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The first anual calendar, done in 2011 for 2012. The theme was "Festival with Music." Here's the Information Thread, the Inspiration Thread, & the Winners Thread.

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Artist: 89ravenclaw

Website: 89ravenclaw.deviantart.com

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Description: Festival of Friendship. The theme this year was festivals and music. At first I was going to paint something involving the Kokiri having a party in the village, with a lot of lanterns and whatnot, but I ended of painting this instead. It's not as much of a festival of my original idea, but more a celebration of friendship. Plus I don't think a festival necessarily has to have a large number of people to mean something. This idea also has a bigger emphasize on music than the previous idea. Here's hoping it still qualifies.

Artist: Aldair

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Summary: Link and his new friend Makar are making all the music with the Deku Tree and the others koroks
and with this festival the soul of all of the kokiris appear and everybody's having a blast 'till night time.

Artist: Aline Mendes

Website: alinemendes.deviantart.com

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Description: I made the evil guys because I know the people may forget about them over this contest.

And Yes Tingle is there because I wanted to keep the "fun mood" in this illustration just like in my other Zelda Comics. Tingle asked you for 400 rupees in Wind Waker and for me that's a lot! He is more hindrance than many enimies in the game. The note on the table says: The Hero of time is Dead.

Artist: Aquanut

Website: aquanut.deviantart.com

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Summary: Festival in the Woods. This festival celebrates the life of new Deku Trees. When island Koroks successfully raise their Deku Trees to fruit-bearing age, each Korok takes one seed from his tree and brings it back to the Forest Haven. These seeds are then released into the healing streams of the Forest Haven, in sacrificial tribute to the water that originally gave each tree life. The seeds float down the river and scatter into the Great Sea, and rousing music is played to commemorate the completion of the life cycle.

Artist: Arlowa

Website: arrawr.deviantart.com

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Description: I always loved Bongo Bongo, and the shadow temple freaked me out as a kid. Still, I always wondered what they used the giant drum for normally. Rock on, Shadow Temple!

Artist:  Aubchap

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Artist: AudGreen

Website: audgreen.deviantart.com

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Summary: The Flood. "Eat, Drink, and Be Merry ...For tomorrow, Hyrule will be destroyed. "

I had a thought about doing a depiction of the Kokiri celebrating their last night before Hyrule is flooded, and thought it would be interesting to tie it into the Koroks celebration in Wind Waker. They celebrate the Koroks leaving, spreading trees to the whole world in order to continue the survival of future generations, and so I thought: "What if that celebration was first celebrated when the Kokiri left for the mountain tops of Hyrule?"

Description: Farore enjoys watching the little Kokiri. :3

My linework is SO SLOPPY in this picture, and I'm frustrated by it.X(  I haven't worked in this large a scale in a while, and I'm ashamed to say it shows. Medium: Digital Pen and Color. Photoshop CS4. Est Time: 20 hours. EDIT: I've been featured on ZeldaUniverse.net! I feel so special. ^\\\^\ [link] EDIT EDIT: Wow, Daily Deviation?! Thanks so much guys! :3

Artist: AudGreen

Website: audgreen.deviantart.com

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Description: Harvest. So fall is upon us, and I'm very happy about it. :D So, a little bit of Zelda love for the fall everyone!

Despite this taking forever due to time problems, I'm really pleased with how it turned out. ^^

Artist: Axl16

Website: axl16.deviantart.com

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Artist: Bchan

Website: bchan.deviantart.com

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Description: Harvest Festival on Koholint. Holy ---- this is finally done. I thought I would never get done coloring this. It's supposed to be a "harvest festival" on Koholint Island (I know it's supposed to be a tropical island, just go with it) Marin serenades the animals from the Animal Village while they do their picking of fruit, mushrooms, etc. and so on in the forest - and this year Link is there to accompany her on the ocarina.

Artist:  Benjamin W.

Website: spire-iii.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Ikana Festival of the Dead." It's based on the idea of the dead rising once a year on the day of Link's triumph of the Stone Tower Temple to celebrate living, so it's akin with Dia de los Muertos, obviously.

Artist:  Blackash

Website: blackash.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Old Friends and New." A festival is a wonderful place to catch up with friends you haven't seen for awhile, and remember those who have departed.

Description: I'm always nervous to draw Zelda fanart, I feel like I can never do the games justice. This will more than likely be tweaked before the deadline, I just really needed to get it to a point where I was okay with it. I tried to add as many characters from Twilight Princess that my hand could take. I did have to add the flutist into the band, three characters wasn't cutting it for me. Wish me luck! Here are some of the characters upclose [link]

Artist: Blackdusk

Website: blackdusk.deviantart.com

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Summary: The Gerudo's Red Moon Festival, which is celebrated with many torches and little fires all over the Gerudo Desert. The red moon symbolises their hot-blooded, racy nature and recalls the spiritual energy that is also present in the Spirit Temple you can see on the horizon. The colour red has always been very important to the Gerudo race, as they are born with red hair, this colour bears a very profound nature to them, they associate it with vitality, passion, energy and of course, power.

Description: Nabooru's dancing in the foreground, wearing her party outfit, and Link seems to be invited aswell : D That string instrument played by the short-haired Gerudo doesn't really exist, I mean I never saw something like this I just liked the idea and invented it, I used to call it a scythe lute....(weird things are in my head) Also, this isn't a festival which occurs in OoT, I made it up for the contest. I really hope you like it, this took way too long!

Artist: Carlos S.

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Artist: Carson

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Summary: Link is signaling the coming of Autumn and many of Makar's friends are joining in on the seasonal change in a festive way. I thought wind would be important to show here. Dead leaves are flying in the wind.

Artist: Carson

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Summary: This is a moon festival at WindFall Island. I have always loved the island. Link is firing off some fireworks. The wind god is up above the moon with a horn signaling is arrival to the festival. (He probably won't stay very long though).

Artist: Chellyaria

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Artist: C H-F

Website: flickr.com/photos/horne-franklin

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Summary: Guru-Guru leads the Kakariko Village festival with an unexpected song of sunshine. One Carpenter manages to get a dance with the girl of his dreams (Malon), whilst the another perches himself under a tree having consumed a little too much ale. They are joined by three travellers in the form of goron and gerudo representatives Darunia and Nabooru and a carpet merchant from the Haunted Wasteland.

Artist: Christine K.

Website: bean93.deviantart.com

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Artist: Cla

Website: calefacto.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Forest Festival." Link is a special guest for the Deku dance ritual in Termina. Two musicians with flutes and two dancers move in unison around a carefully placed fire.

Description: This is picture shows a ritual deku dance consisting of two dancers and two musicians with flutes. Link is their special guest, although it wouldn't be possible in canon. :'D

Artist: DagronRat

Website: dagronrat.deviantart.com

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Description: So, following the contest's theme, I decided to go for a festival theme featuring the young Gerudo King Ganondorf, and an infant princess Zelda much traumatized by his fiery dragon-breath (prior to Ocarina of Time). Inspired in no small part by a fire-breather show I saw while on holiday this year, I set to with some drawing ink, pencil, and mostly watercolours to bring the scene to life. Touched up ever so slightly in PSE.

Artist: DaisukiChan

Website: daisukichan.deviantart.com

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Description: Thats my first Photoshop Picture and Digital collered picture ever. And I'm little proud of it ^^~

Artist: DefectiveFal

Website: defectivefal.deviantart.com

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Summary: Once every year - the day the world was been created - the inhabitants shall gather in the fields offering their songs and prayers to the goddesses. Every creature was bound to sing and play and show their gratitude for the life given to them.

Description: With this picture I am not only entering the TLoZ music festival contest but also starting to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series. I wanted to include all the races found in the series in here but in the end I didn't really managed to do so. There are no Koroks and I also skipped the twilight realm people from TP. The reason is simple and based on my interpretation of the races from the game. At least when it comes to the Koroks. They share a lot with the Kokiri why I think they are just a different form or interpretation of them in WW.
The Twilight people were originally Hylians so I counted them with them. x) When I first played WW I thought the Rito where what became of the Zora - but it doesn't make sense. Why would the Zora, a water tribe, develop into a bird tribe when the whole world is pretty much flooded? I think they became tolerant to salt water instead and live very deep in the sea where no-one really sees them. But they do definitely share physical characteristics which is why I took them as parallels in the picture. Another parallel I found in Kokiri and Minish. They both are originally nature bound people hardly noticed by the other races. This is also why I gave them bells - Bells are very hard to notice in a song even though they can be clearly heard.
Choosing the instruments for the different races was had sometimes, too. It was clear from the beginning that the Gorons will have congas and bongos and the Dekus these trumpet-like things. But for others I actually had to do some research to find a fitting one. For the Zora I went by instinct - I always understood water as a very soft element which is why I picked instruments that also produce very soft sounds. The Rito were the hardest. Their design reminded me of the Inca so I googled some instruments and found mainly drums and harps which I already used. Then I found this drum design and decided to include it in the pic: [link]
During my research I found a German page about interpreting classical music and symbolical meanings of different instruments in a song that reappear in different songs. And there I learned that the gong is symbol for raging waters or frost. So I found the instruments for the Anouki, too.

