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Last Update: June 20, 2013

Overview: All of us really want to see everything translated to every language. This may be an impossible thing to think we could achieve, but we can do our best! Every little bit helps... and there's a lot that we could use help with. See the information posted below and then email me if you are interested. But please do not ask to help if you are not serious or if you intend on doing a rush job. These things only need to be done once, so they might as well be done right!


Most importantly, we need:

We don't just need this though, we could use help for other things as well: Like people who have time to read through the publications and help us list the sub-characters and stuff. Please see below for info on these miscellaneous items!


If you would like to see something translated:

Then please just leave a polite comment on that publication's forum thread saying how much you would love it and look forward to it. This might inspire people with the needed skills to offer their time and energy to getting that work translated for the rest of us.


Here's the very basic idea of how we work:

  • Phase One:
    • We have scans
    • Translation
    • Proofreading (primarily for grammar, readability)
    • Come to a happy agreement (balance literal meaning versus English happiness)
  • Phase two:
    • Editing
    • Proofreading (primarily for spelling, syntax)
    • Iterate until no mistakes

Group Deadlines:

For translators and the most part, there are no deadlines or rush. For everyone else: if you have picked up a project, please try to complete it in a timely manner so no one is waiting to see their work completed. Other than that, all I ask is that people keep me updated on their status so I know how things are going.


If anyone needs to call it quits, even if just for a while, no worries & know that we're always happy to have you back if you can. If I don't hear from you, and I have no reason for your absence, I may simply open your project up to others since I won't know what is going on. If you'd like to pick it up again, and no one else has, please feel free to! Just write.


Love the Content? Consider Donating:

If you enjoy what the main contributors have donated to this site via all their hard work, then please consider donating to one of the charities they care about.


Scans. They're always wanted. If you have any publications we do not have (manga, comics, magazines, books, doujinshi, etc) please consider scanning them to share! I'd love you forever and it would help ensure that something awesome and rare is never completely lost. The ones we're very desperately seeking can be found here.


While I'll take any scans I can get, here's the ideal standards. This way nothing ever has to be scanned more than the once:

  • Scans usually need to be at least 300dpi to even make a translation possible. If you are ambitious; 600dpi works even better because the small text can be nearly impossible to read otherwise. It's also the resolution I scan most everything at now.
  • Color pages in color! ~but you will save time if you scan black & white pages in grayscale. ('grayscale,' not 'black & white' where it adjusts the contrast.)
  • No page cropping or image corrections please. We can do that. If you do it, there's no going back for us. I prefer getting the darker pages the image info hasn't been bled out of anyway.
  • File Type: jpg or png only please.
  • Storage Type: zip's are okay, rar's are not.
  • Set zip's to "store" not "archive" *more info on this below
  • Try to get the pages & binding as flat as you are comfortable getting it. Don't think we're asking you to ruin your doujinshi for us but keep in mind: the seam in the middle often blurs the text & image.
  • Mail everything to my main email

If you need help getting something to us, please just contact me. I've done this a lot and can usually find some way to make it easier on you. Most people just use a free throw-away account on MegaUpload though. I also will take adult material, as long as the content is legal in the United States and doesn't violate any other laws. I'll be doing another site for mature content.


Here's another scanning tip I didn't think of for a long time: If the images on the back of a page are bleeding through to the page you're scanning- Use a black sheet of paper behind the page.


I also debind ALL of my manga for scans now, or any doujinshi that is falling apart anyway. That is why lot of the scans are so flat. It is okay if you are not comfortable doing this; I just get asked that a lot so I'm just letting everyone know what is up. If you don't care about doing this then continuously score the binding with an exacto knife before trying to pull the pages out.


Don't worry about file size with me, worry about quality: Save them as high quality jpgs or pngs. If you use photoshop, use the "save for web" option, not the "save as" option- the one that has a slider that goes to 12. "Save for web" is the better way usually.


Use zip's , not rar's, and set them to "store," not "archive," because this potentially won't damage the images with more compression. Here's how on a PC:



Translators Needed: Most importantly, we need people who can translate from Japanese to English... but, since I want this site to serve all fans everywhere, we'd also like the help of anyone who can translate from English to any other language. French, German, Spanish: it doesn't matter. I'd love to be able to host it if you'd like to do it.


