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How do I send my fanwork in?

Please visit the "submit" section for directions and forms.

  • Be open about direct influences, credit, and stock.
  • You don't need to credit Nintendo, it's a given on a Zelda site.
  • Accepted image file formats: jpeg, jpg, gif, png.
  • You are responsible for watermarking your own work.
  • You should try to clean-up & crop up your work as best as you can.
  • No sexual adult content please.
  • To change your contact info, links, and other bio stuff; use the actual Bio Section Templates.
  • Use zips only when nessicary, rar's are not accepted.


May I submit my friend's work?

No, please only submit work you have drawn or created yourself.


May I submit "tracings" I made of official art?

If the overwhelming percentage of the work is original, then perhaps it would be okay. Otherwise, I'd say no. There are a few reasons I'm going to have to refuse drawings that are mostly traced. One is because we add fanwork manually and that takes a lot of time and effort. Tracings are something you should do for fun, in private, they're not something that really needs to be shared on a gallery site. Though there may be creative exceptions for the sections other than paintings and illustrations. And there may be exceptions if you are using screenshots in the same was as you would use stock photos. If that is the case, I could accept a few per artist per year.


May I submit "studies" I made of official art?

If you have "eye-balled" the work, aka: drawn "studies" of it to learn, by only looking at the official art (and not tracing) then I will accept a few pieces per individual per year. Maybe just send your favorite ones, but not all of them. It would also be good if you could group images together on one page so we don't have a ton of individual files to add. If you don't mind we would also like to group them together into a "scrap" thread. Here is an example of both a scrap thread with "studies" in it.


If you have done a study of another artist's work, then you may submit it as long as you got permission from that artist to post it, and as long as you provide a link to that artist and their original work if they are online.


May I submit official art I colored or altered to the fanwork section?

Like you colored a black and white image so it matches the official colors? Uh... No. Not to illustration's and paintings at least. You can if it's a wallpaper or avatar. If you've come up with something that's creative, that would be included in the "crafts" or "modern media" section, something I can't even think of right now, then go ahead and submit it and we'll take a look. But please, no colored pages of the manga unless you've made wallpapers out of them.


May I submit a drawing that has official art or a screenshot in it? (Like as a background?)

As long as the main part of the work is original, and it's clear you spent some quality time on it, this could be okay. The same as above though, please only submit your better quality works.


Silly Photos:

You know what I mean & please don't submit them as fanwork. This is an actual 'gallery' site, for what most would consider 'art' and all the images are added manually by me or other staff. This takes effort and time. It's not a personal photo gallery. Of course you can submit a photo of your cosplay or crafts; but please refine the number of images, and only do so if they are artistic and/or well done and/or show something you consider to be important to your piece. Pictures of yourself in a Zelda T-Shirt from Hot Topic, or with pointy ears drawn on in MS paint, obviously do not count as art and will be refused. On the other hand, you can post those kind of pictures on the site's facebook wall, or one of the other social media pages. You will find those links here.


Credit your sources & inspiration, and be clear about your stock and other material:

This is very important. If you used something for one of your works, that is not your own, you must provide that information when you ask to list your work on this site. A link to the other artist AND the original work is best: but if they are not online, then a name and/or publication title will have to do.


If you do not do this you risk having your gallery deleted as well as being permanently banned. Even if you were just inspired by another artist's work: If there are similarities: it's safer for you to credit them as inspiration. It's also best if you have actual permission to use their work, or know that it is free for you to use. Anything else puts your gallery and credibility at risk. See the below question.


Art Thieves and Plagiarism:

I take fanart theft seriously. If you know that someone on the site is tracing, copying, or plagiarizing someone else's work (especially without credit or permission) then please notify me or one of the other fanwork staff members immediately. Do not start posting in the offending artist's section publicly, we don't want a flame war going on. We will investigate and take care of it ASAP. It helps us a great deal if you can show proof- perhaps by linking us back to the original work of art or artist. After all: We can't accuse someone of something we have no proof of.


About Adult Content:



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