword "prequel" manga by Akira Himekawa.


Confirmed Localizations:



Go Here to Find it in English!



International Release Info:


Language: Japanese

Japanese Title: ハイラル・ヒストリア ゼルダの伝説 大全: 任天堂

Hardback: 274 pages

Publisher: Nintendo/Shogakukan

ISBN-10: 409227159X

ISBN-13: 978-4092271593

Product Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.2 x .7 inches

Price: 3,255 yen (roughlky $40.00)


If you have info on any other international releases, please let me know so I can add them to this list.


Purchasing the original from Japan:

You should still be able to order it from any import shop, such as Kinokuniya, by ISBN & Publisher. This would save you a great deal on shipping. Use the info is listed above when you contact them.



Other Information:

Buying used copies does not support the publisher. Poor sales for all comic publishers are why we never got a Twilight Princess manga after all, so it's our duty as fans to support the items we love with our cash! :D


If any of the info on this page is incorrect, please let me know.

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