A basic explanation for translating work:

There's just so much to left to do that, even if you can only do one thing, it would be amazing. Contact me, Melora, if you can help:

  • Check with me before you start translating anything, even translating into other languages. There's a chance someone else already has started it and I didn't get a chance to update the main site.
  • If you have done any translating work before, please let me know.
  • Translators get to pick out what they'd like to work on, so look around and let me know. I can also help direct you to something if you feel overwhelmed.
  • You would basically just need to write the translation in a "script" format. As in:
    • Page 001
    • panel 1
    • Link: Hey Navi
    • Navi: Hey Link
    • panel 2
    • sfx: Boink!
  • We work on the forum. Sign up for an account if you are interested. I can work with you over email if that's better for you though. But I do prefer the forum. It's faster.
  • You can do your own editing/typesetting if you like; otherwise I look for someone else to do it for you so your valuable time is spent getting only the most necessary things done (translations!)
  • If you are doing your own editing, you don't need to write up a script.
  • Stuff that has already been translated can be found here.
  • Works-in-progress and stuff that has already been claimed by translators can be found here. This is not a guarantee they will be completed, but it will give you an idea of what is, and isn't, currently available for translation.
  • We need people who are already fairly versed in both languages. For instance: If you're only planing on learning Japanese; please wait until you're fairly capable with it before contacting me. There may be people in the group that can help you if you get stuck but that's an exception, not the rule.

Japanese to English translation specifics:

  • You do not have to translate from the pages found on the site. They're too tiny. Just write me about joining our group.
  • If you don't have a lot of time; you can always pick and choose from the 4koma! That stuff is awesome, and you really only need to do a strip or two at a time.
  • If you have almost no time you can always help me make sure I have titles and artist's names correctly listed. I really don't know if I do. You don't have to be part of the group to do this. You can even leave the info as forum comments.
  • You can also be part-time by just helping others in the group with the questions they have with their translations.
  • Most of the stuff we have left offers no help with Kanji. This might limit your choices.

English to "Other" translation specifics:

  • I will host any language on this site.
  • It helps a lot if you can do your own translating and editing.
  • It may take a while for me to find a person who can edit the comics into other languages, but getting the translation script done is amazing and very worth having. An editor can come along at any point. Having the translation work already done for them means they can start as soon as possible.

& If you are able to join us, there will be a little bit more of an explanation.


We don't always need help with this but, if we do it will be listed here. To help with this you need to be very fluent and very anal. It also helps if you are a decent writer and have a good sense of what will flow and sound natural without loosing the original meaning. You need to be nice and work very well with others.


Proofreading and Localization Basics:

  • The two things are combined into the same job here and you will be working very closely with the translators.
  • Check for errors in the translator's script.
  • Help with the flow. Suggestions are nice! Most translators aren't going to want the literal translation changed too much, so focus on the stuff that sounds the most off.
  • It's really important to check and make sure the text for the bubbles are the right spot.
  • Help with getting the correct names of characters and places.
  • Help with finding shorter words, and phrases, so they'll fit into the text bubbles.


We don't always need help with thisbut , if we do it will be listed here.


The task of editor is the task of a cleaner and typesetter:



Editing FAQ and Tutorial:

So, you think you would like to help editing? That would be great! But, keep in mind; there's a lot of info you have to be able to take in and follow, as well as having the time and a knack for it. If you've done it before, send me an example. If you haven't, send me a piece of your photoshop work with text in it. I'm looking for people who are good. Our translator's and proofreader's work deserves that kind of respect. You'll need to have photoshop and here's the basic info you'll need to be able to grasp and follow:


You will need:

  • To understand what I have written below;
  • To work well with others;
  • Photoshop;
  • The understanding of how the text features & layers function;
  • The ability to interpret the translator's script, check for errors, and proofread;
  • a desire to make everything look perfect;
  • to never change the names of the image files.
  • JayEye provided a link to this GREAT editing tutorial.

Very Important: Page Size:

Any pages you get to work with have to be shrunk down to fit within the publication's template. You know, the thing you read all the manga and doujinshi on. This means the text also has to be readable at this smaller size: which means you should clean the pages at a larger size but you should crop & shrink them to the final size before you start adding text. Really. Trust me on this. Don't add text at the larger size and then shrink them.


Always use "fixed aspect ratio" when you're cropping.



Please always do this. You'll find the option for "fixed aspect ratio" when you use the selection box in Photoshop. The image above highlights where to find this and use it. If you don't use this when you are cropping pages, the pages will come out different sizes- and this looks really bad in the page reader. See what I mean? Each doujinshi/manga may require a different aspect ratio. To find out what sizes are appropriate, see below:

  • The Jacket | Covers and Backs: [example]
    For the most part, I've found that 450x640 always seems to work for covers and backs. It's fine if it's different for you, but that's a good place to start. Always make them the same size because they'll be next to each other and the image often spans onto both. It looks nicer when they line up.
  • Single Pages: [example]
    The final size of single pages have to be at, or under, the maximum of 450 wide by 683 high. This is because the table they have to fit in is 452x685 and I have it so a 1 pixel boarder is in the html. Anything larger will break the code. They can be any ratio & I find that different aspect ratios work better on different publications. I almost always use 450 wide, but the most common ones I seem to use for height are (in this order) 670, 660 & 640. If 670 works, it makes for a bigger image- but it's very narrow, which means the sides of the images are at risk.
  • Double Pages: [example]
    This is when two pages are kept together. Some of the doujinshi, a lot of the manga, and ALL of the 4koma is done this way. Binding and all. (Though, when cleaning, you can edit out the binding curve and make it look like one big page. Example 1 and 2) The max size for these pages is 908wx683h, though you can make them smaller than that: use any aspect ratio that will fit in that area. (★ I still do their covers as separate pages and at the 450x640(ish) size) If applicable, you can also mix and match: [example]

Cleaning the Pages:

  • Make sure they're straightened and cropped.
  • Do not over saturate the color pages when adjusting the color. Try to keep the colors true to the original. If Link's tunic is olive green- you shouldn't make it look neon green.
  • Black and White Pages; Make sure white is white and black is black. Do not over bleach them. Try to retain the image information when adjusting the brightness and contrast. Save them in grayscale.
  • Clean up the binding area. Try your best to get rid of the curve while keeping a natural look. Don't just block it out with a big white square.
  • Try to recreate the screen tones and areas that need paintovers to improve their looks.
  • Whiten out the whole of the text bubbles: Better to do the whole bubble because some people's monitors are really sensitive to grayscale changes and a white strip only covering the old text looks bad.

How I Work & Suggestions for You:

Each page gets its own photoshop file with the same name as the regular file. I keep the original page as the bottom layer: This way I will always be able to quickly reference what the original looked like. I adjust he colors on that layer. When that is finished I make another layer and use that to do all the text whiteouts and paint-overs. I never merge those layers. Each text bubble/SFX also gets at least its own text layer. I never rasterize text unless I need to. I never get rid of this psd file. That way, if changes are asked for, I can quickly go back to it and make corrections.


Send me the Blank Pages:

If you clean the pages, send me the blank versions too. These will be an insanely huge help if people want to translate something into another language. It basically means someone won't have to re-clean the pages. I will ask that you get credit for your cleaning work.



Most of the time: completely erase the Japanese text, don't just place the English text over it. SFX can be the main exception, it just depends on how much they're worked into the art and stuff like that. Do what will look best. Make sure the white (or what ever color) you use to erase it matches up and doesn't create a streak. You can use the sample tool set with a 5 pixel radius to help get the perfect shade:


Try to always make sure the text can fit within the text bubble. Don't have the text touching, or passing through, the boarder of the text bubble if you can help it. Sometimes the words in the bubble can be rephrased to help them fit, (this is when the translator or proofreaders can help,) sometimes you can expand the bubble a little bit by altering the original art, and sometimes you can break a word in half (just make sure it still reads easily enough. Do this as little as possible) It might take a little more time to get it right but remember: These only need to be edited once for everyone to enjoy them; people will really appreciate the more polished look.


This is kind of ugly, please try to do better


If you can't get a word or a bit of text, to fit well- so you'd like to change it -Consider asking the translator or at least posting saying that you made a change. If it doesn't really alter the meaning or flow of the dialog, it's probably okay to go ahead and do it, it's just always best to say something so there are no surprises.



Simple fonts are usually the best. The fonts can be pretty-looking but, because of the small final page size, being able to read them comes over looks. Use your best judgment.

  • Try to mimic the original fonts, as the artist had them, as closely as you can.
  • Use italics or another font for 'thoughts,' especially if the original artist did this.
  • You can find a huge selection, for free, at dafont.com

Some of the fonts JayEye and I have used can be found in this folder:


When you are an editor, let us know if you find any you really like to use and I'll add them to that, to make sure there's always access to them.


JayEye also has this great advice for SFX editing:

"For sound effects I always go to dafont.com, click on 'themes' and choose 'Trash'. Then you can enter the word you want, 'CRACK' for example, and display it in all the fonts. Then you can just scroll until you see one you like."


When typesetting in photoshop it's best to take full advantage of the "character window." I'll post some of the most basic options you'll use but... I'll also suggest you play around so you know your options, and to look up tutorails so you'll know even more; like how to warp the text without rasterizing it.



You can change the font size for each character or line:



Leading: This is how you can change the line spacing:



Tracking & Kerning: This is how you can change the spacing between letters:



Sometimes you may want an "Outer Glow."You'll find this option by right clicking on a "layer" and selecting "Blending Options"



And then you can adjust everything about it like this:




We tag, or "watermark," the pages on this site. Here's how it works for an editor:

  • Tags can be small. As long as they're legible they're good enough.
  • Try to make them look nice so they don't detract from the pages.
  • Tags don't have to cover a lot of the image. Most can go in an out of the way place.
  • Every now and then: put one in a spot that would make it a lot of work to remove. (But a place that doesn't really detract from the art or flow of the comics)
  • It is okay to skip tagging if it will completely detract from a stunning page.
  • Tags should always list:
    • historyofhyrule.com
    • the translator's name
    • the editor's name. If the cleaner and typsetter are different, it will need both names listed on a few of the tags.
    • the scanner's name (unless it was Melora: because that's redundant info)
    • The proofreaders and localizers can also be added on a few of the tags.
  • Read this FAQ if you want to know why we tag.