The meanest thing in this picture that was almost destroying the balance is that Gorons and Dekus take the ame place on one and the other side. The Gorons are comparably massive to all the other races especially the Dekus. I think I solved this problem rather well by giving the Dekus a more detailed wood texture. With the pattern they look much more heavy than before and act well enough as a counterweight. 

The lining is done with real ink (the first inked picture I think is presentable, woot) and the colouring consists mostly of various textures (check the copyrights). The vague composition of this picture was clearly in my head from the very beginning but the precise arrangement was much more complicated than I thought; I had to trace the sketch many times, changing the position of several characters a little until it fitted well enough and the picture looked balanced.

This picture took me about 40 hours, much more than it looks like or I expected. But I'm very content with the result I must say. ^^^ I hope you might enjoy it as well. Textures: [link] [link] Artwork belongs to me.

Artist: DG. Andrew

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Original Ratio

Artist: DG. Corena

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Original Ratio

Artist: DG. Lizzy

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Original Ratio

Artist:  Deity of Shadows

Website: deityofshadows.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Carnevale Temporis." The colorful, chaotic, claustrophobic, overwhelming, ominous, brooding, rich world of Majora's Mask-- celebrating its last carnival as the world threatens to collapse on itself with the looming moon.

Description: Finally! The colorful, chaotic, claustrophobic, overwhelming, ominous, brooding, rich world of Majora's Mask-- celebrating its last carnival as the world threatens to collapse on itself with the looming moon. Finally colored! I hope the coloring does this justice, and as always I very much appreciate comments and critiques! Full view for better detail. Lineart can be found here: [link] Coloring time: 14+ hours. I can sleep now. <_<; Artwork belongs to me.

Artist:   DragonoftheWestIroh

Website: dragonofthewestiroh.deviantart.com

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Description: "Dance of the Gerudo." I like this okay, but it didn't come out 100% the way I wanted it to. I'll probably go back and edit it when I have god awful amounts of free time. I do, however, like how the hair was turning out by the end, and the shadows done in the picture itself.  This is supposed to be a gerudo festival (though it took me quite long enough only to make these five, there were supposed to be more) a while before Ganondorf is king; in fact, I was almost considering it a coronation festival. I always imagined that, before he went dark and evil, Nabooru and he were friends. She's asking him to dance with her, and the three girls in the back are sister/close friends of Nabooru, giggling to themselves. This was supposed to be submitted to historyofhyrule.com but I'm not sure it got to her in time (and, now that I think of it, I didn't submit it through deviantArt in time, but through e-mail. I'm not sure it counts.) Anyway, the theme was music and this was one of my ideas. Maybe I'll draw the other when--again--I have god-awful amounts of free time.  So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Artist: Ebillan

Website: ebillan.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Lone Drummer." A lone Hylian drummer begins the celebrations at the solstice in Hyrule field.

Description: The woman is no one in particular, but the field is the Hyrule Field from Twilight Princess, sans Hyrule castle in the background- I just couldn't get it right.

Artist: Eeshar

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Original Ratio

Summary: The Sacred Realm Festival. This festival takes place in the sacred realm, Friend and foe are welcome, this is where they celebrate Good VS Evil with no battle only music!

Artist: Elexti

Website: elexti.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Festival of the Six Sages." Hyrule Castle Town seven years later, as it should have been.

Once time had been put right, a festival was established by the princess of Hyrule to honour the six sages protecting the Sacred Realm, so that they would never be forgotten as guardians of Hyrule. The people celebrated with music and dance, and carried different coloured lights to represent each of the sages of Forest, Fire, Water, Shadow, Spirit and Light.

Some people whispered of a seventh sage... however this was only a myth, along with the fabled Hero of Time, and many dismissed these tales as stories for children.

Those who knew better never forgot the sacrifices that were made, and cherished the second chance they had been given to live in a time of peace.

Description: I tried to fit in as many OoT references as I could, there are at least 17 characters from in-game squashed in XD See if you can spot them all! It's the first time I've done something with such an elaborate setting, lighting, or character composition, I was so immersed in this project I've been neglecting my exam revision (arrrrrrrrgh), and stayed up ridiculous hours of the night/morning working on this to get it done in time. Ocarina of Time was my first Zelda game, I was captivated as a kid and have been ever since. It was magic, so I'm happy to finally be able to pay tribute to the game. I hope I've done it some justice.

Artist: E.Miko

Website: wolfchild101.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Much Rejoicing." After the events of Twilight Princess, Castle Town came together for a merry festival of dancing and music with the Princess and Hero in celebration of the joining of Light and Shadow to vanquish Evil forever.

Description: or for a few generations, i guess.

I guess this one could be for Fall.  I kind of want to do one for Winter, but I don't think i could get a concept for that.  I did spend a lot of time on this. i know some proportions aren't exactly right....but I don't know why i didn't fix them...whatever. That Triforce thing on the floor is supposed to be a chalk drawing of the festival symbol of peace with the Light and Shadow worlds.  This piece was heavily inspired by Erutan's (~katethegreat19) Raindancer album. I listened to it whilst i sketched. lol, i meant to start this before summer...oops... AND Colin and Luda are kind of my favorite couple aside from zelink ♥

Artist: Essence of Belladonna

Website: essenceofbelladonna.deviantart.com

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Description: Aaaand this is what has been taking all of my drawing time for the past few months! I always loved the Oracle games - they were some of the first in the Zelda series I played and they felt so vibrant and cool. I hope I managed to get a bit of that into the picture. -EDIT- Oh oh! I almost forgot! Photo reference for Din's arm pose found here: [link]

Artist: FadingChild

Website: fadingchild.deviantart.com

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Description: Four days of coloring. I don't know how you tablet users can stand it. If you're bored, try finding all the treasures.

Artist: Feri

Website: feri-san.deviantart.com

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Description: We had to depict a ceremony of sorts, preferably with music and since I'm all hyped about Skyward Sword, I chose that game to draw. This image is based on the Flight demo from Skyward Sword :D Yaaay, done during livestream~ thanks for watching! Hope you like! ♥

Artist: Fieryfly

Website: fieryfly.deviantart.com

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Summary: The picture shows the Lokomos, Link and Zelda from Spirit Tracks. In the back we have the Spirit Tracks Mark and of course the Triforce. I wanted it to have a bit of the feeling of cathedral glass, all seperated pieces making figures. I can image it in a church in Hyrule (or maybe the Temple of Time) where people would look at and remember events that had happened before in their country.

Description: I have the feeling that I have done something completely different than the rest. Not sure if that is good... The other entries are so amazing.

Artist: GameSoulUS

Website: gamesoulus.deviantart.com

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Description: Even though I am not good at drawing people with instruments I still wanted to submit a drawing for the Zelda Calendar Contest (Huge Fan of Zelda games!) [link] My drawing has a Majora's Mask style where the town's people are preparing for a New Years festival, with Link as toon Link.

Artist: Ganea-Rebecca

Website: ganea-rebecca.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Winged Ceremony." For my picture I wanted to use the Ritos, as I really like them and I think they have so little fanart out there. I also found them to be for good use for this contest. As they're very related to the wind and all that jazz, I decided that the ceremony shown in this picture is supposed to be some kind of wind-ceremony. Valoo was supposed to be in the background, but I never managed to make him fit well with the picture. However, some adult Ritos are selected to dance while having their wings spread to honor the winds and the guardians of it. While the rest of the tribe watches and plays music, using flutes and drums mostly. But of course I put Medli and her harp into the picture too!