Finished! Saving, Archiving, and Transferring Files:

When you finish your editing rough draft, (before you finalize all the sizes and SFX) you'll need to show the translator so they can check (and approve of) your work. It's also good to have someone else proofread your work. Then, once you are finished-finished, you'll have to get the pages to me so I can upload them to the site. This section will help cover how you can get the files to other people:


If it's just a single page you need to show someone, just attach it in an email or at the forum. If it's all of them: You can email them to me in a zip, or upload them at a place like megaupload, or your own host.


If you are already a part of the group, then I have set up a place you can upload the files to my server. Just log in to the translation forum to find the information for it.


Don't worry about file size with me, worry about quality: Save the final pages as high quality jpgs or pngs. Use the "save for web" option in photoshop, not the "save as" option, because you can have it show you exactly what the final image will look like saved out. (if you want to understand what this will do for you, google it)


Use zip's , not rar's, and set them to "store," not "archive," because this potentially wont damage the images with more compression. Here's how on a PC:



Odd Jobs: There's lots of them. Most of these can be done if you're simply a forum member.


Everyone likes to feel loved; please keep in mind that most of the doujinshi and comics were simply done by other fans. This may seem silly but we need people to be encouraging & help by leaving positive comments. I find this to be very important to the health of a forum and fan community and it would actually help a great deal if you could do this for the things you've read.


Error Checking:

I need people to keep their eyes open for things like:

  • Artist's not being correctly listed.
  • Publications not being listed with the correct artist
  • Inconsistent information
  • Broken links and links that are going to the wrong places

Synopsis Writing:

  • Everything needs a little written summary. They need to be well done. So, if you consider yourself a writer, would you please consider leaving one or two in the comments for something you've read and doesn't currently have one?


I need the doujinshi on the forum to be tagged with keywords so people can find them from search engines. This is actually extremely helpful. To do this: just leave the information in the comments for that doujinshi. I, or another forum staff member will then come along and add them to the main thread. I also need this done so I can list the doujinshi by romantic content or the maturity level. Here are some things you can consider tagging:

  • Any and All Characters (even if only one picture of them!)Sub-Characters
  • Locations (Anything that would be named on a map: like Fairy Fountain, Tail Cave, The Sacred Realm, etc)
  • Races (Kokiri, Goron, Twili, etc)
  • Items (Triforce, Master Sword, Whirlwind, etc)
  • Games (Like A Link to the Past, or Twilight Princess, etc)
  • Romantic Themes/Shipping, even if it's not that romantic and is just an expressed interest (LinkxZelda, GanonxTingle, etc)
  • Maturity Rating (G, PG, PG-13)
  • Etc...

Auction and Item Information and Updates:

  • If you haven't noticed I keep track of the images and info found on auctions and shops. If you would like to screen cap (or save images) from these places, it might help me keep a more complete list of all the publications that have been available. Using doujinshi as an example, here's what I'm talking about. If you find something I do not have listed, please email me the info.


I would love to see pretty much everything translated, but these would be at the top of the list! If you would like to help with translating anything: we, and tons of fans, would love your help!


If you would like to see something translated:

Then please just leave a polite comment on that publication's forum thread saying how much you would love it and look forward to it. This might inspire people with the needed skills to offer their time and energy to getting that work translated for the rest of us.


The Hyrule Fantasy by Ranmaru

AoL by Ranmaru

AoL 1


The Hyrule Fantasy by Kobayashi Susumu

Maoh no Tamatebako



vol. 1: A Shadow of the Queen



List Last Updated on 2014/06/26

This is the "in the works" section because these are currently slated for translation, proofreading, and editing! The flag shows what language the project is currently being worked on for. Being here is not a guarantee of completion and please be patient with us, our translation group has no deadlines and works only when life will allow it.


If you would like to see something translated:

Then please just leave a polite comment on that publication's forum thread saying how much you would love it and look forward to it. This might inspire people with the needed skills to offer their time and energy to getting that work translated for the rest of us.



Being translated by Kyoukankaku ?


Being translated by Lunitari ?

Love Navigation 2

Being Edited by Frank


Translation being finished by Twilight Heroine.


Translated. Being Edited by Melora

Together + Insert

Being Edited by Twilight Heroine

LttP vol. 1

Being Edited by Melora






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