Description: The theme was a festival with music. I feel bad for not including so much music. I only included the harp, vocal song, drums and flutes. And well, I guess the dancer’s steps can count as some kind of song as they’re supposed to dance in a rhythm. You can see there’s only 3 official character in this picture: Medli, Komali and the Chieftain. Sadly no Quill, I’m sorry!  Also my character Koolin, [link] appears in this. He’s the boy to the left, next to the old lady and the flute-playing girl.  And you can notice that all the official one’s look has changed. Well the Chieftain has only gotten more white on his beard. While Medli and Komali are now adults. I’m not sure what this little event is supposed to be. Well my fisst idea was some celebration for Valoo. But I guess it’s still something similar. Maybe just a celebration for the wind? Or the ability to fly? Who knows? I honestly don’t have so much more to tell about this. Like, I’m pleased! And I hope you guys will enjoy it! And I also hope I’ll manage to win a place into that calendar! Wish me luck! And if you have any questions, just ask! Koolin and artwork © Me. Drawn by hand, coloured in PhotoShop Elements 7.0. PS. as always, sorry for the ---- shading and light =n='''

Artist: Ganondorfs-Girl

Website: ganondorfs-girl.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Coming Home Ceremony." Once in a year, she calls her dear ones home with song. Together, they celebrate the lives of those lights whom gave their life to bring back another...and watch as others are born from the waters of ordeals.

Description: This piece has really brought me out of my artist's block, so it's something I really had fun doing. Originally the idea was far different, but I couldn't stop thinking about the Great Fairy from Twilight Princess, so I used her instead. I think it turned out better though.

Artist: Gwendolyn12

Website: gwendolyn12.deviantart.com

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Description: A festival on the forest is about to happen, and Medli is playing the song to warn everyone that it's the time to start preparing everything!~ For the ones who talk to me more often, they'll know I've been working on this piece for months I think I started somewhere in the beginning of February, and guess what - I finished 15 minutes before the deadline! I am not particularly good with fanart (in fact, I suck, which is why I always do original works) but for a real ocarina I would do ANYTHING. ANYTHING.  Anyway, I need to say it was very awesome to work on this pic, despite of the ridiculously long time I took to finish it I had the chance to practice my watercolor skills a lot, and to piss off my History teacher for watercoloring on her class as well as amaze my schoolmates with my painting skills. I am quite proud of this piece, so I can say that without fear. If you are wondering about the other contest entry for today which I posted the WIP's of here, I had to choose between finishing this and that (as both had the deadline on the same day). And as I think the chance to get a ocarina is better than to get a PM, I chose to finish this one;_; I will finish that though. Just not for the contest... Anyway, that is enough text. I hope you'll like it! - Medli, Navi, etc: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (c) Nintendo. - Time spent: 40+ hours, around 3 months ._.;;- Tools: HB, 2B, 0.05 and 0.1 Mitsubishi Pigment Ink, Faber-Castell colorpencils, watercolors and watercolor pencils, Mitsubishi colorpencils, Gato preto acrylics, Copic markers + Photoshop CS2 and Sai for retouches+ Credit for theScattered Leaf Brush by ~AlbaStock~ Love you all!

Artist: Hadece

Website: hadece.deviantart.com

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Summary: "...Hyunh, hunh... Ahh, Darmi, where's my daddy? Where's my daddy? That song...That's the song daddy always plays for me before I go to sleep...I'll sing the next part."

Description: The Tatoo is the one from the Elegy of Emptyness Statue, The Official Arts one is quite useless and all screens I found are too small. Majoras Mask has the only two Gorons that acutally have a character besides "Stupid" ;9 End of Talk, I have to turn off the game before the moon crashes my head! Hope you like it!

Artist: Ideya-Freak

Website: ideya-freak.deviantart.com

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Summary: The Skull Kids of the forest celebrate the end of Winter and Coming of Spring by parading around the forest with the fairies guiding them as they play in celebration!

Description: Another easter egg for you all- look at the trees very closely.  First off, 
I'd like to dedicate this to Tawny. You don't know how much it means to me that you helped me through the entire picture and it means so much to me. This piece was a huge learning experience and it discouraged me a lot through the entire process- but you were always there to help me, give me honest critique, and motivate me to get it done. I am forever grateful to you for being there for me as a mentor and a friend.  I cannot honestly tell everyone how much trouble (the size ended up being wrong with me having no idea to change it (Mel, thank you for telling me how!)) this has put me through but I find it soooo worth it!   I chose to do Skullkids as they are my absolute favorite, and to agree with a good friend of mine- they don't get as much love as they should! To explain their little celebration here, I wrote a little story to go with it.

When I was figuring out the back story of the celebration I really wanted to portray a very child like, happy folk tale; something simple and a bit playful to go along with the Skull Kid's nature, and a back story as to maybe why they love to play their music, as well as their fear of adults. I like to think Skull kids are afraid of Stalfos and because adults are said to turn into them, maybe that's why they attack Link.  I wanted to incorporated all of this into the story and picture! I imagine this would be the last night of winter as well, and the first bits of grass are poking out from the snow (not sure how well it can be seen!) I also put a bit of variety into their designs- as I figured we never seen a 'girl' Skull Kid, so why not make some!  

There are also a couple of Easter Eggs in the picture, my favorite one being the fourth Skull kid! Which is actually Tawny as a Skull Kid.  There are three more Easter Eggs, but to give you a hint of what they are: 1- Look to the first Skull Kid. 2- And the second. 3- The moon! The Moon!

Artist: Ingie

Website: imw83.deviantart.com

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Description: The contest just officially ended, and I entered pretty much at the last minute.  For a while I wasn't sure I'd make the deadline at all. I went through a pretty major artist's block with this picture, and by the time I pulled myself out of it I'd nearly run out of time. So I stopped caring about perfecting it and just tried to finish a decent submission. Thus there are many errors throughout the image--errors I'm quite aware of. Maybe one day I'll work at it some more, get it closer to what I originally envisioned, but for now I just don't have the will power. I'm just happy I was able to participate.  It's not my best work, but I hope you can enjoy it for what it is. ^-^

Artist: ink38th

Website: ink38th.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Picori Fest"

Description: ...and perspective's skewed because... it just turned out that way...

Artist: Jade

Website: suzufan.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Hurdy Gurdy Parade"

Description: I'm a hippy therefore I use not so popular characters which is somewhat ironic for Zelda's mainstream XD I hope the nauseating saturated colours didn't burn your retinae

Artist: Jay Sharp

Website: apocalypse-child.deviantart.com

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Summary: Darunia leads the parade through Hyrule Castle Town celebrating The hero of time and the fall of King Dodongo.

Artist: Joe

Website: feelingless-pencil.deviantart.com

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Summary: "The Legendary Joy of Music"

Description: This image has a secret behind it o.O!! But when its time ill tell the secret, hahahaha not a big one, and mostly the people that know the disease that its upon me know. SO SHUT THE HELL UP!¡¡!#$RGEQWF hahaha other than that thanks for viewing it.

Artist: Jordan

Website: fellowshipofthedorks.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Bringing Home Bacon"

Description: IT'S DONE. AT LAST. OH GOSH. I have no idea where I got the idea for this. XD My little sister and I were goofing off as per usual, and somehow our conversation drifted off onto the topic of Ganon being a pig. "If he really isn't a man, but a pig... that makes him edible, right?" I stated. We stared at each other.  "I have to draw that." We then started referring to Ganon as "Ganon-pork" (partly stemming from the fact that we were listening to "One-Wing Angel" from Final Fantasy 7 and we could've sworn that's what the chorus was saying. XD) and I began coming up with concepts for the pic.  That was a while ago, though. I was never able to come up with a good concept until I heard about this contest about a month-and-a-half ago... at which point I immediately remembered the idea and realized it was fate. XD Anyway, I revised the idea of this pic soooooooo many times. I'm extremely tempted to explain it all but I won't bore you, heh. Let me just say that this isn't actually my usual style. I normally draw a little more manga-esque, but thought the concept of this picture fit more with a cartoony one (I'll upload some more of my pics pretty soon). Since the contest is for the purpose of creating a calendar, and each picture is meant to represent a month, I also thought about what time of year this pic would be best suited to. I eventually decided on fall and colored the picture with that kind of palette, after connecting the dots between "Ganon-Pork" and Thanksgiving, lol (or considering fall is just generally associated with harvesting crops and big meals around the world... I suppose except for the southern hemisphere. Bleh. I can't win. XD) P.S. There are two double entendres about this picture. Nothing racy in the least; just a couple things I thought I'd slip in for 1) fans of Zelda, and 2) fans of idioms. I wonder if people can find them...? XD (*is having too much fun with this*)

Artist: Juan

Website: nuv.deviantart.com

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Summary: "The Minish Festival"

Artist: Julia G

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Artist: Julieta

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Artist: Julieta

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Artist: Julieta

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Artist: Kaos

Website: monkeykaos.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Deku Autumn Festival"

Description: It's the Deku family (and monkey) from Majora's Mask celebrating the coming of autumn. I started my entry back in February, but couldn't think of a composition I liked for the longest time, so I kept starting and scrapping my entry. I finally forced myself to get it done and not half-ass it this past month. Considering how much I struggled with this, I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Lineart brushes from: [link]

Artist: Karnella

Website: karnella.deviantart.com

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Artist: K.S. Powers

Website: kspowers.blogspot.com

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Summary: Race Day At The Romani Animal Festival.  (Because critters love to have fun, too!)
"It's the big race day at the Romani Animal Festival! Every year, Link dons the Bremen Mask and leads the animal racers on a parade. The cows and cuccos cheer as the racers strut their stuff, prancing and leaping to Link's ocarina tune. Who will win this year?"

Artist: kati3kat

Website: kati3kat.deviantart.com

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Summary: Once every year, the children of the Kokiri Forest gather at the base of their beloved guardian, the Great Deku Tree. He grants them his blessing of safety for the year to come, and releases a seed that the Kokiri plant in the ground next to him. The Kokiri are encouraged to dance, play their instruments, and be merry, and the Deku Tree begins to prepare a new seed for the next year's festival.

Full Description: Once every year, in the early morning of the spring equinox, the children of the Kokiri Forest gather at the base of their beloved guardian, the Great Deku Tree. 
He grants them his blessing of safety for the year to come, and releases a seed that the Kokiri plant in the ground next to him. The seed lies dormant for the following year, and if it does not sprout in that time, it returns to the earth. It would only sprout if the Deku Tree died.
After the seed is planted, the two oldest Kokiri, a girl named Saria and a boy named Mido, play the Minuet of Forest together on their ocarinas. This song reminds the Kokiri of the inevitability of time's passing and the need to remember and cherish their days of happiness. The Minuet of Forest is a huge part of the Kokiri culture, and every child of the forest knows it in their heart. Finally the Kokiri are encouraged to dance, play their instruments, and be merry, and the Deku Tree begins to prepare a new seed for the next year's festival. This day is the highlight of every Kokiri's year. No creatures except for the Kokiri children are allowed in the forest on this day, and even monsters are repelled by the strong blessing of the Deku Tree. The actual proceedings of the festival are a mystery to all those outside the Kokiri.

Artist: Kilshin

Website: kilshin.deviantart.com

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Summary: Makar and a Picori mourn the passing of a dead hero, one who did Hyrule a great service.

Artist: Kinetic-Duet

Website: kinetic-duet.deviantart.com

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Summary: I liked The Wind Waker game, so that's why everyone's in boats on the water. The lanterns represent the Triforce of Power, Courage and Wisdom. And if you could hear the music, I guess they'd be playing Zelda's lullaby.

Description: Instruments: Flute, Violin, Clarinet. Made from plasticine. Original is 7.5" x 12" and resized to conform to a 8:5 ratio. And I timed myself this time, this took me about 11 hours of work to clay this thing. It's amazing how much difference a little daylight makes. I retook the picture and I'm happier with the results.

Artist: Know-Kname

Website: know-kname.deviantart.com

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Summary: The famous zora band Indigo Gos performing at the annual festival in Terminia.

Artist: Lightning the Fox

Website: lightningthefox.deviantart.com

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Description: SO TIRING D: But I had so much fun doing it ^^ This picture took me about 2 hours? yeah about that XD anyway hope you like it!!!! Oh and also the person reading is Fayore from Zelda 

Artist: Link-of-the-Twilight

Website: link-of-the-twilight.deviantart.com

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Description: The whole drawing took me about two weeks! I tried to put much characters in it, you can see some kokiris, Ruto, Nabooru, the mask salesman, the carpet merchant, Anju, Malon, Saria, some gerudos, frogs, Link, cuccos, Zelda, the bean seller, the deku tree sprout, Impa, Rauru, Guru-guru, a soldier, the scarecrow, Darunia (this was the first time I drew a goron), the biggoron and King zora. I know some characters are too big or too small ... and I know I cant draw backgrounds... but I think it looks fine. hope you enjoy!  

Artist: linksliltri4ce

Website: linksliltri4ce.deviantart.com

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Summary: To celebrate their fallen friend and conductor, The Five Froggish Tenors and the Don Gero's Frog Choir hold the annual Don Gero's Memorial Festival every summer and sing in his remembrance.

Artist: Llary

Website: baberscamille.deviantart.com

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Description: I sketched it out on paper, finished the main concept on the computer, and drew and colored it all with digital media. ... the idea i was going for was to put many beloved characters playing their respective instruments together.. So Medli plays with Sheik, and Link is cheating off of Saria XD ...the Goron WAS going to have a set of bongos, but the perspective worked better this way.... i know it doesn't look that good.. i'm actually really disappointed with it, but i DID spend countless hours on this..  Design ideas left out for brevity:  - Flags hanging above their heads : cut out because like EVERYONE drew those to show it was a festival. - Background that had Hyrule Castle and Lon Lon Ranch: Cut out mainly due to limited time, and doubt that i could pull off a warped-perspective on the buildings. as well as in-sufficient reference material as well as the fact that Lon Lon ranch isn't in ALL the games... 

Artist: Loweak

Website: loweak.deviantart.com

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Summary: Link loves to party with his friends ! He can play Panpipes without thinking about saving Zelda !!! Naughty boy...

Artist: Lucia

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Summary: Happy Gibdo Day. "Pamela and her father live in the ancient canyon of Ikana, where the uneasy dead wander. By chance, Pamela's father discovers an ancient melody of the dead, played by the lost Ikana Empire; upon hearing the catchy melody, the uneasy dead rise and dance...

To the Thriller!"

Artist:  Luis C.

Website: lwiis64.deviantart.com

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Summary: Ritual of Fire. The Goron tribe in a ritual celebrating the great fire. Their face paint represent two fire-breathing monsters enemies of the Goron tribe; the Dodongos and Volvagia.

Artist: Malu CLBS

Website: malu-clbs.deviantart.com

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Summary & Description: This drawing is based on the Day of the Dead celebrated in Mexico (which happens to be next Wednesday, talk about good timing :D ) The tradition consists of setting altars with food and drinks for the dead, who are said to return just this day to eat the essence of the food and drinks on their altars. They are guided here with the light of candles and the bright colors of orange and pink marigolds. Then the persons who put the altars eat the food after that day. The traditional food includes the sugar skulls, decorated with colored candy.

Please note that, though they are consecutive and related holidays, the Day of the Dead is not to be confused with Halloween. Yes, they are similar, but not the same.

Anyway, I altered it a bit so it involved music for the drawing. So here's the explanation: The people in Termina decorate the entrance to Ikana Valley with candles and marigolds, and perform a dance in a parade, playing the instruments for the dead so their souls can enjoy the music they used to play or dance to. I came up with this idea because there are a lot of dead characters and death references in Majora's Mask and the Day of the Dead is a holiday I like a lot. Not only because we remember the dear ones who have left our world, but also because the delicious food involved.

This is my very first time not drawing lineart! O.o I'm actually surprised as I thought it might have been a lot more difficult, but I think I pulled it off! Everything was done in Photoshop.

Artist: Mangapingvinen

Website: mangapingvinen.deviantart.com

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Summary: Link and the two scarecrows celebrating the Autumn Festival.

Description: Colored with Promarkers and edit with photoshop.

Artist: Marios-Tri4ce

Website: marios-tri4ce.deviantart.com

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Summary: The Indigo-Gos are having a concert in Clocktown with Lulu as the singer. I think this might be a good picture for December!

Artist: Martina

Website: martina-c.deviantart.com

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Artist: Melimsah

Website: melimsah.deviantart.com

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Description: .....I think it's done? I dunno, is it done? I'm gonna keep pecking at it up until April 29th (it's due April 30th - might as well get it in early). Any criticisms or thoughts, yguys?? (Also: FAQ - the Great Deku Tree? Totally singing Don't Stop Believing. xD In Ancient Hylian. So much win)

Artist: Methuselah-Alchemist

Website: methuselah-alchemist.deviantart.com

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Summary: Link happens to stop by Lon Lon Ranch during a celebration, and is invited to share in the festivities!

Description: It's Link and Malon from Ocarina of Time! They're having a little festival at the Ranch, with music by Link. Lon Lon is one of my favorite Zelda locations because of all the animals and stuff, so I drew it in Ocarina style, my favorite Zelda game, and was pretty influenced by the manga which I re read just before drawing this. XD Haaaaaah, wanna hear a funny story of my stupidity while doing this? Okay. So, I drew this for a CALENDER contest. Basic rule? It should be calender-oriented, drawn landscape-wise. Of course, duh, why should that have been mentioned? Pffft. Well, I got it all sketched out and was pretty happy with it, so I inked it, and then took a picture and sent it to my friend, who I always show my lineart to right after I finish it. I said, "Here's the lineart for my entry to that calender contest I told you abou- AHHHHH EFFFFFFFFFF!!!" DX I drew it portrait-wise. Omg, I was so furious at how stupid that was. lol I couldn't believe it. XD The original pretty much cut off at their ears. I had to add another piece of paper to the left and drew most of that on there, then scanned both pages in and connected them in Photoshop. I used proportions to figure out that it still wasn't long enough(yay, only thing in math that I ever use!) and added some more to both sides still to make it right. I am terrible at drawing with a mouse, so luckily it was mostly straight-lined stuff. XD Yeah, pardon my terrible proportions/perspective. And my fence. Oh dear, the fence. DX I'm also bad with fences and houses in general, so they weren't fun. lol  That's Ingo way in the back by a crate with drinks on it, and Talon's lying on a hay pile. (lol Even sleeps at parties.) A random dog who's coincidentally similar to TP's Wolf Link is chasing a cucco, while others do other cucco things. Another random Hylian girl is tossing one in the air for whatever reason. :3 Link is playing Saria's Ocarina while Malon dances, and Epona enjoys the music too. Kaepora Gaebora sits on the gate strung with lights, watching over everyone. Would you like to hear that again~? XD Colored in Photoshop. I don't even know how many hours it took, as I worked on it over quite a few days. At least 6.

Artist: Minikitty

Website: miniktty.deviantart.com

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Artist: Miss Gizmo

Website: missgizmo.deviantart.com

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Summary: I tried to imagine what the Majora's Mask Carnival would be at the end. That means masks, of course, and it was fun to imagine more "natural" masks for each species... I confess that I had great fun turning the Zoras into something more Venetians... This was something I had in mind for a long time.

Description: To be totally honest I'm a bit desappointed to end with a Clock Tower carnival because the Zelda universe is so big that I'm really sure that I could come with a more "original" idea... But lack of time on this one, I prefered to do something that to regret not entering... Because this contest was a really blast and a totally wonderful idea !!!  ♥ Majora's Mask will always be special for me. Special because it was different. I love Zelda games from the very first, I was thrilled by a Link to the past, Ocarina of time blew my mind and I'm still mad about Twilight Princess but... Majora's Mask was different. And this game arrived in a special time of my life, when I was feeling very bad. Its strange and creepy atmosphere was in a way melting with my own mood and in a way, it helped me to feel better when I finished it. So, this one will always have a special place for me. As I was playing, I was quite often wondering how would look this Carnival if the world wasn't about to collapse. What would look this Termina great feast with every folk of the game coming in the same town to celebrate.
It's a Carnival, so I tried to imagine some masks that would fit them, and for sure the happy saleman would be happy ^ ^ Gerudo already have this arabian inspiration, so it was quite natural to stay in the design, Zora are sooooooo beatiful.... I had a great fun to imagine them with delicate and elegant costumes, of white and luminescent parts... The venitian carnival inspiration came as an evidence. The Goron was fun !! I wanted something really simple so I ended with a simple fabric mask... I didn't realized that it would look like a WWE one until I colored it XD The Mojo was an hard one, thinking about the intrument that Link plays when he's mojo, I decided to had some golden touches on the costume, and dark petals around the eyes as the mask ^ ^ And I could'nt resist to add my favorite hero in the pic  ♥
The fox mask was my favorite since OoT so... It sounded logical ^ ^ I hope this one will please you.

Artist: Moonlights Blood

Website: moonlightsblood.deviantart.com

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Description: My god, this thing took FOREVER to finish! I'm quite pleased with the outcome though, I really put my heart into this one.

Artist: Mudora

Website: mudora.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Flute Boy Plays Again" The world had healed now - no more twisted winds, no more dead Kings. No more maidens waiting to be rescued from the darkness. The Triforce was his and the land was at peace...  even the Flute Boy played again. 

Artist: Muffin

Website: rock-bomber.deviantart.com

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Summary: "The Cyclone" Phantom Hourglass was my first Legend of Zelda game so I really wanted to make an entry for it. When I first started thinking about what I should do, I remembered how I loved all the goofy, golden frogs. So I decided to have Link and Linebeck sailing through the ocean and Link starts writing music on the Cyclone Slate, starting a festival! All the frogs and fairies come to watch (Even the King) and Linebeck reluctantly joins in as well.

Artist: Nico

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Summary: 'The Festival of the Masks'. The music is played by Skull Kid, and the "people" are the masks and not a part of the "show". Tael and Tatl are there too.

Artist:  Nicole

Website: bladegunsniper.deviantart.com

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Summary: Festival of Good Wind. "A festival held in Kakariko village to bless the fresh air and the lack of catastrophic eruptions from the Death Mountain. Who better to celebrate with than your Vuvuzela playing dragon Volvagia? Still thankful for being rescued from the Hyrule Market only a few days before. Maybe they will still be having this festival seven years from now? "

Description: Why a Vuvuzela? It was fun explaining this to friends and saying "Volvagaia and Vuvuzela" In the same sentence.

Artist:  Nicole

Website: bladegunsniper.deviantart.com

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Summary: Gannon V-H Day. This picture is of one of the many (I'm sure) evil celebrations that went on when Gannon finally took the realm. Surely Bango-Bango had the best festival to go to seeing as he could really get his guest to rock out. Unfortunately, Steven the mini Lizalfo could not make it into the picture. He is likely being bounced too high for anyone to see... Poor fella.

Artist: Nicondra

Website: nicondra.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Festival of the Good Winds" Once a year, the Rito tribe celebrates in honour of the winds that carry them into the future. The festival has been long forgotten, but was resurrected once Komali became the chieftain. It is a night of joy, when the best musicians compete in praising Cyclos and Zephos most beautifully. Although the feast is quite merry, the first dance is rather solemn in tone. The Sage of Earth, accompanied by the chieftain, plays a medley of Wind God's Aria and Earth God's Lyric. This ritual is held at the restored Wind Shrine and is meant to uphold the balance of the world. The two dancers symbolize the unity of Wisdom and Power. Courage is present as well: thousands of lampions bearing its emblem are sent into the sky in hope that they would reach the Hero of Winds, who is searching for New Hyrule...

Description: There are so many tiny details I had fun putting in. Medli and Komali symbolize Wisdom and Power, so they wear the appropriate colours and emblems found on the Nayru's and Din's Pearls, with the lampions having Farore's. As Komali's necklace has the Rito symbol reminiscent of Nayru's symbol, Medli's bracelet balances it. Her necklace is also the same one Nayru wears in Oracle of Ages. He wears a modified robe of the chieftain. The shrines to the gods have not only the melodies (Wind's Requiem and Ballad of Gales) inscripted on them, but also the names in Hylian, as seen ingame. I decided for the Sickle Moon Flags instead of the Rito Postman decoration because their description states they "celebrate the night sky." The sky itself has the 3 constellations (Orion, Cassiopeia and Big Dipper) of which Star Isles can be found on the Great Sea. Their placement is not exactly astronomically accurate, though.

Artist: Nilje

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Artist: Nintendraw

Website: nintendraw.deviantart.com

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Description: This represents April, particularly the "April Showers" rhyme. Here, the six sages and Malon gather around a rocky pond shore to watch the "royal procession" float by on an ocarina, serenaded by Link's song. I can't believe this pic took me a year to finish drawing and coloring. o.O

Artist: Niram

Website: nafady.deviantart.com

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Description: "La magia de los oraculos" oh well ... after this i hate Din grrr. Don't touch my LINK!

Artist:  Naa

Website: nna.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Festival of Time" Once a year the ocarina plays a special melody that is capable of showing reflections of time. The kokiri gather to celebrate and observe the song in the night hours. Zelda is in attendance and next to her are reflections of her child self and child Link. In the smoke is an image of Link's fate.

Artist:  NorngPinky

Website: norngpinky.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Never too Cold" This is the Goron village up at the snowy mountain in Majora's Mask!! They are enjoying the upbeat music and the drum beats amidst the cold, cold winter. It is never too cold when you are surrounded by the warmth of family and entertainment.

Description: I really couldn't resist drawing a baby Goron xDDD This fan art took me quite a while to finish - approximated 7-8 hours. Though, I really enjoyed working on this piece. Plus I think I have picked up some tips from working with PS and Sai.  I hope you like this fan art. Any feedback and comments are appreciated!


Artist:  NS

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Summary: A little peice of Link playing the Song of Storms to a group of Buzz Blobs, who seem to enjoy the rain, while Guru-Guru seems to remain in the background. :) A piece done with both true pencil paper, and some photoshop work.

Artist:  Osho-Zena

Website: osho-zena.deviantart.com

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Artist: Paro

Website: shadowknight336.deviantart.com

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Description: "Clock Town Festival" This. Took. FOREVER. I was seriously working on this thing for like, a month and a half on and off =.= Didn't help that I had just gotten Photoshop again and I went berserk with it. Anyways, tell em what you guys think and lemme know if ya catch anything I missed there was so many layers it got a lil confusing at the end so there's likely a lot of little runaway pixels in there x) Though I already know I didn't darken Anju and Kafei enough and the shadows are too light... : ( Done With: Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop. Time Taken: Lost track lol

Artist: Perishing Moon

Website: perishingmoon.deviantart.com

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Summary: Fairys' Blessing. I imagine Fairies having a music festival and it involving nature somehow, hence the magical looking border with the leaves. I like to think that they are sort of celebrating nature and the growing of the plants and such. The pattern on the leaves is supposed to be kind of like the Kokiri symbol, The crystal thingys on the leaves are just there to add to the magic feel. In the middle, is a Great Fairy hovering over a small pool of water while playing a wooden flute and having 3 golden bells on her dress. The gold coloring (on the bracelets, ribbons, and 3 bells) connect more to the Triforce and then some of the small fairies have the Spiritual Stone colors ! The mushrooms can also relate to the Minish Cap.

Artist: Pikarar

Website: pikarar.deviantart.com

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Artist: Pineapplelicious

Website: pineapplelicious.deviantart.com

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Summary: "The WindFish Festival" In Konolint Island, the villagers of Mabe and Animal village never travel to each other. But this festival is special since it is the only time of the year when the sister villages are brought together and they meet. There, the inhabitants of the Island all listen to Link and Marin sing the Ballad of the Wind Fish. After all, music brings everything together.

Description: Good god I can't tell you how complicated this thing was to color and it still looks messy! Gosh it's so hard to keep track of the characters...Alas I made SO many mistakes here too and I wish I could have added more buuuuut aw well I'm still happy how this turned out. One of my rare masterpieces. XD This is the extended version of [this piece] I had to add extra characters and artwork...what a pain! ><; I'm afraid it's obvious to see the mistakes of the extensions. [...] I know most of you are wondering "Piney you hate contests to death! why did you join??" well I always wanted to do a tribute piece to Links Awakenking, a Zelda game I think is underrated and a masterpiece :3 I thought the festival theme from the contest would help and inspire me. I always felt sad the villages never meet and thought this would really fit. And yeah I wanted to help out  get more entires ><; I tried to cram as much Links Awakening characters as I can (I couldn't fit the Owl there though...whoops) can you spot them all?  I don't think I'll win since there's SOO many better Zelda artists than me...But at least I have a kick ass picture in my gallery XDDD Enjoy ;3

Artist: Ponyprincess13

Website: ponyprincess13.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Ending the Silence of Winter" In Ordona province, winter has ended. All the villages will celebrate it their own way the coming of spring. Ordona village, the northern most village, holds a music festival. Putting bells on the doe's who will soon kid and wooden togs and chimes on the buck's, they dance in the field. The villagers wear bell belts and festive clothes and dance in the field with the goats. When the festivities die down a bit, they go to the main part of the village, where the men build a fire and the women bring out their simmering soups and cheese left from the stock of winter. Sitting around the fire, sipping their soup, they leave the frustrations of winter behind them, and look forward to the summer ahead.

Short Summary: As kidding season approaches, the families of Ordona Village gather to have a celebration of spring. Tying bells, wooden togs and flowers to their goats, the field is alive with sound, ending the silence of winter with the music of spring.

Description: Where to begin with this! Well, I really like how it turned out. This calandars theme was festival with music. I had some trouble thinking of what to do. Some of the pre-idea's were a harvest festival, Gerudo celebrating the return of their king, wolf link howling, or some monsters partying. I went with a village festival, and drew a goat buck, and decided he had to be in it. So, the brown things around his neck are wooden togs, when he moves they make a clogging noise, and that doesn't sound pretty, but it really does. The doe's in the background have bells around their neck's and flowers tied to the top of their horns. The buck has metal chimes tied to the top of his horns, with blue flowers on the side. Ilia is wearing blue gloves, and since it's a festival, I tweaked her clothes a bit, to give a more festive look. 

Artist: Pow

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Artist: Raijin-Pooch

Website: raijin-pooch.deviantart.com

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Description: "Castle Town Festival" This definitely has more characters in it than any other composition I've ever attempted. Quite challenging! I also used that whole "paint in black-and-white and overlay color" technique like my most recent deviations, but it was really hard to do since I've never used it on a composition this complex! (The only other times I've tried it out was on a simple environment and a portrait.) Kind of took a lot of liberties, with like everything, and there are a lot of weird design decisions on my part, but meh... I guess it's a learning experience!

Artist: Raul Cruz J.

Website: http://cosmo-nauta.tumblr.com/

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Summary: The theme is about the festival of spring, so the 2 gallants come to invite their respective love interest

Description: "Castle Town Festival" This definitely has more characters in it than any other composition I've ever attempted. Quite challenging! I also used that whole "paint in black-and-white and overlay color" technique like my most recent deviations, but it was really hard to do since I've never used it on a composition this complex! (The only other times I've tried it out was on a simple environment and a portrait.) Kind of took a lot of liberties, with like everything, and there are a lot of weird design decisions on my part, but meh... I guess it's a learning experience!

Artist: Rebecca T.

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Original Ratio


Artist: Rowena-White

Website: rowena-white.deviantart.com

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Description: As i absolutly love bellydance , i thought that it would be a good idea to use that as the festival theme. Bellydance and zorra's.....see those tails wave. Bellydance and gorons.....yuck. Bellydance and kokiri.....like some idiot on holland got talent once said: too young and too exciting..so kinda pedo... Bellydance and anouki...Would be hilarious. But no, Gerudo..perfect match. The gerudo know happy times too you know. photoshop CS. lost track of time. bamboo tablet.

Artist: Ryttu3k

Website: ryttu3k.deviantart.com

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Description: "Festival Rehearsal" OH GOD I practically broke my hand colouring this XD Unfortunately, I drew this before the clarification of it being FESTIVAL-focused, and so it's more music than anything else, but it still qualifies for the early participation prize. Yay. The idea here is a Sheikah festival - commemorating death and celebrating life. Post-Ocarina, Sheik (as one of the last remaining Sheikah) and Zelda (who was basically raised by Impa) decide to revive it, celebrating Hyrule's freedom from Ganondorf's rule. Why is Link there? Because I'm a sap, that's why. Who can name all the Zelda instruments featured in the image? \o/ This is my 300th image (well, aside from scraps) on deviantART!

Artist: Ryttu3k

Website: ryttu3k.deviantart.com

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Summary: Calling up the Shadows. This is a Twilight Princess-era Sheikah festival, a quiet sort of ceremony to remember and placate the dead. Impaz, the last of the Sheikah Elders, plucks a nostalgic tune on an ancient lyre, while her granddaughter Sheik lights the candles to keep the shadows from overwhelming them.

Artist: Ryttu3k

Website: ryttu3k.deviantart.com

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Summary: Fairy Night. On the first night of summer, the fairies of the forest descend upon the fields accompanied by their Kokiri wards, dancing in a celebration of life and joy and peace.

Artist: Sabrina

Website: chocolatevonbunny.deviantart.com

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Summary: Ahh, love, ain't it grand?

Artist: Saku-Zelda

Website: saku-zelda.deviantart.com

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Summary: i!! otro concurso xDDD Esta vez para un calendario que está muy padre n.n   El tema que empleé fue una combinación entre Día de muertos y el día de acción de gracias de USA porque quise hacer un festival Gerudo que fuese de agradecimiento a sus ancestros por la buena cosecha, con altares, flores y ofrendas.  Decenme suerte! gracias por los fav´s y comentarios, Ña!

Artist: Sanaiy

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Artist:  Sassers

Website: XxSassersxX.deviantArt.com

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Summary: At the annual TriFestival that celebrates the Triforce and the three goddesses, Din, Nayru, and Farore, a special someone is voted to play the traditional song, the Triorce Melody. This year, Link had been personally chosen by Princess Zelda.

Artist: S.C.

Website: mandarinswift.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Yeto & Yeta's Freshwinter Festival" Every year, after a grueling 7 days of summer, Yeto and Yeta hold a "big" celebration for the arrival of a new winter. I see them as being very craft-loving Yetis (not sure why) and so to celebrate, they start by making paper snowflake necklaces and Yeto carves himself a new wooden hat while Yeta makes a new blanket (...knitting with her toes, I guess?)  The celebration finale shown here is going outside, making a little campfire and singing songs while Yeto makes his "famous" Freshwinter Stew. This is followed by eating, telling stories and laughing together. This year they invited their new friend Link, seen squished between them in this scene, and even made him a special hat and tunic for the celebration.

Artist: SheikfreakIvan

Website: sheikfreakivan.deviantart.com

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Artist: Sid

Website: yami-shinen.deviantart.com

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Description: I am EXTREMELY proud of this! (considering I actually did a background) And I am SO EXCITED to play Skyward Sword ah man! Anyways the idea for this is that they are having a festival to honor the birds that they live with and ride on. Think of Native American dances where they dress up as animals such as eagles and do dances inspired by the animals movements. [link] I also noticed they had a trailer where there was a ceremony mentioned right after Link had to enter a race with his bird to get the golden statue. (and I forgot to put in the golden statue... I will fix that)

Artist: Skuldier

Website: skuldier.deviantart.com

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Summary: Festival of the Dead. "One night each year, the souls of the departed can enter the world of the living to visit the friends and loved ones they left behind."

Description: Technically this has spoilers, but the games they're from are 13 and 11 years old, so I'm going to go ahead and say everyone knows. Also they're not big spoilers. From left to right: Goron Elder's Son, Sheik, Darmani, Mikau, Link, Lulu, Deku Scrub/Deku Butler's Son?, Deku Butler, Great Deku Tree. This was a ton of work. My estimated time is 30-40 hours. It's the most in depth drawing I've ever done, and I'm really proud of it, even if I don't win. Drawn and inked by hand, colored in Photoshop.  My only annoyance is that Mikau's pose is so similar to the official art. I didn't realize until I checked to reference his tattoo and guitar.  But really...how many ways are there to draw someone standing and playing a guitar?

Artist: Sophie G

Website: lazyperson202.deviantart.com

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Artist: Sophie G

Website: lazyperson202.deviantart.com

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Summary: This was originally a watercolour, but I later repainted it digitally! I thought Link at least deserved to go to the carnival of time, rather than being told: "The rest of us have a carnival to go to, so why don't you just go home" by Tatl. Yeah, Mikau died so he shouldn't really be in the picture, but in the credits they just put Zora Link there so.. xD (maybe he did join the carnival then?)

Artist: Spuddruckers

Website: spuddruckers.tumblr.com

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Artist: Stardust Fawkes

Website: stardustfawkes.deviantart.com

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Description: crappy background is crappy. You know you've spent too long in game art classes when grass starts turning out this flat. As a game background, this background would've actually looked good, but for some reason - even though I'm correctly trying to make it look 3-dimensional - it just seems so...not. The fail!fire doesn't help the situation any, either. I seriously think I'm just going to go hole up somewhere and paint fire until I learn to do it right. Or, I'll just end up with a lot of pre-made fire, and that works just fine, too.  At the risk of sounding bad, I'm actually kind of proud of the characters; guess those life drawing classes actually helped for a change. (which is odd, because any male model we had looked more girly than the girls, and yet I find the males came out better in this :/) I just kind feel like I cheated, though. I used masks for the first time, coupled with the hue/saturation and brightness/contrast adjusters to get the different gradients for the skin shading (which in all the magazine tutorials is a bad thing to do) instead of changing the colors as I put them on, like in all the other pics that I made in this style. That's probably the only reason I go this done in little over a month with so much in it, while a one person pic like Picanya took about three. The funniest part is, since I was learning this on the fly, you can almost see the exact order I made them in (bad > not so much): Colin > Rusl > Uli > Hanch > Sera > Beth > Fado > Pergie > Malo > Jaggle > Bo > Ilia > Link > Talo (yes, I'm aware I'm a geek for knowing the names) Even though he's second to last, Link still looks the best (just ignore that third arm muscle that I'm pretty sure isn't suppose to be there....)  Enough blathering, this is for the calendar contest over at the History of Hyrule website. The theme was Festival with Music. Yeah, this doesn't really scream "festival," but you gotta figure that even small Ordon village would have some kind of party night thing during certain harvest times and such, and since it doesn't seem likely they'd all pack up and head for Castle Town for a festival, they'd just have their own. The closest thing I could think of for a festival for them, though, was more of a summer solstice kinda thing, and anything I looked up just had daisy chains and people dancing around bonfires (which is what Link and Talo are suppose to be doing...well, more like a weird march/parade thing around it, but whatever). And there are instruments in there, I swear. Rusl's got a (suppose to be) mandolin, Ilia's got a tambourine, Hanch a pan flute, Beth some bells, Jaggle a drum (thank you fail!fire for hiding that..) and Fado's clapping. I'm no expert on peasant ranchers, but I figured any instrument they'd have would either be handmade or only the people that traveled out (Rusl and Bo) would have more legit ones. And clapping. Whenever there's a makeshift band going, there's people clapping (not like applause, but to an actual kind of beat). Realistically, I should have had more people clapping (it's never just one person) like Bo or Uli, but I initially drew each group by themselves so I could work bigger, and this didn't occur to me until I scanned them in and placed them about. Funny. I said 'enough blathering' and yet I continue.... So! What everyone's doing (aside from be amused at Link/Talo's antics): Rusl, Jaggle, Hanch, Ilia, and Fado (technically) are playing music. Beth is too, really, but she's just shacking the sh*t out of the bells instead of trying to keep a beat, like kids are wont to do (well, I know *I* did in music class...). Pergie's dancing with the so-not-amused Malo (my sister does this with her kid, so I didn't think is was that far out there). Uli's just sitting there, being pregnant. Colin's trying to be inconspituous, and is actually in possession of one of those grass things Link plays to call Epona and the hawk, and is trying to play it. Sera's trying to finish the (not daisy) daisy chain on Beth, who's stood still long enough, and starting to take off after Link/Talo to follow in their march-thing. And, Bo's just standing there, pimpin' it. (it actually seemed like a more correct thing for him to do instead of clapping, standing off to the side, watching the people of his village enjoy themselves) I have to admit that my favorite part of the game (that's not Midna) was the homely feel of Ordon in the beginning (well, really, that initially kinda daily thing that's in all game beginnings), and Link's weird cool, unofficial, older brother standing with all the kids, so I figured since I was doing my first Zelda fanart, I really wanted that aspect in there.  :/ I think that's it... Okay, commence cheering, for the blathering is (actually) done.

Artist: SuzetteRGreinwich

Website: suzettergreinwich.deviantart.com

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Summary: "The Romp" When the moon reaches its fullest, the Children of the Forest dance through the woods, sometimes with a Skull Kid, sometimes without, always accompanied by a lively tune. But one thing is certain. Hylians should never wander into the Lost Woods. 

Description: After lotsa thinking and angsting over what I wanted to submit, I think this is it. Not very original, but whatev. This totally transformed from what I originally had planned. I wanted a sinister image of skull kid dancing in the moonlight with a lantern. It got away from me...  Idea: When the moon reaches its fullest, the Children of the Forest dance through the woods, sometimes with a Skull Kid, sometimes without, always accompanied by a lively tune. But one thing is certain. Hylians should never wander into the Lost Woods.  Kinda inspired by The Hobbit when Bilbo and Co. are lost in Mirkwood (?) ( been a while since I read it) and see elves dancing and then get even more lost.  Comment, please. Tell me what you think. ^^ PS: Sometimes there are faces in the trees. 

Artist: Tawny

Website: niraven.deviantart.com

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Summary: Twice upon a lunar year, when the shadows grow their longest, the Sheikah, guardians of the dead, light their lanterns and play their instruments, Beckoning to the lost souls and spirits wandering aimlessly throughout Hyrule, Offering them solace in eternal slumber, 'else be confined to the darkness they so desperately cling to.

Description: Twice a year in correlation with the seasons, the Sheikah hold the Shadow Soulstice: a festival in which they light poe lanterns and play instruments to draw the attention of the spirits wandering throughout Hyrule. They hold a procession throughout the land, playing the Song of Healing, offering the lost souls a chance at peace. The procession eventually leads back to their village of Kakariko, where any remaining evil spirits or those that refuse to rest are lured into the Bottom of the Well. While it might be considered a rather somber event, I imagine the Sheikah would take great joy in it (hence why the Sheikah woman and the green poe spirit are smiling at each other). A couple other things I want to mention about the artwork: the Well represents the pupil in the Eye of Truth symbol, perhaps to signify how the Sheikah perceive the world of the restless spirits around them. Restless or evil souls (colored blue as a little tribute to Twilight Princess) who cannot heal enter the well. You might wonder what happens to them down there, but think about it: there's a Green Bubble down in the bottom of the well. Ever wonder why the skull of a Bubble is flaming, or why in Zelda games they seem "possessed", can spring to life suddenly, and even curse you? ...Well, now you know! I think that sounds rather like a restless spirit, don't you? The lyre is also based off Sheik's lyre and the male Sheikah wears the symbol of the Sage of Shadow/Shadow Temple. The three Sheikah in the background wear the Mask of Truth. But that aside, I spent a lot of time on this artwork, so I hope it shows! I learned a lot from it. Enjoy!

Artist: Timmy B

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Artist: Tori V.

Website: oniyuri-chan.deviantart.com

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Summary: "This is the Festival of Hyrule, held in remembrance of the ancestral land of the Great Sea's denizens. Although the Hyrule of their past is forever lost, they remain hopeful they will find a new land to call home someday. Link, still using the King of Red Lions as his preferred mode of transport, hopes to fulfill his ally- and friend- King Daphnes' dying wish: that they should have a chance at a better life."

Description: This piece was very much inspired by the Disney movie Tangled (my favorite movie, I have watched it many times). I wanted to do something involving Wind Waker, and I definitely wanted to incorporate boats- you don't see a lot of people riding on boats in Wind Waker, and it feels odd because they all live on an ocean. This is the Festival of Hyrule, held in remembrance of their ancestral land. Although the Hyrule of their past is forever lost, they remain hopeful they will find a new land to call home someday. Link, still using the King of Red Lions as his preferred mode of transport, remembers his ally and friend King Daphnes' dying wish- that they should have a chance at a better life. Physics is not my strong point, so perhaps a paper lantern couldn't actually support wind chimes- they are magic. Heh.

Artist: TwilightSaphir

Website: twilightsaphir.deviantart.com

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Description: Omg I can't believe it is finally done! This is my entry for Melora's Legend of Zelda drawing contest. She wanted to make a calendar, so when I heard of this contest two months ago, I jumped in right away. Contests are always a great excuse to force you to draw and finish a piece (and I can't deny the prices are just crazy xD). I drew this over a month ago actually.. But color is such a weakness for me, it took me all that time to just decide over a palette =_= But limit is tomorrow so I just had to stop changing it over and over xD. So, the theme was about music and festival. After sketching on a lot of ideas, I chose a little scene in Kokiri Forest, with Saria playing the ocarina to Link, and some Kokiris dancing and playing music too in the background. I am not particularly shipping Link and Saria, but I thought it would be cute (and I like cute stuff). And Ocarina of Time being my favorite of the games, I wanted something from there. So, enjoy this lame attempt at trying to color a full scenery! I don't know which month it could fit in the calendar but wish me luck. Lined with blue Cole Erase, colored in Photoshop CS4

Artist: Uni

Website: goldprincess.deviantart.com

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Description: "Festival of the Goddesses" I just barely made this one. Found out about the competition only a couple months ago just as school was about to begin again, so at first I dismissed the idea from my mind knowing full-well I'd have no time.  Then I saw the prizes. I should get punched in the face for my silly fangirl idiocy, but damn...Melora knows how to provide INCENTIVE. So, I started thinking of ideas, and there are rough sketches in my sketchbook of all this things I wanted to do...I could've gone in so many directions. But when it came down to it, I had to chose something I could 1) do the lines for in class, and 2) color fairly quickly with minimal issues.  There wasn't much time for experimentation.  Literally started on the final product two days before the deadline - working on it rabidly in between work, school, and Air Force duties.  Holy hell, man...where there's a will, there's a way, y'know? Usually. And I cranked this out.  The idea revolves around how the Zelda universe holds music very sacred, and Farore, Din, and Nayru are celebrating its significance as the creators.  w00t?  ...I  Nayru.  I can't decide if I love her or Din more, hmmm... (btw, Din's design here was based off this piece I did in '06. Stats: lineart - sketch paper, mechanical pencil, micron pens; 2.5 hrs. coloring - photoshop 7; 10 hrs (approximate - including a night of no sleep ) wacom tablet. characters belong to Nintendo~

Artist: Viridian Rain

Website: viridianrain.deviantart.com

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Description: "Come with Me" In this picture, Link and Zelda are leaving Skyloft's fictitious Wind Festival to be... alone...  And here is the link to the short story I wrote to go along with the picture if you so desire to read: [link] All done in photoshop except Link and Zelda. Oh, if anyone has some tips about how to be faster at photoshop, I'd love to hear it; I'm like a snail :/ Thanks for looking! 

Artist: Wings33

Website: wings33.deviantart.com

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Summary: The Deku Festival. The Kokiri get together every year to celebrate their guardian, the Great Deku Tree. This is the first Deku Festival after Link's triumph over Ganondorf, honoring the new Great Deku Sprout. Saria, now Sage of Forest, has come to celebrate with her friends and lend her power to the growing Sprout.

Description: EH. I'm dead. And I will probably want to change everything in the morning. I threw around a couple of ideas, but ya'll know how much I love Saria, SO.

Artist: Wings33

Website: wings33.deviantart.com

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Summary: Festival of First Flight. When the royal heir of the Rito finally receives his or her wings, there is a celebration held in honor of the royal family's continuance and their connection to the Sky Spirit, Valoo. For Komali, this is especially significant as it marks a great turning point in his life. Valoo's attendant calls the dragon with a musical prayer, and he blesses the heir's first flight as a true Rito. Had she lived, this task would have fallen on Komali's grandmother, but now Medli lends her harp to the ceremony with a glad heart.

Description: And what's this? Another female Rito?? Well they had to be hiding around there somewhere. I'm pretty sure this is the one that plays the Dragon Roost theme music, which incidentally I love.

Artist: XimeS

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Artist: Yurima Cáceres Santa Cruz

Website: agente00minina.deviantart.com

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Summary: "Private solo concert", April 2011. Yurima Cáceres Santa Cruz. Paper/Pencils/Photoshop CS5. 16 x 23 cms. Zelda playing the harp for a few fairies in her garden.

Artist: ZanaOzie

Website: zanaozie.deviantart.com

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Summary: The Parade of Spirits is an annual event occurring in Hyrule. The Spirit Train travels all across the four lands, and everyone is invited to watch and join the festive environment. The Lokomos play the sacred instruments, filling the minds of people with hope, happiness and gratitude, while others dance, to express their joy. As the train travels, Force Gems powered by all the wonderful feelings are collected so the Spirit Tracks can remain strong and sometimes even grow, protecting the land from Evil.

Description: I picked Spirit Tracks because of the colourful nature of the game and the quantity of instruments included that, in my opinion, fit wonderfully in the theme for this contest. I included the main Canon characters as well as some secondary ones and a few Original Characters in the crowd (Two of those characters are actually me and Ganea-Rebecca xD ) I wanted to keep a look similar to the original one because of its' joyful and quite cartoonish design in order to keep intact the spirit of this game! This surely was a huge task, it's a pretty big picture with lots of details and characters, but I did my best! ^^ I hope you'll like it! ^^ Comments and Faves are appreciated!

Artist: Zelidnia

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Summary: "Festival of Flight"

Artist: Zettobi

Website: http://zettobi.deviantart.com/

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Summary: "Spring Festival" The Minish are celebrating the arrival of spring, and of course - Link has to be there to celebrate with them.

Description: It's also a farewell present for one of my best friends who will be moving to another school soon. Take care Jisna. I quite like how it turned out, there are many things in this picture that I have never done before, so it was quite challenging. But it took WAY TOO LONG =.= *hand falls off* The Minish are celebrating the arrival of spring, and of course - Link has to be there to celebrate with them.




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